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Tips to Carry things when you go to the Indian hill station (including Leh Ladakh )

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Indian hill stations are bound with ecstatic experience in every path it leads, the experience which bounces in our memories always and stores a reminder note “should visit again”, which ticks now and then. Visiting a hill station rejuvenates our mind and soul, which brings serenity to our mind for which our soul always desires for. The pleasant weather, fresh air, tasty water, shopping, unbelievable nature of the Indian hill stations always proves the saying “incredible India”. The pre-preparation to travel a hill station must be planned thoughtfully. Here are a few travel packing tips in Indian hill stations.

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Packing for a vacation to the hills? Do not know what to take and what to leave behind? Here is the ready reckoner. What are the things that need to take to visit a hill station more or less everyone knows. I used to make a list when I used to trek with my team. Then after my marriage, I go places with my wife and the list continued to grow and several changes were made. After having a son the list item amplified more. After marriage, the responsibility of packing has been put on me completely. As I am very perfect (trying to be) about everything I prepare my checklist and take a printout. Here I am sharing a packing list to travel Indian mountains. It requires a little bit fine tuning place to place and person to person.

My travel packing tips :

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1. A big bag for wearing clothes (trolley, bag or rook sac, which is your convenience)
2. Take an extra baggy (do not shop in all the bags)
3. Water bottle bag
4. Extra Hand Bag
5. Some big polythene packets
6. Zipper pouch packet
7. A small lock and key & chain to tie with seat in the train
8. Small lock for the bag
9. A good big lock and key (if necessary to apply in the hotel room)
10. Identity card and photocopies of all the members (Passport and Visa Paper abroad)
11. Some passport size photographs of all the members
12. Train / Plane / Bus ticket and its photocopy
13. Guidebook / required information / map book
14. All bookings and photocopies of hotel booking
15. Plates, spoons, glasses, etc. for the train

16. Some old newspapers
17. A packet of napkin paper
18. Single bed cover for everyone
19. Air pillow
20. Plastic Mug (chain of train toilet is too short to use )
21. Soap Paper
22. Flux
23. Soap
24. Hair oil
25. Detergent Pouch
26. Shampoo
27. Talcum powder
28. Small mirrors
29. Toothbrush, toothpaste, etc.
30. Needle, white and black thread for sewing
31. Small knives, blades, scissors, etc. (do not carry these in your hand luggage on the flight)
32. One plastic sheet
33. Hat/cap for keeping yourself covered from sunlight.
34. Sunscreen with high SPF.
35. Stole/anything you prefer – to be safe from dust.
36. Warm Jackets
37. Inners, socks- woolen ones
38. Pairs of Inner Thermal Suits.
39. Sets of Heavy woolens in most part of the year except July and August where one can get away with light woolens.
40. A heavy woolen jacket is always handy throughout the year even in the months of July and August (personally I feel) where it can act as a backup. But, you should carry 1 light woolen jacket as well in the month of June to August, maybe, there could be days when you need just your light jacket only.

41. Carry at least 1 Balaclava too to protect yourself from cold entering the head.
42. Sunglasses or photochromatic spectacles to protect your eyes from the reflections from snow carry sunglasses for sure.
43. An extra pair of shoes/gumboots in case people are on bikes and are expecting a lot of water crossings, or drenched in rain.
44. Hand Gloves must-have in the months of October to June
45. Water: Water is the most essential thing while traveling in Leh-Ladakh, Spiti regions, or Yumthang, Gurudongmer regions, since dehydration can further complicate health issues at such a high altitude.

46. Medicines: Carry Diamox(consult a doctor before use ) if you aren’t allergic to sulfur drugs (helps reduce some of the symptoms of AMS) and medicines for a headache, fever, stomach ache, cold and cough syrup. You can also visit a doctor in advance and take a couple of AMS medicines in case of an emergency.
47. Lip balm: Dry and cold weather of Leh-Ladakh or Spiti Valley will make your lips dry, which can get quite painful due to cracking and skin coming off, so make sure to carry a lip balm or Vaseline.
48. Glucose: Carrying water mixed with Glucon C/D is a good idea while traveling at high altitudes.
49. Chocolates, biscuits, and nuts: Carrying a couple of chocolates, a pack of biscuits, and a few hundred grams of almonds, raisins and cashews is a good idea, as these provide instant energy and easy snack and don’t take up too much space. Those who love spicy food, make sure to carry pickle or sauce since Ladakhi food is a bit plain.
50. Cloths: It is best to dress in layers since the majority of coldness is due to wind chill and temperatures can change rapidly depending on the place, time, and weather. Hence dressing in layers will allow you to add/subtract layers as and when needed. So make sure apart from your regular clothes, you are also carrying a sweater, gloves, cap (protect head and ears from cold winds), warm inners (especially if you are traveling in offseason) and if possible, air/water resistant jacket.
51. Portable chargers for all the gadgets, cameras and mobile: You know this right?

travel packing tips

52. Spare camera batteries: Carry at least one spare set of batteries required by your camera, since in a cold environment, batteries can die quickly.
53. Socket Belkin Surge Protector.
54. Enough memory cards to last you the entire trip:
Doesn’t matter if you are carrying a laptop at Leh, carry enough memory cards to cover your entire shooting. Don’t depend on laptop hard disk drives or virus infested cyber café computers to copy and save your photographs!
55. Torch. Not really needed if your mobile phone has one, but if in case it doesn’t, carry a small LED one.
56. Money: While my recommendation would be to carry enough cash you need, to avoid wasting time withdrawing cash, it may not be feasible for everyone.
57. Carry a pen and a small diary to jot down an address or a contact number or a brilliant idea that the journey might give you.
58. Hand Sanitizer.
59. Hand Towel
60. Handkerchiefs.
61. Safety pins.
62. A pair of slippers at the end of the day would make it very relaxing.

63. Electric kettle.

64. Teabags, coffee pouches, powdered milk, sugar cube, and paper cups.

63. Must have for First Aid-(Consume medicines after consulting with doctors)
1. Ongoing daily medicines
2. At least 5 ORS or ORS –L Tetra packs
3. Diamox tablets for altitude sickness/ acclimatization issues
4. Spray for pain relief.
5. An antiseptic cream like wokadine/betadine.
6. An antiseptic solution like Dettol or savlon.
7. Painkillers like combiflaim or flexon.
8. Crocin or paracetamol for mild fever.
9. Avomine for prevention from motion sickness and vomiting.
10. Digene / Eno for relief from indigestion or acidity or gastric issues.
11. D-cold total or Vicks Action 500 for cold issues.
12. Tab Spasmofast/ Pudin Hara for stomach pains.
13. Crepe bandage, in case of fracture.
14. Cotton and dressing bandage.
15. A pair of scissors.
16. Eye tone drop.
17. Nasivion for blocked nose.
18. Camphor had been the age-old remedy for altitude sickness.

I hope this list helps every one of us in doing a successful trip to the mountains. Please feel free to add anything in this list via comment and I’ll add the same with your credits. Go, conquer the world. Life is meant to be lived. And come back and tell the world your fabulous stories.



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