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Traveling- The Ultimate Happiness


We become very happy when we see our salaries credited in our bank account. We purchase new dresses, new shoes or new bags which give us pleasure. Remember, how long does this pleasure of shopping last? They give us temporary happiness; is it not true that any material object can give us short-term happiness? As per my opinion happiness should be that lasting, which brings together many beautiful memories and which is long term. That is the ultimate happiness.

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It has been found in the study, it requires lots of effort to get pleasure and peace of mind, which have a long-lasting effect in our life. If we go to a store, we get lost and quickly purchase much stuff in exchange for money. Please note that, after a few days, we want to buy another one. After having a lot of clothes, I do not get anything to wear for my next party. This is not just with me. It is with everyone.

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Then what is that will give us a long-lasting effect. Research says that travel can only make us familiar with this feeling.

One study done by www.booking.com reveals that-

•        Almost half (49%) of people say a holiday brings them more happiness than their wedding day.

•        Three-quarters of people (77%) book a holiday to cheer themselves up when they’re in need of a happiness enhancement.

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•        Seven out of ten (70%) then have the best time on holiday when they can make themselves at home in their accommodation.

The analysis, which questioned 17,000 people from 17 countries, revealed that for the majority, travel experiences, anything from backpacking, to boutique B&B breaks, family villa holidays, or even striking and remote retreats, brings more lasting happiness than material things (70%). Which explains why the majority (56%) priorities holidays over possessions like garments, jewelry, and gadgets while almost half (48%) rank travel over home improvements.

The emotional kick that travel brings hits at each stage of the travel process from planning, through booking to actually going on holiday. And it’s the design stages that provide the foremost immediate boosts in happiness, with nearly three-quarters of people (72%) saying they get a boost of excitement just from researching where to go on holiday.

Another recent study at Cornell University found that spending money on experiences is more likely to bring you lasting happiness than spending money on material objects. Psychologist Thomas Gilovich showed in his studies that when we buy something and travel somewhere, our degree of happiness increases at the same rate. But the most important point is that the happiness of shopping decreases after some time. But the happiness of travel lasts for a long time in the human brain.

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So, spending loads of money on a fancy car, or a watch, or a dress, or a phone, or even a house, is not going to bring us endless happiness. We will just become used to those things. That iPad we bought will be amazing when we pull it out of the box and then boring after it’s been played with it for a few weeks, and by the time three or four months have passed we will be complaining about it and looking at ways of upgrading.

Because of the long-awaited plan to engage in travel like making the tour plan by depositing money in dream travel account, planning our stay, defining routes, sightseeing points, stuff what we are going to pack leaving behind all the stress of life, went away in beauty, coming back home with all the memories of that time. The reminiscences that remain in our busy lives are the vitality of life. When we feel tired, we feel happy remembering that past.

Along with travel, other activities will also give us long-term pleasure. Learning something different is one of them. If we learn to swim, you will have a good time swimming. If we love to sing and practice music, then we will get the food of your mind. If we want to fill up the romantic memory collection then go out of our local city and travel to different places. All these learnings are also experiential learning.

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Bomb out cash on a fleeting experience, however, something as simple as visiting an art gallery, or jumping out of a plane, or eating a wonderful meal, and we have just presented ourselves with a personal gift that will keep on giving. We will not become sick of the memories; On the contrary, they will make us happier and happier as time goes on.

Those who have been bitten by the travel bug have known this for a long time.

Even the bad travel experiences wind up being good for us. How many times have I found myself entertaining people with my tales of travel gone wrong, like the time I got food poisoning in Ranchi, or the time I missed a train after Gangtok tour or the time a guy ripped me off in Delhi? And now I laugh about this stuff; we boasting about it.

If we ever needed a demonstration of the power of experience as happiness, then that is it. Even those nightmare episodes once everything goes wrong to tend to be looked back upon lovingly. They still cause you to smile years and years later.

There’s no wrong way to make this happen. All you have to do is pledge to leave home, to seeing the world instead of trying to secure ownership over little pieces of it. See. Do. Eat. Drink. Explore. Run the full range of experience.

Travel, after all, is everything. It is a joy. It is fear. It is love, it is hate, it is surprising and it is confusion. It makes us smarter, and it makes us happier. Why would we tend to pay our cash on something else?

So my suggestion is any spare cash you have got should be going straight into the holiday bank account and made use of as soon as possible. Because that’s the secret to happiness.

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Still, don’t you think travel brings you happiness? Or would you rather spend money on physical things? Waiting for your valuable comment in the comment box given below.


Last updated on 26.01.21


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