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Ultimate guide to Vizag Araku and Jagdalpur tour – Part IV


On day 4 we planned for Jagdalpur sightseeing. Jagdalpur town of Bastar district is the tourism center of Chhattisgarh state and known for various places of tourist attractions, adventure tourism, waterfalls and sanctuaries. Jagdalpur is listed as one of the must visit places in Chhattisgarh. Here is that the list of top 5 famous tourist attractions near Jagdalpur.

Day 4

Let me acknowledge first the roads and infrastructure of Jagdalpur and adjacent areas were amazingly advanced. We were on a week-long trip covering Visakhapatnam – Araku – Jagdalpur. I might cover this trip in six posts as I would like to share such a lot and it might get too monotonous for you to read it in one post.
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Jagdalpur was the capital of the previous princely state of Bastar. Bastar is where guests visit for tribal craft and heritage and adjacent forest areas and its waterfalls. The dense forests and plantations nearby the town keep it cool even in the month of summer. The National Parks and Wildlife Reserves are in and around Jagdalpur, which have an upscale and striking sort of wildlife. 40 km from Jagdalpur is Chitrakote waterfalls, which also are referred to as Niagra falls of India. Jagdalpur is additionally home to variety of Caves like Kutumsar Cave, Kailash Cave and Dandak caves. Bastar has also once famous for the naxal movement and remains a really specific and limited tourism area with only a few hotels and resorts. After breakfast we 4 in an Indigo ECS started our Jabalpur Sightseeing. First we’ve visited Baster Palace.

1. Bastar Palace

Baster Palace is historical remains in Jagdalpur. It had been the headquarter of Bastar Kingdom and constructed by the rulers of Bastar State. At the present the royalty of Bastar state is residing there.
Tourists also can enjoy the view of the work of art also as portrayal of past kings. Another thing that adds to the sweetness of this palace is that the splendid gardens that surround this palace. This palace is encircled with wonderful engravings that are decorated highly. The most building is being led by the wide corridors. One memorial is being built by the govt that’s present within the area of this palace.
Danteshwari Temple of Jagdalpur is situated inside the Bastar palace and a must visit temple during the famous Bastar Dussehra festival in the city.
Many travel agencies have provided many guided tours to go to the Bastar Palace. Then we moved to Sri Venkateshwara Swamy Temple or Balaji Temple.

2. The Sri Venkateshwara Swamy Temple

The Sri Venkateshwara Swamy Temple in Jagdalpur is a result of the enthusiastic efforts of members of Andhra Association. The temple reaches intent on serve spiritual, cultural and social dimensions of the society. After spending there about 20 minutes we moved to Kanger Ghati Park.

3. Kanger Ghati Park

Kanger Ghati Park was acknowledged a national park in 1982 by the govt of India. Among the varied protected areas within the country, the Kanger Ghati Park near Jagdalpur of Chhattisgarh is one among the densest national parks, documented for its biodiversity, landscape, waterfalls, and limestone caves. Kanger Ghati Park is one among the foremost scenic national parks of India. Covered a neighborhood of about 200 square kilometres consisting mainly of mountainous terrain, the park derives its name from the Kanger River, which streams throughout its length.
The Kanger Ghati Park is renowned for its highly diverse land formations starting from low flat and delicate areas to steep slopes, plateaus, valleys and rivers. The park also features a sizable tribal population and is a perfect destination for wildlife enthusiasts, nature lovers, researchers, anthropologists and for anyone who wants to get the absolute best of Chhattisgarh wildlife and distinctive tribes of the region.

4. Tirathgarh Waterfalls

Tirathgarh Falls is certainly one among the foremost visited visitor spots of Chhattisgarh. It’s one spot that gives you with a culmination of entertainment, fun, picnic and adventure. The Tirathgarh Falls also are viewed together of the best-known picnic spots within the whole of Jagdalpur. The exclusive feature of those falls is that it splits into multiple falls on its way down, offering an interesting view to its visitors. This block type waterfall plunges 300 ft. This hypnotic waterfall is additionally named the milky fall because the water takes on a white color while gushing downward. There was a temple located near the falls.
Tourists also can descend down to the bottom and take a bath. Two hundred ten steps are leading to the rock bottom. The Tirathgarh waterfalls are surrounded by a dense cover of trees and hence the temperature isn’t very high. The best time to go to the Tirathgarh falls is during the first winter season. The temperature during this time is cool and pleasant. During this period, the flow of water is strong and wide and hence many tourists visit the falls during this time.
There are no restaurants available near the waterfalls. The locals usually set up stalls in the surrounding regions, selling biscuits and oily food items. If you do choose to purchase a packet of biscuits, make sure you check its date of expiry. If you do not do that the monkeys who are going to snatch your food may suffer from food poison. However, it’s advisable that you simply carry food with you for the trip length or return to Jagdalpur and eat over there.

5. Chitrakote Falls

Chitrakote Falls is also stated as the Niagara Falls of India and has got the distinction of being the broadest waterfall in India. It is located 40 km from Jagdalpur and is accessible by road only. Chitrakote Falls reveal a powerful vision during the monsoons when the Indravati River floods. The twisting streams come together to unleash its power and completely cover the flat ground above the cliff.
Jagdalpur sightseeing
Local boatmen lead you to spectacular sites near the spray below the waterfall to eyewitness Chitrakote Falls in full glory. The view of the waterfall at sunset and the changing types around it is a sight to remember. Chitrakote is also a common picnic destination thus tea stalls etc. mushroomed around. Another unbelievable site was a multihued rainbow flying just above the turbulent waterfalls.
The best time to go to this royal waterfall within the heart of the wilderness of Chattisgarh is from July to October when the Indravati River releases its full force. October to February remains the simplest time for photographers and nature lovers who wish to ascertain a clearer and white waterfall.
Jagdalpur sightseeing

Being the key attraction of Chhattisgarh, Chitrakote falls possesses high-end resort from Chhattisgarh tourism. Resort is made on the opposite to waterfall offering remarkable views from the balconies of most of the rooms. Besides resort, there also are bamboo huts overlooking the waterfalls. There is also handful of roadside dhabas busy in boiling tea, selling biscuits and cold drinks. You would not find regular restaurants/Dhabas near and on the way to chitrakoot falls. Most of the travelers prefer to stay in Jagdalpur and visit Chitrakoot falls as day trip. One should be cautious while walking on the rocks as they are very slippery near the waterfalls.
Jagdalpur sightseeing
After spending there for an hour we came back to our hotel and took rest for the day.



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