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Untold Saga of an Indo-China War Martyr


Rifleman Jashwant Singh was martyred, snatching Arunachal from the clutches of China. Today, every soldier in the Indian Army knows the name of Baba Jashwant Singh Rawat. The place where Jashwant Singh was martyred is today called Jashwantgarh. Here I will reveal the Untold Saga of an Indo-China War Martyr, Rifleman Jashwant Singh.

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The Love Story

Jashwant Singh Rawat, a young man with a sweet nature. Indian Army jawan, number 4039009, age only 21 years. Jashwant is guarding the Tawang border in Arunachal with his 4th Garwal Regiment. He kept his unit in laughter, jokes, songs, stories. He is everyone’s favorite in the unit. Other soldiers believe that if you see his face in the morning, the day goes well.

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During the change of duty, on the way from the post to the camp, he used to meet two beautiful young women of the Monpa tribe. The cheeks of the two beautiful young women are as red as roses. One is named Sela, the other is her younger sister Nura. They fell in love with Jashwant in a few days.

In the matriarchal social system in the hills of eastern India, women are paramount. Girls can come forward and offer love to boys. So, one day the two of them sat together offering love to Jashwant. But Jashwant told them, “I am married and have a wife at home.”

Persistent Sela and Nura said, “Don’t worry, we both agree to be your second and third wives. We will serve your first wife as our elder sister. ” Jashwant does not agree to that either. In the end, the two sisters came up with a plan. They started cooking and bringing tasty food daily for Jashwant. Jashwant slowly fell in love with the two girls. It is not loving, it is a genuine and selfless love that is found in close friends.

But Sela and Nura’s love for Jashwant began to grow deeper and deeper. Every afternoon the two sisters would come to meet Jashwant by the river. Jashwant sometimes tried to persuade them by raising his hands and sometimes by threatening them. But Sela and Nura just smile and try to convince Jashwant.

November 1972

Aggressive China has played war games in various sectors of India’s eastern border. The sound of gunfire is growing drastically on the Tawang border. Rifleman Jashwant’s rifle also started firing. A few kilometers away, in the village house, the two sisters could not sleep at night. Their prayers go with the sound of each shot.

One afternoon, three people were talking by the river. Suddenly they saw Indian soldiers running towards the border with rifles. Jashwant came to know that the Chinese troops have attacked again. Jashwant picked up the rifle without any delay and ran towards the border at the speed of a deer. Sela and Nura ran after him. Jashwant repeatedly stopped them from running, but the two sisters did not listen to him.

Earlier, Chinese troops attacked Indian troops in the guise of local Monpa tribesmen, inflicting heavy casualties. Although many soldiers were martyred, the Chinese army could not occupy the Indian territory as the Indian army was biting the ground. As a result, China launched its fourth attack on the Tawang border. Chinese troops were gradually advancing with medium machine guns. Yasowant’s 4th Garwal Rifle was attacked from three directions.

Due to the medium machine guns of the Chinese army, the light machine guns of the 4th Garwal Regiment did not get a chance to operate. In the face of a fierce attack by the Chinese army, 182 Indian soldiers were dispersed. After several soldiers were killed, the fighting Indian troops were told to retreat temporarily. The Indian army retreated.

But Jashwant did not back down

In turn, he fired alone alternatively from three bunkers at the Chinese troops. Two sisters still accompanying Jashwant. If they live, they will live with Jashwant, if they die, they will die with him. Their love will be immortal. Jashwant went from one bunker to another and fired. The two sisters load the rifle magazine as soon as it is empty. The Chinese army is deceived by this tactic of Jashwant. They think the three bunkers have a lot of Indian troops. As a result, the Chinese army did not have the courage to move forward. Because every shot fired from the Indian bunker is hitting the right target, killing one Chinese soldier after another.

Jashwant realized that the ammunition was running out. The shrewd Chinese army will soon capture his strategy. So, he tells Sela and Nura to go back to the village. But the two sisters did not listen. About 72 hours have already passed. Jashwant left more than a thousand Chinese Red Army soldiers alone with his rifle in his hand. In these 72 hours, about 300 Chinese troops have been killed and the Indian army was ready to give a strong response to China in the war.

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But what Jashwant feared that has happened. Jashwant Singh and Sela and Nura were fed by one of the villagers of Monpa, who were captured by the Chinese army. From him, the Chinese army came to know that there was only one Indian soldier in the three bunkers on the Indian border. That jawan is turning around and shooting at the Chinese soldiers.

Chinese officials were surprised to know that only one man has stopped the mighty Red Army for 72 hours! More than a thousand Chinese soldiers have been sitting in one place for three days for just one man! For just one man, NEFA (Arunachal) is sitting out of the clutches of China! Only one man has killed 300 of their soldiers! Without delay, China sent 12 selected commandos to kill Jashwant.

November 18, 1972

As the new sun shone in the eastern Himalayas, Chinese commandos launched a surprise attack. The Chinese hurled grenades at the three young men and women who had been suffering from severe cold, hard work, and starvation for 72 hours under the open sky. The splinter of the grenade hit Sela’s head. Sela, a lively young woman, fell in front of Jashwant’s eyes. Sela, a 19-year-old Monpa girl, was the first martyr in a turning point in India’s history.

Although the splinter of the grenade was injured, the rifle in Jashwant’s hand did not stop. Five bullets of the enemy came and pierced his body. Even in this situation, he stood up, grabbed a rifle in one hand, and smashed the heads of seven Chinese commandos. Once the rifle shot was over. There is only one bullet left in the magazine. He told Nura to leave him. Nura accepted the last words of the dying Jashwant. Nura looked down at Sela Didi’s bloody once again, and once at her beloved Jashwant for the last time.

Jashwant Singh Rawat, a 21-year-old vigilante guard on the eastern border of India, was left alone at the Tawang border in India. Sela’s body is lying next to the Jashwant’s body. The blood of the two was flowing in the green grass. God understood and merged the lifeless Sela with Jashwant in the bloodline. The sound of Chinese military boots was gradually approaching. In the distance, in the mountains, the joy of the Chinese army can be heard.

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Jashwant saw his mother India for the last time. Then, looking at the body of the Sela that was getting cold in the cold. Jashwant Singh Rawat pressed the trigger by holding the barrel of the rifle under his throat. Rolling from the bunker, the body of a 21-year-old adventurous young man was lost in a deep gorge.

Behind the stone, Nura saw the death of her beloved in front of her eyes. Despite being told to flee, Nura did not leave her dead sister and beloved Jashwant. Nura also wanted to die and meet Didi and Jashwant. Nura, 18, was captured by Chinese troops. After the unspeakable torture, the Chinese army hanged Nura with the telephone wire.

The Chinese army retreated

Rifleman Jashwant Singh

Martyr Jashwant Singh Rawat held the Chinese army for 72 hours, giving the Indian army plenty of time. Indian army attacked the advancing Chinese forces with large quantities of ammunition and troops. The Chinese army retreated at the behest of the Indian army. They were forced to declare a ceasefire. At the end of the war, the Indian army could not find Jashwant Singh on the battlefield. The Indian Army did not even have the news of his incredible death battle for 72 hours.

Rifleman Jashwant Singh

At a time when the Indian Army was contemplating a court-martial against Jashwant Singh for fleeing the battlefield, the Indian General in charge of the battlefield had a dream one night. He saw in a dream, dressed completely with military uniform Jaswant Singh, standing in front of him. He tells the general that he did not run away from the battlefield like a coward, to find him out where he told him to inquire about Chinese troops.

At the flag meeting of the Indian Army and the Chinese Army, the Indian Army heard from the mouths of the Chinese Army the story of the unforgettable battle of the heroic martyr Jashwant Singh. The two forces stood up in admiration. The Chinese army reported the death of an Indian soldier.

Jashwantgarh (Tawang)

Jashwant Singh Rawat is still standing with a rifle. Rifleman Jashwant Singh became father (Baba) Jashwant Singh Rawat. Today, every soldier in the Indian Army knows the name of Baba Jashwant Singh Rawat. The place where Jashwant Singh was martyred is today called Jashwantgarh. Even today his own belongings are displayed there. Jashwant Singh’s 4th Garhwal Regiment is today in charge of security in the western part of India. However, in Arunachal Pradesh, six jawans of the 4th Garhwal Regiment are still guarding his cell. After all, the Indian army, even the Chinese soldiers, dreamed of Baba Jashwant Singh Rawat. Equipped in battle, he stands like mountains on the Indian border.

Rifleman Jashwant Singh

Sela and Nura also became immortal. Arunachal did not forget Shahid Sela and Shahid Nura. Sela Pass and Sela Lake are located at an altitude of 13,621 feet, 40 km from Dirang. Arunachal did not forget Sela’s sweet sister Nura either. Just before Tawang, Nuranang Falls was named one of the most beautiful waterfalls in India, located at an altitude of 100 meters, 2 km from Jung town. The river flowing just below the waterfall was also named Nuranang.

This world has seen the tragic consequences of many famous and immortal loves. People remember Radha-Krishna, Laila-Majnu, Heer-Ranjha, Siri-Farhad, many more love stories. But Sela and Nura’s love for Jashwant has overwhelmed all love. The two ignorant hill girls got nothing. Just gave life with a smile in the hope of love. Just like Jashwant, a young man mad with patriotism, snatched Arunachal from the clutches of China, tied India to his mother’s lap, and was martyred with a smile.

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Rifleman Jashwant Singh

(There are many stories about the death of Shahid Jashwant Singh in the hills of Arunachal Pradesh. The story that the people of the Monpa tribe have been telling their descendants for 56 years is the story that has been shared with readers.)



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