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Putiram College Street Kolkata


College Street is lined by many of Kolkata’s academic establishments: the University of Calcutta, Sanskrit College, Presidency University, the Medical College of Kolkata, Hindu School, Hare School to name a few. But College Street is not only about books and colleges- there are many restaurants, eateries and Kolkata cheap hotels in College Street. Therefore, one sweet shop that holds a mythical spot in town and that out stands away from the crowd is Putiram.

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College Street

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Putiram is one of the best culinary heritages at College Street, Kolkata. A sweetmeat/confection shop or plain ‘mishtir dokan’ in Bengali- Putiram is standing tall and proud for decades, in the face of rigid competition from modern fast food/ cake-pastry shops. This 160-year-old sweet shop has remained preferred of people across generations at College Street.

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The magic of this place is that they maintained their quality and tastes all the way. There is almost none who have walked through College Street and not sat down here for simple kachuri and cholaar daal and some sweets. The place serves a wide spread of sweets which are really delicious and till date is being sold at an unbelievable rational price.

College Street

Address of Putiram

12A, Surya Sen Street,

College Street,


33 2241 7567


The ambiance is full of vintage and you need to serve yourself.

Food of College Street Putiram

If you love Bengali-style fast-food or even have the least inquisitiveness about how Bengali sweet and fried foods taste like- you need to visit Putiram to sample their remarkable kachauri (flour stuffed with sauf/mauri and hing) with cholar daal (lentils with spices and coconut) or Alur dom (a type of dry potato curry) and feel a piece of heaven inside your mouth. Apart from that, their shingara (Bengali samosa), rosomalai, mishit doi and various sweets will take you into another state of ecstasy.

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We have ordered

2 plates kachauri(4 pcs)

2 plates dal

2 bowl Rosmalai

1 singara

Total cost Rs. 108.

Few drawbacks I also found

  1. They do not accept credit cards
  2. Self-service
  3. Shabby ambiance

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Last visited in the month of Oct’19.

Last updated 11.02.21


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