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Punjabi Vishno Dhaba leh


Really had a great time eating the North Indian breakfast being served in this Punjabi Vishno Dhaba leh. It is a vegetarian restaurant. It was a clean and well-maintained place. Our driver referred us about this place. We planned to go for breakfast for two consecutive days when we are in Leh. Getting tasty and the pocket-friendly food is really a challenge in Leh. At breakfast little bit early in the morning, we have only two options here. Either Maggie or Aloo Paratha.

Punjabi Vishno Dhaba leh

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We were unsure whether to eat there or not as the looks of the place were really nothing to write about! The elderly guy at the Kitchen, the owner himself, does not have eye to eye contact with any customer! A loud Punjabi, he was just comfortable dealing with his only staff. This place is more like Dhaba and interior is very old, wooden roof and poles, and many philosophical shayaries(urdu poetry) mentioned on the wall. If you been to Leh please taste the breakfast items of Punjabi Vaishno Dhaba. You will love it.

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Punjabi Vishno Dhaba leh

Food of Punjabi Vishno Dhaba leh

So after some reluctance, we ordered 3 plates of Aloo Paratha. It took quite a while for an unpolished /unshaved but very sweet chap to serve us (I think he is the only waiter). After the first bite and initial confirmations of taste, the AlooParatha vanished within no time! It came along with Curd, chole, and chatni. It was lip-smacking!!! Felt like eating in the dhabas of Punjab and around Delhi in the winters! The food was heavy and I was pushing it down even when my stomach was full! And then we ordered tea to complete the thing. The bill amount was really quite easy on the pocket!

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So we loved the food here! I believe the place is famous for samosa and gulab jamuns…but they did not have both of these at morning time. Overall, I recommend the place.

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