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Vaishnodevi Darshan through Helicopter


From Katra, Vaishno Devi helicopter tour services begin and the flight will drop you at Sanjhichatt. This visit to the sacred Shrine, engulfed by the clouds is that the starting of a wide-ranging Vaishno Devi helicopter tour. From ancient times, thousands of pilgrims per annum are visiting the Hindu pilgrimage of Vaishno Devi from all corners of the world. Considered to be one of the holiest Hindu pilgrimages in North India, the cave is the abode of the Mother Goddess, who is worshiped here in the forms of Maha Kali, Maha Saraswati, and Maha Lakshmi.

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After getting down from helicopter
vaishno devi helicopter tour
Himalayan range from Sanjhichatt

The number of pilgrims in this Hindu pilgrimage keeps on increasing year after year. The Vaishno Devi temple is situated in the Trikuta Mountain. Katra, the town at the foot of the Trikuta hills is the base camp for the Vaishno Devi shrine. Katra is 48 km from Jammu, 650 km from Delhi. The shrine is visited all through the year, but the path is difficult during the winters when the route is often blocked by snowfall.

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Tintin at Bhawan
Tintin at Panchhi

The myth goes that over 700 years past, Vaishno Devi, a disciple of Lord Vishnu, used to pray to Lord Rama and had taken the vow of celibacy. One day, Bhaironath, a demon-God, saw her and gave chase. The goddess felt thirsty at Banganga and shot an arrow into the ground from wherever water flattered out. Charan Paduka, marked by the imprints of her feet, is that the place wherever she refreshed. She then meditated in the cave at Ardhkuanri. It took Bhairon Nath 9 months to find her. Mata Vaishno Devi then blasted a gap at the opposite end of the cave. She assumed the shape of Maha Kali and cut off Bhairon Nath’s head, which fell at the place where the Bhairon Temple is currently placed. The boulder at the mouth of the holy cave, according to the legend, is that the petrified trunk of Bhaironath who was granted divine pity by the compassionate Mother in his dying moments.

Few points to remember for vaishno devi helicopter tour

1) Possibilities of obtaining vaishno devi helicopter tour ticket in peak season area is almost zero. This is my personal experience. After doing extensive research on various websites & practice in MAATA VAISHNODEVI SHRINE website https://www.maavaishnodevi.org/OnlineServices/login.aspx
I was unable to purchase a ticket online. It is quicker than the fastest finger first of KBC.
2) Somehow I was informed about YATHARTH TRAVELS
Of Delhi (ph. No. Arjun: 09313426399). Originally Rs.2090/ ticket (up & down) they charged Rs.2800/ticket (up & down) from me. How, when, where, all technicalities are taken care by them. Thanks to ARJUN of YATHARTH, because it is impossible for us walking almost 24 KMs.
Few points to remember for vaishno devi helicopter tour.

3) VIP passes are given just for vaishno devi helicopter tour tickets with same round-trip ticket schedule. VIP passes are given in the exit counter, just after getting down from the helipad, which is very simple & easy.

4) There’s a decent time to have a darshan to the helipad. Even late is not an issue. We came 1.5 hours late. We weren’t asked any question at the time of return journey. The distance is 2.75 km from Helipad to the temple. Most of the route is roofed & rains won’t be a problem. You can avail pony or Doli (For old pilgrims) rather than walking. After darshan, we’ve taken four ponies for Rs.300 each up to the helipad.

5) Each the helicopters (PAWANHANS and GLOBAL VECTRA ) use a common helipad.

6) You’ll get chunni, patka, Danda, Holy coins etc from the native market and on the way to Maa Vashno devi Bhawan. (Suggestion: Do bargain with them as chunni and patka price around 10-15 Rs and coin prices around 20-30 RS). Local shopkeepers would raise you to pay around 200-250 INR for these things. (Kindly cross check at 2-3 shops).

7) Reach to helipad one hour before, auto fare from hotel to helipad among Rs 200, they’ll begin asking Rs two 300.

8) Reach Sanjhi Chat in eight minutes and walk down or take pony (Rs 250 per head) to Vaishnodevi.

9) Get standard bhog/prasad from their own outlets, max price Rs 50 (check site for updated one).

10) When reaching, rush to cloakroom near mandir and deposit everything apart from your worn dress (belt, bags, chappals, moneybag, camera….) in a locker and take the key.

11) Once you end this, rush to queue in special VIP gate of mandir and end up at Mataji, whatever time it takes. Now you are a free man. The bulawa came and you reached. You are mortal once more and need to think about eating/sleep.

12) At the two shrine board controlled eating house eat rajma-chawal or no matter with the many alternative devotees in humble setup don’t expect something more comfortable.

13) The traveler should carry the Credit/Debit Card in original through which the transaction has been created.Without that the Reservation/Boarding are going to be denied without any refund.

14) Please leave all extra garments and baggage at Katra itself and travel lightweight. Food, drink, and blankets are freely available on the route.

15) Cooperate with the security agencies for security checks. Beware of suspicious persons and unwanted articles and report concerning the same to the security personnel.

16) Darshans at Bhairav Nath temple are done only after Darshans at the Holy Cave.

17) Video cameras and other electronic equipment aren’t allowed on the route.

18) Refrain from smoking, liquor, chewing tobacco and betel leaves, spitting, spreading litter, playing cards etc.

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19) Don’t write on the walls. Mutilating or damaging the property could be a lawfully punishable offense with or/both fine and imprisonment.

20) Avoid the usage of plastic throughout the Yatra and don’t make dirty the region.

21) Chanting of slogans or praises within the cave isn’t allowed because it disturbs the other pilgrims.

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Latest update-12/2020 from  https://www.maavaishnodevi.org/helecopter_detail.aspx

Helicopter services start from Katra on the foothills and the flight will drop you at Sanjhichatt. This visit to the sacred Shrine, enveloped by the clouds is the beginning of a breathtaking heli-hop.

A. Guidelines for Availing Helicopter Ticket at “Current Heli-Ticket Counter” :

  1. 1. Yatra Registration Slip is mandatory for availing Helicopter ticket at “Current Heli-ticket Counter”.
  2. ID Proof of all the members of the family (who intend to avail Heli ticket) will be required for the current booking.
  3. Proof of travel documents by Air/Train/Bus/Taxi is required like Train/Bus Tickets or any other proof.
  4. Yatries shall beware of Touts/Travel Agents taking money for Helicopter Tickets.

    (Rate of Ticket (one side) Rs.1045/- per person.)

  1. The tax rates as applicable shall be charged on the date of Travel at the respective location in 


  1. Guidelines for  Online Heli ticket Booking:-

You can register by click on New Devotee sign up to create a user name and password, close all links and open the website page again. Log in with the user name and password, click on Helicopter Services,  select date, route, no. of passenger, time, etc.,  enter other passenger detail. At the end click on the payment gateway, link opens to the bank site you can enter the credit card number, CVV number (at the backside of the credit card), and expiry date. If the bank will accept your credit card and the message appears for the Nonsecure site you can click on yes. Your booking is completed. You can obtain the printout of said page.  

Please Note: In case the devotee has failed to take the printout of the reservation or in case any problem is being faced during the transaction.

It is essential that the Devotee must check its Transaction Status in Successful Transaction details, Failed Transaction details, and Refund Status of Failed Transaction details by simply login into the Online Services on our website with their correct username and password before repeating any transaction or making any new transaction.

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If your Transaction is clearly showing up in the Successful Transaction details, then you need not repeat the same reservation. You can simply take the printout of your reservation by clicking on the re-print option.

If your Transaction is clearly showing up in the Failed Transaction details, then your Transaction could be of Failure Status and no reservation is allotted against the Failure transaction. 

The mere deduction of the amount by the respective Bank of the Devotee shall not be considered as confirmation for the reservation.

In case the amount has been deducted by the Bank and the transaction is showing up in the “Failed Transaction details or Refund Status of Failed Transaction details”, then the Transaction could be of failure status and no reservation is allotted against the Failure transaction.  The Devotee is requested to please forward their Transaction details viz.  Track ID No/ Trace No, user ID and transaction date to online@maavaishnodevi.org for reconciliation and processing the refund case.  

Any refunds against the failure transaction shall be made online in due course of time into the respective card accounts of the devotee.

For any refund issue please send a request at online@maavaishnodevi.org within 30 days after the date of travel. No request for a refund shall be entertained beyond the specified period.

  1. Passengers are requested to report at the departure heliport one hour before the notified departure time of the flight or at Reporting Time mentioned in the PTD. Passengers reporting beyond these timings shall be treated as “NO SHOW”, no refund against the NO SHOW Ticket.
  2. Children below 2 years of age will be carried free of cost. However, such children shall be carried in the lap of the accompanying adult. In case of a dispute regarding the age of the infant, valid proof of age shall be the deciding factor


(A) The Helicopters shall operate subject to fair weather condition, clear visibility of the range prescribed by the DGCA and clearance by the ATC.
(B) The flight from Katra to Sanjichhat takes a total of approx. 08 minutes.
(C) 5-6 passengers can be accommodated in one flight. 
(D) One way fare from Katra to Sanjichhat or Sanjichhat to Katra (Fare Rs.1045/- ) per passenger and Katra-Sanjichhat-Katra (Fare Rs.2090/-) per passenger.
(E) The helipad is approx. 2 Km. from Bus Stand Katra at Udhampur Road. Vaishnodevi Bhawan is approx. 2.5 Km. from Helipad Sanjichhat.



Online Helicopter Booking once is done, shall not be Postponed or preponed. However, in respect of online booked helicopter tickets for travel on Katra – Sanjichatt- Katra sector, the following policy for the cancellation and refund of helicopter ticket shall apply:

  1. Online Helicopter tickets booked through Shrine Board’s website shall be canceled through Online Mode only, which facility is available on Shrine Board’s official website. No request for cancellation of Online helicopter tickets shall be entertained through any mode other than Online cancellation. Request for such cancellation by approaching any of counters of SMVDSB through physical production of tickets etc. shall not be entertained under any circumstance.
  2. Yatris who have booked their helicopter tickets through Shrine Board’s official website can cancel their helicopter tickets online by logging on the website with their username and password. 
  3. 70% of the Fare shall be refunded to the Yatris who have booked their helicopter tickets through Shrine Board’s official website and have subsequently canceled their tickets online for whatever reasons. Remaining 30% of the amount for the booked ticket shall accrue to the Shrine Board as processing charges.
  4. The cancellation can be made up to (and not after) 04 days before the scheduled date of travel.
  5. The refund shall be made ordinarily by the Shrine Board within 15 days from the date of cancellation of the tickets.
  6. The amount of refund shall be reimbursed online into the same account of the Debit/Credit Card through which the transaction was made for booking of the tickets. 

Full fare refund shall be made only in case of cancellation of helicopter operations due to bad weather/technical reasons at the end of Helicopter Operators. Passengers are requested to submit their online Helicopter Ticket in person to the concerned helicopter operator against proper receipt for the online refund.

(H) Once booked, the ticket shall be nontransferable.
(I) In case of failed transactions on Shrine Board’s Website refund shall be made by the Shrine Board

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