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Top 20 weekend getaways from kolkata for 2021


Kolkata, the city situated in the eastern part of India features a sub-tropical climate. It is located on the Gangetic delta and is located near to the Bay of Bengal and therefore, the Kolkata weather is heavily influenced by the sea. Kolkata experiences 3 major seasons of summer, monsoon, and winter. All the following weekend getaways from kolkata are as per season and planned following the holiday calendar of 2021.

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The summer is quite hot in Kolkata, the temperature reaching the maximum of 41°C within the month of May. From March to June it’s summer in Kolkata. The southwesterly monsoon winds flow throughout summer in Kolkata. Humidity is high during summer. Sometimes a bit of shower takes places in summer escorted by dusty forceful winds, which are called ‘Kal Baishakhi’ by the local people.

The period between June to September is the monsoon season in Kolkata. Kolkata experiences heavy rains during the monsoons. Monsoon is influenced by the southeast monsoon winds. The average annual rainfall is about 1582 mm. The waterspout is that the most within the month of August.

The weather throughout the winter is incredibly favorable in Kolkata. December to February month is that the winter season in Calcutta. The early mornings are foggy here. The temperature varies between 11°C to13°C and does not go below 10°C generally .

It is during this time that would be the best choice to plan for this city as the humidity is low and the weather is pleasurable. So traveling the ‘city of joy’ and it’s nearby districts are basically ecstatic expertise throughout the winter season. Weekend getaways are everlastingly a refreshing modification from town life. If you reside in this historic town, then you are aware of its appeal, but every now and then you need a getaway to escape the messy life here.

At first glance, it might not seem like there are a lot of options for places to visit near Kolkata, but West Bengal is a treasure of destinations for those who love to travel. Kolkata is in the state of West Bengal where you get sea, mountains, and forests all three. There are many places inside 50, 100, 200, 300 and 500km of the city that make for great short trips from Kolkata. For an unforgettable vacation, there are places, all in close proximity of Kolkata, and super affordable, that you absolutely cannot miss.


In this year 2021 I have tried to figure out a yearly travel plan as per government holidays. The places I suggested are mainly near Kolkata where I stay. You can fine tune it as per your requirement. Furthermore, this post is purely based on my personal experience and if it does not matches with others opinion or experience then please ignore this post.


23RD (Netaji’s Birthday)

26TH (Republic Day) also Tuesday


11th (SATURDAY)-Maha Shivratri

Weekend getaways from kolkata


Bakkhali is seashore hamlet in Kakdwip subdivision of South twenty-four Parganas district of West Bengal, India. It’s settled on one in all the varied deltaic islands unfold across southern Bengal. Most of the islands are a region of the Sunderbans forests. Bakkhali has been a really standard place of attraction for an extended time. Bakkhali of late completely different from what it used to be some 10 years back. All this has become a reality with the event of the transport and communication system. You can visit Bakkhali throughout the year. There are several lodges, hotels and guest houses for tourists. Dining facilities are obtainable in the majority the lodges.

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Activities in Bakkhali-

1. Windmills of Frasergunj.

2. Crocodile propagation center at Frasergunj.

3. The temple of Banabibi, a local God.

4. Henry’s Island was created by the State Fisheries Department. Frasergunj. 5. You’ll conjointly take a glance at the lifestyle of the villages and experience the various rhythm of life these villages sleep in.

How to reach Bakkhali:

You may board a bus from Kolkata (Esplanade) till Namkhana, therefore, a ferry ride across the Hatania-Doania stream. Then you’ve to board another bus to reach in Bakkhali. However, you’ll additionally board direct buses to Bakkhali from Kolkata. The new bridge has been opened for transport in March, 2019, hence, no need to worry about waiting for Hatania-Doania creek ferry services. The travel to Bakkhali can be completed just by road. For break journies, there are plenty of local buses up to Namkhana and then again from Namkhana to Bakkhali. You can also reach Namkhana by train from the Sealdah station.

2.Buxa National Park

The Buxa National Park is a perfect stopover for tourists, who want to taste the zest of green darkness, supplemented with some interesting wildlife. The Buxa Tiger Reserve located in the Northern part of West Bengal, huddles in the Buxa hills of the southern hilly region of Bhutan. The Buxa Tiger Reserve spanning a part of 760 sq. km. is located inside this highly famed National Park. The Buxa Tiger Reserve falls in the Alipurduar district of West Bengal. The northern boundary of the reserve runs on the international border with Bhutan.

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March 29th- Holi(Thursday)

3. Boranti

Boranti or Baranti is a beautiful village surrounded by hills and lakes just 265 km away from Kolkata. The beautiful blue sky, deep green forest and dark blue water of the lake will surely fascinate you. The Muradi Lake in Boranti has been created by a mud dam. Boranti is bounded by the Panchkot Hill at one side and also the Biharinath Hill on the opposite. Except for regular guests like rabbits, wild boars, foxes, wolves, porcupines and deer within the close forests, Boranti is visited by vast numbers of migratory and resident birds. This place is good for those guests who request comfort and serenity in an exceedingly beautiful location, remote from the chaos of town. There are some nice cottages for accommodation that are lacking any excess decoration. The accommodation provides basic however delicious vegetarian and non-vegetarian dining facilities to its guests in several canteens.

 Activities at Boranti:

1. The twisting village roads lead to near a forest that is home to trees like teak and mahua.

2. You’ll take nature walks on the Murardi Lake or through the forests and see the sun setting down over the hills and lake.

3. Garpanchokot is merely twelve kilometre and also the famous Panchet Dam twenty two kilometre from Boranti.

4. You’ll additionally visit the notable Joychandi Hills simply twenty one kilometre away – this was the location wherever Satyajit Ray’s ‘Hirok Rajar Deshe’ was shot.

5. Near close attractions include Maithon Dam (40 km) Kalyaneshwari Mandir (42 km) and Susunia Hills (44 km) from Boranti.

6. Trekking through the hills and dense forests to reach Biharinath Hills simply 6.5 kilometer from Boranti.


2nd (Friday)-Good Friday

25TH (Friday)-Good Friday

12TH (Sunday) – Mahavir Jayanti

14TH (Wednesday)–Bengali’s new year

4. Icchay gaon

Icchey Gaon or “Wishing Village” could be a place wherever all of your desires to remain amongst unhurt nature would come true. At Icchey Gaon, you’ll get a panoramic view of Mt. Kanchenjungha, come to life to the call of unknown birds, take jungle walks through pine forests and keep in an exceedingly village still untouched by holidaymaker rush. Set at an altitude of 5800 feet, Icchey Gaon is on the brink of Pedong. Icchey Gaon welcomes holidaymaker around the year. Winter is that the most effective time for viewing Mt. Kanchenjungha. The monsoons replenish the rivers to the edge and gushing water, lush forests, and wild-flowers all around make Icchey Gaon a tiny low paradise pushed on the slope of Himalaya Mountains. Presently, Icchey Gaon offers many homestay facilities that provide furnished rooms with attached western bathrooms. The food is really Indian and residential done and so the ingredients are for the most part regionally sourced and contemporary.

Activities at Icchey Gaon:

1. Ramitey Dara viewpoint, that offers a bird’s eye view of the winding Teesta River, spectacular its fourteen turns with the Mt. Kanchenjunga guarding it, is actually breathless.

2. The crest of Tinchuley close to Icchey Gaon additionally offers a good read of Mt. Kanchenjungha and therefore the eastern Himalaya Mountains. 3. You can additionally smell the marvelous view of Nathula and jeep La from Tinchuley.

4. A visit to the Damsang fort, situated at a distance of 8 kilometer from Icchey Gaon is additionally rewardable. However, solely the ruins of the fort exist currently.

5. Relish attractive fantastic thing about the Silent valley, a small forestland.

6. Several tourists additionally visit the Jalsa viewpoint, a good place settled inside the tree plantation with an impressive read of Mt. Kanchenjungha, river Teesta and lush forests encompassing it.

7. Visit old Sangchen Dorjee monastery, situated on the brink of Pedong. This monastery could also be a 300-old structure, erected throughout the domination of Bhutanese in Pedong.

8. The Cross Hill close to Pedong in-built 1882 by Augstine Desdgodins is another in style destination nearby. The place is acknowledged as a site of pilgrimage by the native Christian Community.

9. Another marvelous location is that the Shahid Park, that settles 3 kilometers aloof from Pedong Bazar.

10. Another in style viewpoint known as Rikisum, that you’ll pass away the means from Algarah to volcanic rock can even be visited in daytrips.

15. Explore a touch ahead high visit Ranibon – a preserved forest. The place additionally incorporates a 300-year old Lepcha house that exhibits the exquisite Lepcha craft works.

16. Reshi Bridge and Reshi Khola also are value visiting, situated at a distance of 17 kilometer from Pedong Bazaar. Rishi and Mudum Khola merge on to create Rishi Khola merely before the bridge. The place includes a pleasant romantic atmosphere.

17. The Aritar Lake or Lampokhri Lake may be a beautiful eco-tourism spot that nestles 17.5 kilometer from Rishi Bridge in East geographic region.

18. You’ll additionally arrange a riverside picnic at the bank of Reshi watercourse visit the native monastery.

How to reach Icchey Gaon:

The nearest rail station from the destination is that the New Jalpaiguri rail station and therefore the Siliguri rail station. The closest airport is that the Pakyong airport. Many cars are out there from every airport and railway stations to Kalimpong via Teesta Bazar. From Kalimpong you may take a flip to Icchey Gaon.

5. Jaldapara

Enjoy an exciting elephant hunting expedition within the early morning and meet the Indian rhinoceros very close. Jaldapara wildlife Sanctuary is one in all India’s best forests well-known for its growing population of Indian One-Horned Rhinos. This 216 sq. kilometers forest of grasslands, woods, sandy river banks, flowing streams and features of tall trees was supported in 1941 to shield the Indian One-Horned rhinoceros. The sanctuary is situated in Alipurduar district of West Bengal state. The Torsa River flows through this forest. Jaldapara WLS stays closed throughout the monsoons (15th June to 15th September) annually. There are several lodges having fooding facilities in Jaldapara (Madarihat).

Activities in Jaldapara:

  1. Jaldapara WLS is known for its One-horned Rhinos. You can take an Elephant safari or a jeep safari to look at these superb animals within the wild.
  2. Totopara – the village of the Toto tribe is one in all the first attractions that you simply shouldn’t miss out throughout your trip to Jaldapara.
  3. The Buxa Tiger Reserve situated close is an important effort to save the Royal tiger.
  4. Jayanti is another destination situated at a distance of 27 kilometers from Madarihat, on the banks of Jayanti River. It offers captivating views of sunsets.
  5. Chilapata Forest, wherever you’ll realize the leftovers of the fort of Nal King.
  6. Another well-liked attraction is that the Khayerbari Leopard Rescue Centre situated at Madarihat.
  7. A round-trip from Madarihaat covering Jamtala, Lankapara, Hanstapur, Dhumchi, Ghumtu and Birpara would take you through various rivers, jungles, hills and every one kind of flora and fauna.
  8. If you’re keen on history and culture, then you’ll visit the close city of Cooch Behar for its spectacular palaces and temples.
  9. Within the evenings, you can enjoy social group dance or a pleasant campfire with family and friends.

How to reach Jaldapara:

If you are traveling by air, then Bagdogra is that the nearest aitport, from wherever you’ll reach Jaldapara via Siliguri. Madarihat, the entry check post of Jaldapara is 142 kilometer from Siliguri and 52 kilometer west of Alipurduar, situated on the NH 31 connecting Siliguri to Hasimara. The closest rail station is Hansimara, which is just 7 kilometers from the sanctuary. You can also visit Jaldapara from Siliguri or New Jalpaiguri.

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6. Ravangla

The small city of Ravangla is in Sikkim, close at an altitude of 7000 foot, and has of late developed as a natural holidaymaker retreat. The town set in South Sikkim District could be a good location for village tourism. Ravangla is an abode of soaring snowy mountains, exotic flora and fauna, scenic tea gardens, old monasteries and hospitable villages. Trekking routes to Maenam Hill and Tendong Hill together originate from Ravangla and close areas. You can visit Ravangla at any time of the year. However, you may avoid the monsoon season, for landslides are frequent at that time. Summer is pleasant and winter though chilly is gratifying. You can notice sort of nice resorts and hotels in Ravangla, providing tight accommodation and feeding facilities.

Activities in Ravangla:

1. Relish the calm and tranquil surrounding of Ravangla, loved with high-forested mountains.

2. Visit Ralong monastery and therefore the Ravangla Monastery.

3. The holy cave of Shar Chok Bephu is additionally price visiting.

4. You conjointly trek to the Maenam life Sanctuary.

5. Ralong, situated 8 kilometers from Ravangla could be a well-liked sunrise purpose, giving fantastic snow read, particularly throughout the sunrise.

6. You can additionally organize a tour to Sikip, close on the bank of watercourse Rangeet, renowned as a rafting land site and a fishing spot, amidst the scenic natural surroundings.

7. There’s additionally a Hot Sulphur Spring(geothermal energy), situated 37 kilometers from Ravangla that additionally options 2 holy caves, Khandosangphu and Sharchog Begphu.

 8. You can also organize short village tours to the close Lepcha and Bhutia villages of Tinkitam, Yangang and Barfung. Temi garden, Pelling, Richenpong and Pemyangtse are all located close.

How to reach Ravangla:

Ravangla is accessible from all prime spots of Sikkim that embrace Gangtok, Pelling andNamchi. It can even be reached from Darjeling. The closest rail station is New Jalpaiguri in West Bengal,state. You will get rented cars from the New Jalpaiguri Station to Ravangla. You can additionally get rented cars from Siliguri and Pakyong, the nearest airport.


13TH (Thursday)-Eid

26TH (Wednesday)-Buddha Purnima

 7. Kalimpong

Kalimpong, a peaceful hilly abode attracts tourists hunger for peacefulness away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The place is located within the Darjeeling district of West Bengal. If you’re a nature lover, Kalimpong is your ideal destination, admired with orchids adorning the hill slopes. Rightly represented as a “Botanist Paradise,” Kalimpong is also enriched with rich and exotic collection of flora.

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 8. Rinchenpong

Rinchenpong is one among the foremost recent additions within the list of attractions in Sikkim. The view of Mt. Kanchenjungha is exciting from here. However, Rinchenpong has been noted in history for many various reasons. Set at an altitude of 5576 feet, Rinchenpong is legendary for the spectacular views of the Mt. Kanchenjunga. Rinchenpong has some ancient monasteries and a house where the laureate Rabindranath Tagore spent some time. The entire space is roofed in lavish inexperienced forests that are home to an awfully healthy bird and butterfly population. You can visit Rinchenpong any time of the year but the mighty chains of mountains are best visible throughout the winter. In Rinchenpong, you’d get nice fashionable resorts and age recent British bungalows to stay in.

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Activities at Rinchenpong:

1. An awfully illustrious place to seem move into Rinchenpong is that the lake – Poison Pokhri.

2. Opposite to it are stone staircases that cause a forest path that takes you to the Rinchenpong monastery that was inbuilt 1717 and encompasses a terribly distinctive idol of Ati Buddha in Yub-Yum position.

3. The path more leads you to Reesum monastery.

4. Then again, if you retain on following the steps, you may notice the normal Lepcha house, that’s inbuilt the previous Lepcha style.

5. Another place to see for embrace the Maggi Dara, a replacement monastery and a marble plaque with verses from Rabindranath Tagore’s Gitanjali. This can be called Rabindra Smriti Van and Rabindranath Tagore stayed here for a few days.

6. There’s additionally a hundred year previous British house lined in forests within the higher regions of Rinchenpong, designed with wood and stone, spending an evening within the house would be an excellent expertise.

6. Besides, there are alternative places of attractions close to Rinchenpong just like the Reesum monastery, the Barsey shrub sanctuary, Temi garden, Bermiok and Van Jhakhri waterfalls.

7. If you’re keen on native treks and Sikkimese culture, then a visit to close Sribadam village can be terribly pleasing.

8. Short nature walks through forests originating from Sribadam would take you to some exciting jungle lakes, waterfalls and viewpoints.

9. Within the evening, you’ll exit for a few exploration of the native bazaar or chat together with your hosts and alternative fellow travelers beside a fire.

How to reach Rinchenpong:

If you’re coming back by train, then the closest terminal is New Jalpaiguri Station. However, if you would like to avail shared cars of conveyance, then you’d get them from Siliguri. These cars would take you to Jorethang from wherever you’ll take more shared cars to Rinchenpong. If you’re move by air then the closest airdrome is Pakyong in Sikkim. The journey from Siliguri or New Jalpiaguri is a few 132 kms and takes some five hours on the banks of Rangeet and Teesta Rivers. You can visit Rinchenpong any time of the year however to induce the most effective views of the range of mountains peaks, one ought to visit Rinchenpong throughout winter.

9. Rishop

If your nature adoring soul is seeking some charming views of Mt. Kanchenjungha, then create a visit to the present virgin settlement of Rishop or Rishyap cuddled within the lap of hidden hills of Neora valley. Rishop means “mountain peak and tree.” This traveler village encircled with thick forests and hills is shut at intervals the Darjeeling district of state, settled at associate degree altitude of around 7000 feet more than water level. Rishop options a variety of well facilitated hotels and resorts with wonderful views of Mt. Kanchenjungha.

Activities in Rishop:

1. Fancy the grand read of the majestic Mt. Kanchenjungha and style of beautiful mountain peaks of West-Bengal,India. It is one amongst the nearest points giving a position of the snowcapped Mt. Kanchenjungha.

2. Tiffindara is a point in Rishyap, from wherever you can get view of grand sight of chain of Himalayan Mountains. Moreover, Rishyap additionally offers the exceptional read of the Pine forest, close within the lower a part of Tifindara.

3. Another close spot is Loleygaon, an attractive village within the subdivision of Kalimpong. This tiny hamlet of Loleygaon is referred by the locals as Kaffer.

4. You can additionally create a visit to Jhandi Dara, placed five 6.5 Km from Lolegaon. The place mostly coated with thick forest, offers spectacular view of sunrise.

5. You can additionally get pleasure from a nature walk on the scenic landscape of the region.

How to reach Rishop:

Rishyap is 4 hours’ drive from Darjeeling and 4 hours from Siliguri. It’s well accessible by route either directly from Siliguri or via Darjeeling and Kalimpong. The closest rail station of the destination is New Jalpaiguri, settled at a distance of 105 kms. The Bagdogra airport is 95 kilometers away from Rishop.


15TH (Sunday)-Independence Day

19TH (Thursday)-Muharram

10. Mukutmanipur

An escape to quietness is what describes Mukutmanipur perfectly. A weekend throughout this beautiful place is packed with final relaxation. With hills and forests encompassing a vast water body that changes its color altogether completely different seasons, Mukutmanipur is that the right place for those that are searching for some journey beside relaxation. Hugging at the confluence of two stunning rivers, Kumari and Kangsabati, Mukutmanipur is found within the Bankura district of the state of state. This glorious destination is in addition a favorite picnic spot, attracting hoards of picnic crowds. This calm place is additionally famed water barrage across India that canalizes Kumari and Kangsabati Rivers into the three districts of state – Mednipur, Purulia and Bankura to facilitate irrigation throughout the summer time. You can visit Mukutmanipur throughout anytime of a year. The monsoon (July and August) the lock gates of the dam sometimes keep open. There are private hotels, resorts and tourism centers out there for tourists. These places of keep in addition offer decent eating facilities.

Activities in Mukutmanipur:

1. A boat ride to the center of the large water body fashioned by the union of Kangsabati and Kumari stream nearly provides you the sensation of being within the middle of ocean.

2. You’ll be able to get pleasure from the views of great thing about nature beside completely different species of seasonal birds within the Bonpukuria deer Park.

3. You’ll be able to rent a trekker or auto/toto rickshaw to travel over the Kangsabati dam high road for 7 kms to go to the confluence of stream Kumari and Kansabati.

4. The famed Bangopalpur Reserve Forest is that the haven of various species of flora and fauna and is price exploring.

5. You may notice the traditional city of Ambikanagar, around 4.5 kilometers near the dam. In ancient time, this city was the journey center of the Jains. Leftovers are still found here.

6. Ambikanagar is additionally famed for its exotic social group handicraft. Native tribes build fantastic handicrafts using bamboo sticks and grass, that you can acquire as gift or souvenirs.

How to reach Mukutmanipur:

The closest rail station of this destination is Bankura. You can board the Rupashibangla Express from Howrah to reach Bankura from where you may either take a bus or rent a cab to reach Mukutmanipur that’s merely 50 kilometers away. By car, you may take left from Durgapur to succeed in Beliator that’s 25 kilometers away, from where you need to take the Bankura Bypass to reach at Mukutmanipur via Khatra crossing. You can in addition take a direct bus to your destination departure at nine in the morning or nine in the evening from Dharamtalla, Kolkata. It takes around 6 hours from Kolkata to reach at Mukutmanipur by bus.

11 . Ayodhya Hills

The beautiful Ayodhya Hills is the regions of the Dalma range of mountains. It’s settled on the boundary of Purulia district and Jharkhand. A visit to beautiful waterfalls, deep forests, social group villages, Gorshabru and Mayur hill are bound to fascinate your senses. The presence of a range of untamed animals within the forests makes this place a lot of exploratory. Visiting hidden waterfalls, trekking around sapphire lakes guarded by hills, experiencing native social group culture, bird looking at and taking village walks create Ayodhya Hills a treasure for photographers and nature-lovers. Throughout September to March Ayodhya Hills get a chill among the wind and clear skies.

Activities at Ayodhya Hills:

1. Get pleasure from Capitol Hill. There are varied deep forests and numerous waterfalls set amidst the hills.

2. Many social group villages also are set on Capitol Hill. You can visit there.

3. Some wonderful waterfalls like Ghagkocha Falls, Brahmani Falls and Turga Falls can be visited covering short distances by foot from nearest motor able roads.

4. Another unforgettable experience is the panoramic view of the lakes and reservoirs located throughout the Ayodhya Hills like Tarpania Lake, Khairaberia Lake, Upper Ayodhya Dam and Lower Ayodhya Dam.

5. A trip to the Mayur Hill will provide an outstanding panoramic view of the entire range of Ayodhya Hills.

6. You can also visit the Murra Buru Hill (Pakhi Pahar), which has some beautiful rock paintings of birds. Incidentally, Pakhi Pahar is a great spot for bird watching and is the natural habitat of peacocks.

7. You can make a visit to Charida Village to see the artisans working on the beautiful Chow Masks or visit the tribal village of Dowri Kahal to see the tribal mud houses decked with colorful wall paintings.

8. If you have a few days to spare, then you can make a day visit to Muruguma Dam, Rajrappa or Dalma Hill.

9. A tribal dance program or a Chow Dance performance can also be requested in the villages during the long moonlit evenings.

How to reach Ayodhya Hills:

The closest rail station is Barabhum Station. The Lalmati express, Howrah Chakradharpur Express and Howrah Ranchi Intercity Express connect Barabhum to Howrah. The village of Baghmundi (one of the most entrances to Ayodhya Hill) is simply a number of kilometers from Barabhum. By road, you’ll reach Baghmundi via Kharagpur and Balarampur via state highway 5. You can additionally take a small longer detour via Durgapur, Purulia and reach Baghmundi but the roads would be better.

10th September 2021- Ganesh Chathurthi

12. Shantiniketan

The University City of Shantiniketan is recognized worldwide as a major center for following higher studies and being the house to the Nobel Laureate and National writer of India Rabindranath Tagore. Students across the globe come here for additional education in the Viswa Bharati University established in 1921 by Rabindranath Tagore himself. Not only students, the place are also frequented by thousands of visitors who are attracted by the extensive campus ground, open-air classes and above all the picturesque natural beauty of the destination. Tranquility is the essence of Santiniketan – the abode of peace. Rabindranath Tagore settled in Shantiniketan from 1901 and left Shantiniketan for the last time in 1941. You can visit Santiniketan at any time of the year. There are many hotels available at Shantiniketan.

Activities in Santiniketan:

  1. The most significant site is the Visva Bharati University and its different departments, the most notable being the Kala Bhavan. You can spot some frescoes and sculptures of Nandalal Bose, Ramkinkar Baij around Kala Bhavan.
  2. Tagore’s Ashram features a number of buildings namely the Santiniketan building, Dehali, Nutan bari, and others.
  3. The Uttarayan complex has several buildings like Konark, Udayan, Shyamali, and others. The Rabindra Bhaban Museum popularly called Bichitra houses letters, manuscripts, medals, documents, paintings and certificates associated with Tagore.
  4. Chatimtala is the place where Rabindranath’s father Debendranath Tagore rested during his visit to a nearby Zamindar House and discovered the serenity of present Shantiniketan for the first time.
  5. Khowai region and Kopai River (Rabindranath’s Amader Choto Nadi) are other destinations where you can spend some time.
  6. You can also visit Hindi Bhavan, Cheena Bhavan, Nipon Bhavan, Sangeet Bhavan, Patha Bhavan, Vinaya Bhavan, Sikhsha Bhavan, Kaalo Bari etc. The campus of Shantiniketan is also worth visiting.
  7. If you have time visit Kankalitala, just 9 km from Santiniketan is a temple popular as a Satipeeth.
  8. Surul, located near Sriniketan, features temples decorated with terracotta carvings.
  9. You can also visit another Satipeeth at Labhpur-Fullara, just 30 km. from Santiniketan.
  10. Tourists also visit Nanoor, famous as the birthplace of the Sanskrit poet of the 14th century – Chandidas.
  11. Kendubillo is another destination, popular as the hometown of another renowned Sanskrit poet, Jaidev.
  12. You can also make a trip to Bakreshwar, the famous satipitha, housing the Bakranath temple and hot springs.
  13. Tarapith, the famous Saktipeetha, is also visited from Santiniketan.

How to reach Shantiniketan: 

Santiniketan is accessible by a number of conveyances including trains, bus and cars. The nearest railway station of Santiniktan is Bolpur and Prantik, which can be reached from Kolkata in two to three hours. You can avail the trains like Shantiniketan Express and Viswa Bharati Fast Passenger. If you prefer the bus route, then you need to avail the Kolkata-Asansol bus or Kolkata- Durgapur bus, which will take you to Panagarh respectively. From these respective stops, you need to catch another bus to Santiniketan.

13. Tajpur

The convenient location of Tajpur is the major cause behind the emerging popularity of this sea beach holiday destination. Surrounded with patches of forests this sea shore destination truly offers great visual pleasure.  The sea beach of Tajpur has an unusual shape – unlike the most sorted crescent shape Tajpur has an inverted Crescent shape of the beach, which gives an unusual panoramic view of the sea. Tajpur is still the most unexploited virgin sea-beach around Kolkata.  

For more details about Tajpur click below link-



2ND (Satday)-Gandhi Birthday

12th (Tuesday)- Mahasaptamai

13th (Friday)-Mahaastami

14th (Thursday)-Mahanavami

15th (Sunday)-Mahadashami


weekend destinations from kolkata

The largest city additionally because the capital of Sikkim, Gangtok is found at an altitude of 4,715 foot within the Shivalik Hills of the eastern Himalayan range of mountains. The Hill station contains a total population of 90,000 that belong to numerous ethnic groups like Lepchas, Nepalis and Bhutia. Gangtok offers fabulous views of Mt. Kanchenjungha, some exclusive day visits to close lakes and monasteries and every one the facilities of a contemporary town. Gangtok experiences a mild-temperature nearly throughout the year which makes it a hotspot among tourists. Gangtok additionally acts as a base for visits to alternative elements of geographical region like North geographical region and also the recent Silk Route (Nathang valley, Zuluk and Lungthung). The accommodation choices in Gangtok are varied.

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15. Darjeeling

Renowned internationally as an enthralling hill resort, the Virgin Himalayan city of Darjeeling attracts tourists from all corners of the world. Darjeeling was placed at a median height of 6,710 ft, set within the Lower Himalayas. British annexed Darjeeling and regenerate it into their summer capital, at a time once the capital of nation Indian Empire was at city. It had been found to be awfully favorable to tea cultivation, and also the cultivation of Darjeeling tea therefore began on a large scale throughout the British era. It had been additionally throughout now, in 1881, that the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway (now a United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization heritage site) was created. Since the decease of nation Empire, Darjeeling has been reworked into a flourishing traveler paradise. With its lovely wide views of the Himalayas, it’s lush evergreen and alpine forests and it’s cool climate, Darjeeling has masses to supply in terms of culture, cuisine, art, sports or simply plain sight-seeing. Also, don’t forget to bring your umbrella in Darjeeling – it rains here suddenly and stops dead. You can realize an assortment of accommodation choices in Darjeeling in several value range and locations.

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Activities in Darjeeling:

  1. The locals of Darjeeling take into account the Chowrasta, at the middle of the Mall Road, to be the center of the city. You can walk on this wide promenade, and looked at the many outlets and restaurants that flank it. Alternate views of the mountain ranges are viewed from here. This is the perfect place for the tired traveler to hold out and relax, as no vehicles pass this space. The park benches, lamp-posts and post boxes within the Mall of Darjeeling speak of Darjeeling’s British past.
  2. Darjeeling Himalayan Zoo boasts a spectacular array of seldom seen Himalayan animal species like the snow leopard and also the red panda, each critically vulnerable. Nature lovers will be rewarded with photograph opportunities for these animals.
  3. Himalayan mountaineering Institute and Mount Everest Museum exhibits records of all the assorted expeditions that had been undertaken to the Himalayas. It had been based by Tenzin Norgay and Sir Edmund Hillary. This institute additionally offers courses in climb for tourists with all levels of expertise in rock climbing.
  4. St. Andrew’s Church completed in 1843, this prime heritage church of Darjeeling is worth to visit.
  5. Darjeeling gymkhana Club was established in 1909 and it’s still one in all the well-equipped clubs of Darjeeling with facilities for Indoor and out of doors Games.
  6. Ava Art Gallery established in 1965 by the Late Bhopal Rao and Ava Devi, this gallery options a group of some sixty works of art, as well as watercolors, oil and thread paintings.
  7. Rock garden is that the ideal destination for those that relish pure, virgin greenery.
  8. Lloyd botanical Garden is a must-visit for fauna enthusiasts; it’s one in all the oldest biological science gardens, with a desirable assortment of rare and exotic flora.
  9. Nightingale Park or Shrubbery Park is park where a range of cultural programs are performed every day for the recreation of the tourists. It additionally homes an enormous sculpture of Lord Shiva and several other facilities for live recreation.
  10. Tiger Hill is world-famous as a result of it offers a breath-taking read of the sunrise over each the Mt. Kanchanjanga varies further because the eastern Himalayas.
  11. Batasia Loop is another very famous traveler spot. It’s essentially a large railway loop wherever the celebrated Toy Train makes an entire 360 degree flip.
  12. Peace Pagoda placed at Clarimont, on the outskirts of Darjeeling, this temple was established by a Japanese religious sect.
  13. Observatory Hill is acknowledged within the native idiom as “Makal babu Than”. Once supposed to be the location of a Buddhist monastery, the structure was same to be destroyed by invasive Nepali armies within the nineteenth century.
  14. Happy valley Tea Garden is found a touch over a km from the city.
  15. Riding on the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway (also referred to as the “Toy Train”), could be a tremendous expertise for tourists inquisitive about Darjeeling’s colonial history.
  16. Guests might prefer to go more downhill to go to the Bhutia busty perhaps more than that to urge to the Tibetan Refugees help Centre.
  17. Whether or not Daejeeling’s handicrafts, artifacts, Tibetan paintings or perhaps Darjeeling tea, tourists won’t be disappointed with the variety of places and product on the market at the time of shopping.

How to reach Darjeeling:

You can avail variety of choices to reach Darjeeling. The Bagdogra airport, settled at a distance of around 80 kilometer from Darjeeling, is that the nearest airport of the destination. The airport is well connected with direct flights to Kolkata. Direct taxis to Darjeeling are accessible from the Bagdogra airport. You’ll be able to additionally access Darjeeling by road via Siliguri from Kolkata in buses. Buses and Taxis are obtainable in Siliguri to reach Darjeeling. The closest rail station of the destination is that the New Jalpaiguri rail station that is directly connected to Kolkata with variety of trains. You’ll be able to rent the direct taxis to Darjeeling available from the New Jalpaiguri Station. Nepal, Sikkim and Bhutan also are connected with Darjeeling by road.

16. Dooars

To the north of West Bengal stand the East Himalayas as a natural background a huge texture of dense forests packed with life, endless tea gardens, Babbling Rivers, interspersed with sleepy or busy settlements, represent an entrancing traveler destination – The Dooars. Not such a lot glorious to the planet, the Dooars valley stretching from watercourse Teesta on the west to watercourse Sankosh on the east, over a span of 125 km by 45 km, forms a serious a part of Jalpaiguri district. Derived from the word ‘doors’ (doors to Bhutan), this region additionally forms a entry to hill stations of North Bengal, Sikkim, Bhutan & the North-Eastern states. The dense natural forests interlocking with plentiful green tea gardens are cries-crossed by Teesta. These sanctuaries teem in a spellbinding diversity of flora and fauna. The huge texture of huge trees sheltering types of orchids and resounded with echo of birds and wild animals build it a true paradise for lovers of nature and Eco-tourism.

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4TH (Thursday) -Diwali

17. Bishnupur

Bishnupur is a city created by the Malla kings that dominated this area throughout seventeenth century. These artisans of the Malla kings have shown their craft within the wide variety of terracotta temples that they had made. These temples are currently under the supervision of anthropology departments. You can see these temples any day within the morning hours, however if you would like some extraordinary views, then you need to visit them at night on Saturdays and Sundays once the temples are bright lighted with lights. Besides, Bishnupur includes a stunning setting with large waterbodies like Shyambandh, Yamuna bandh and Kalindi. Bishnupur is especially known for 2 reasons – Terracotta Temples and Baluchari Saris. Typically throughout the year you can visit Bishnupur however if you would like to attend the Bishnupur fair, you need to go someday between 23rd and 27th of Dec. There are lots of personal hotels and lodges accessible in Bishnupur with AC and Non-AC rooms. Generally, feeding facilities are accessible in the majority hotels and lodges. A number of the hotels even have multi-cuisine restaurant.

Activities in Bishnupur:

1. You’ll be able to opt for sightseeing of the various terracotta temples within the morning or at night on Saturdays and Sundays once the temples are lighted with special lights.

2. You’ll be able to take a rickshaw and move round the city and see a number of the popular spots just like the temple of Ramkrishna and Shyamrai, Madanmohan temple, Gardorja, Jor Banglow temple, Radheshyam temple, Dolmadol Kaman, etc.

3. The Jorbangla Temple of Keshta Rai is worth seeing.

4. The known Dalmadal Kaman (cannon) manufactured from iron was probably the biggest cannon manufactured by the Malla Kings.

5. The Madanmohan Temple of Bishnupur follows ekaratna style that includes a sq. flat roof with carved cornices. The building additionally features an overcome celestial point on top.

6. You can visit Siddheswar Siva temple at Bahulara (27 kms from Bishnupur), the 900 year recent Saileswar temple (10 kms from Bishnupur), the Panchmurah Village (11 kms from Bishnupur) wherever the known terracotta statues are created and therefore the riverside resort of Mukutmanipur (84 kms from Bishnupur).

How to reach Bishnupur:

By train, it takes 3.5 hours to reach Bishnupur from Howrah. The regular trains connecting Bishnupur to Howrah are Purulia express departing Howrah at 4:45 pm. Rupashi Bangla Express outbound from Howrah at 6:00 am and Howrah and Chakradharpur passenger leaving Howrah at 11.05 pm. Aranyak express leaves Shalimar at 7.45 am. You can additionally return by train to Kharagpur/ Midnapur/ Bardhaman/ Durgapur from Howrah and finally take the bus journey. By bus you’ll be able to reach Midnapore initially and so take local buses that are accessible each half an hour to reach Bishnupur. However, by road, it usually takes a bit additional around four hours from Kolkata. You ought to take the expressway to reach Baidyabati crossing (more). From there, you need to take left and travel some 151 kilometre via Singur-Halikut-Bashdeopur-Tarakeshwar-Rashulpur-Arambagh-Kotalpur.

18.  Mandarmani

Off late, within the map of West Bengal tourism, Mandarmani has emerged as an outstanding weekend vacation destination, attracting tourists, who are seeking for an escape from the crowded cities. Serenity is that the very essence of the beach of Mandarmani, providing final isolation that’s very rare in alternative beaches around Kolkata. Moreover, the resorts of Mandarmani are very well equipped to serve the guests and are decked out with all modern amenities. The beach is clean and wide here and the ocean is simply idle for a dip. You can additionally visit near beach destinations like Tajpur, Digha, Shankarpur, Talsari, Udayporeand Junput from Mandarmani. Mandarmani attracts tourists all through the year. You can notice the best beach resorts of eastern India settled in Mandarmani. Presently, Mandarmani has hotels in all budgets.

Activities at Mandarmoni:

  1. You’ll be able to rent a car to require you to the ocean mouth, driving right along the beach that is actually an unforgettable expertise.
  2. Tajpur is a close destination that is visited by several tourists coming back to Mandarmoni.
  3. The opposite close attractions include the attractive Udaipur beach and Talsharee wherever stream Subarnarekha meets the ocean.
  4. You’ll be able to additionally visit the busy beach city of Digha and also the somewhat sleepy headed beach of Shankarpur.
  5. The abundant less-talked regarding destination is that the Junput beach close to Kanthi (Contai) that appears associate endless stretch of clay beach and also the ocean is almost a mile away.
  6. Get up early to relish the outstanding sunrise from the beach. The sunset over Mandarmani ocean beach is additionally a visible treat.

How to reach Mandarmoni:

Drive on the route heading to Digha. When reaching the Kanthi (Contai) crossing, drive for an additional 12 kms to achieve the Chaulkhola stop. Turn left and drive for an additional few kilometers to reach Mandarmani. You’ll be able to additionally get the train route from Howrah and reach the Kanthi station. Trekkers and rented cars are available from the station, heading to Mandarmoni.

19. Duarsini

Grab the chance to mix with nature in Duarsini, wherever you’ll realize little hilltops lined with forests. Here you see a spread of trees like Shal, Teak, Mahua, Pial, Kusum, and Bahera. The wonder of the mountain stream Satgudum resulting in the tribal villages can enthrall you. The journey waiting for you within the forest will certainly build your weekend value disbursement in Duarsini. The surprisingness with that darkness descends in these jungle areas is attention-grabbing to ascertain. The moony night amidst the throbbing beats of drums coming back from the tribal village and being encircled by jungle is quite exciting for the tourists. The simplest arrangement for lodging is that the cottages maintained by Forest Development Authority. Dining comes as a part of staying in these cottages.

Activities at Duarsini:

1. The jungle is an attention-grabbing place to go to, wherever you may see wild animals like bears, wild pig, and herds of elephants, hyena, and wolf, alongside some legendary and unknown birds.

2. Galudi could be a place which can be visited from Durasini.

3. Another place is Bhalo Hills that is a few three kilometers from Duarsini. Here you’ll be able to see remnants of the culture of some past civilization. 4. In Duarsini, you’ll be able to trip the assorted tribal homes in their villages, in fact guided by some native.

5. Sitting by the stream Satgudum is additionally associate possibility.

6. In the evening you’ll be able to additionally sit in your cottage and revel in the sound of drums coming back from the tribal villages.

How to reach Duarsini:

The simplest way to reach Duarsini is by traveling 75 kilometers from Purulia Rail station.

20. Mayapur

Mayapur could be a weekend destination once you are bored in your existence. The spiritual atmosphere and also the peaceful nature are great things about the place can bring peace to your troubled mind. The fundamental calm aura of the place can fill you up merrily. Mayapur is set in a section somewhere within the middle of the rivers Hoogly and Jalangi and is one in all the 9 islands of the Mahaprabhu Chaitanyadham Nabadwip. The doors of the temples are open throughout the year. Therefore you’ll be able to visit whenever you’re feeling like. The Iskon Temple provides comfortable lodging arrangements within the premises of the temple itself. The eating facilities of ISKCON Temple are amazing as Thaalis are obtainable. Even the canteen close to the gate of the temple makes delicious Pakora, Dosa, Pizza, Egg-less cake and sweets.

Activities in Mayapur:

1. The birthplace of Mahaprabu Chaitanya could be a must watch site.

2. Besides, Mayapur is legendary for the ISKCON Chandrodaya Temple, the Yoga Peeth moreover as the Chand Kazi’s Samadhi.

3. You can move to close Ballal Mound that could be a reminiscent of Bengal king Ballal Sen and also the grave of Chand Kazi. Crossing stream Ganga, you’ll be able to visit Nabadwip and take a fast spherical of all the 9 islands.

4. Spend watching the Evening Prayer could be a grand affair as varied individuals roll up the ISKCON temple and Sri. Chaitanya math.

How to reach Mayapur and Nabadwip:

If you go by car, you have got to cross Barasat, Ranaghat, Krishnagar and before you reach Bangram station, turn left and drive 13 kilometers on the concrete road to Mayapur. The whole distance from Kolkata is 125 kms. If you go by rail, you have got to reach Nabadwip or Krishnagar first, then take the ferry service to cross the river and reach Mayapur. Even you’ll be able to go via the package bus services from Kolkata to ISKCON or take a bus to Mayapur from Dharmatala that leaves at 6a.m. in the morning.



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