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Tajpur – 2 days tour


The exotic, tranquil and serene beach of Tajpur provides a shake of the chaos of busy life. Located within the district of East Midnapore, West Bengal this tiny seacoast settlement developed by the govt of West Bengal to attract international tourists. If you’re trying towards a small weekend escape from busy city life, tajpur weekend tour is unquestionably one amongst the most effective choices. The virgin beach lies close to some other tourist hot-spot like Digha, Sankarpur, and Mandarmani, but the joyous environment, the vibrant sea and the expressive hospitality of this place are awesome. Tajpur is an all-in-one package; it suffices the curiosity of the adventure seekers, a perfect picnic spot for a family picnic and caters to people who are on a romantic outing.

tajpur weekend tour

Tajpur Weekend Tour, Tajpur West Bengal, Tajpur – 2 days tour

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tajpur weekend tour

Relax around within the white sandy beach either looking the sunrise or the sunset along with your special somebody or hear the sounds of cricket from the shrubs underneath a moonlit sky—there are some mesmeric experiences awaiting you at Tajpur. Flying cranes and different birds offer your company as you enjoy the coolness of the ocean breeze or the heat of the sun. Spot the red crabs on the beach and see them disappear into the sand as you go near to them.

During low tide, the sea retreats almost 2 kilometers away leaving behind thousands of seashells (a collector’s delight) on the wet beach. Take a walk until the lagoon at the end of the beach that adds on to the wonder of Tajpur. Opt for some delicious delicacies like cooked pomfret fish, crab, and lobster curry—your taste buds are going to be searching for additional.

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We have started early around 7 a.m. It was bright and sunny as we crossed Dakhineshwar and approached Bombay road or AH-45. We paid toll thrice (Rs. 45, Rs. 95 and Rs. 90). The condition of the road was only partially good because there were several diversions and speed breakers enroute. We stopped at Kolaghat for breakfast and tea. We have taken masala dosa & tea.

tajpur weekend tour tajpur weekend tour tajpur weekend tour

After breakfast, we started once more around 10 a.m from Kolaghat. The stretch of about 30 Kms between Kolaghat and Nandakumar is fantastic and the bolero was easily running between 110—120 Km/hr. Though state government places green hoardings of direction and site. Still, I’d remind the primary left road goes towards Tamluk. The straight road goes towards Haldia and therefore the next left turn moves towards Contai and Digha. From this point, the road gets narrower. This is the SH-5.

The Contai bypass which avoids the congested city=387372&aid=2041720&no_rooms=1&group_adults=2″>Contai town will be on the right. After crossing the central bus stand the bypass ended. One has to continue straight. At Chaulkhola the left turn is towards Mandarmoni. Within 5 Km from Chaulkhola, Balishai will come. From there one has to take the left turn for Tajpur. The 6 Km stretch between the Balishai and Tajpur is a beautiful metalled road with waterbodies on both sides. The hotels start approaching on the left. Sagar Kinare, New sonar Bangla and Mouchak come initially. In fact, Mouchak looks pretty good.

tajpur weekend tour

From Kolkata, it is 180 kilometers to reach Tajpur. Regular bus service (both government and private) is available from Esplanade, Dunlop, and Garia. One has to get down at Balishai and hire an auto or toto or a cab. If you opt for trains Digha-bound trains are the only option for those travelling exclusively to Tajpur. Trains are available from Howrah Railway Station and tourists need to get off at Digha Railway Station. From Digha, the distance is 19 kilometers and tourists can hire a cab and cover the distance in 20-25 minutes.


We entered our prebooked Sabuj Saikat Resort. Sabuj Saikat Resort is true on Tajpur sea beach. If you wish to pay some good time at Tajpur, then this can be a wonderful place to measure in and revel in beautiful vacation at the beach. Sabuj Saikat Resort is right on Tajpur sea beach, 5 km from Balisai Bus stop, 10 km from Ramnagar Railway Station, and 18 km from Digha. You can pay quality times in ocean beach that is simply a second of walking distance from the resort. Details of the Hotel has been given to Hotel review section. You can clink below mentioned link for complete hotel review


tajpur weekend tour

After making ourselves fresh we finished our preordered lunch, which includes fine rice, Moog Mohan, begun bhaja(brinjal fry), pomfret fry, mutton curry, chatni, and papad. Then we went to Digha around 3 pm.


We came back Tajpur once again around 5 p.m. mainly to see the sunset. Peace, serenity, contentment a mixture of these create the unmatched feeling that overwhelms me when I’m at this beach, watching the constant flowing of the waves. It is me on the beach, allowing me to enjoy the sunset, undisturbed. The sun, a fiery sphere, looks like it’s gradually receding into the waters below. The sky consists of an assortment of shades, a blend of reds, oranges, and yellows.

The waters below mirror this effect. The sand below my feet is the same color, making me feel like a firewalker – daring and bold. The distinction created between the dark waters and also the glowing sky makes the horizon appear as if a gathering of two worlds – the known and also the unknown.

It’s breathtakingly lovely, and I’m speechless as I stand before this magnificent sight. As the fall sets in, the colors of the setting sun add a charm to the place. We sit down at a shed for a refreshing drink of recent coconut water. Sitting within the shed as darkness descends, we tend to lose all sense of time.

We came back to resort to starting out our night party with both hard and soft drinks in conjunction with snacks consists French fry, chicken lolly pop & chicken barbeque. Around eleven p.m. parties ended. Next morning I woke up around 6.15 a.m. mainly to witness sunrise on the beach.

Early mornings and their sunrise are quite special. You have to learn to appreciate them. You often forget what it prefers to come to life early and simply sit back and revel in the instant of a fresh start of the day. You try to remain in bed as long as possible, as a result of you don’t wish to induce out in the cold. When you finally manage to get out of bed, you’re too busy preparing yourself to get ready for work.

When you don’t have to be compelled to work, you tend to sleep in till the day has virtually passed halfway. The sunrise at Tajpur became even a lot of because the sun peaked over the horizon. The sky had currently become pink. By the time I reached our resort, pink became a pale yellow mixed with blue. I am singing alone

Chhoto ekta bhor, tar aalo.. onek
Se thik ghum vangabe
Sokaler abir, dhorechi muthoy
Se kon ronge rangabe.

It’s means –

Little dawn, its light, many
He’ll just wake up
Abir ( coloring powder ), got caught in the morning
He will paint in color.

We finished our breakfast with puri, sabjee, rasgulla along with tea around 9 am. After clearing all dues we started back to Kolkata around 10.30 a.m. We reached our residence around 3.30 p.m.We carry back home memories of the sea, the vast beach, the red crabs, the sound of the waves lapping on the beach, the breeze, the clouds, the vast horizon, the sunrise, the sunset and the simple lives of the locals.

tajpur weekend tour

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