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Panna’s Kitchen Behala Kolkata


If you are a lover of fast food and delicious North Indian food, your destination should be none other than Panna’s Kitchen Behala Kolkata, 4/N D.H Road, Behala, Kol-34. Panna’s Kitchen Behala Kolkata is near Behala tram depot. This restaurant is one of the oldest in Behala region. This restaurant has been here for quite a few decades and with the friendly service and nice atmosphere along with good food and a strong reputation. There is no denying the fact that Panna’s Kitchen Behala Kolkata has been ruling the Behala Trap Depot region with Panna’s Oil Mill, Panna’s Fresh N Bakes, or Panna Sweets. Decades ago, when there was hardly any fancy restaurant at Behala, Panna’s Kitchen has dominated the area.

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Panna's Kitchen Behala
Panna's Kitchen Behala
Panna's Kitchen Behala


Address of Panna’s Kitchen Behala Kolkata is 4/N D.H Road, Behala, Kol-34. Panna’s Kitchen Behala Kolkata is near Behala tram depot. Situated in the Lane of Vidyasagar Hospital, this restaurant has actually two parts. One is the takeaway counter, and another is the seating restaurant situated on the 2nd floor of the building. There is an elevator in the left-hand side of the entrance which is really helpful for elders and persons having a disability.

Panna's Kitchen Behala

Panna's Kitchen Behala


The staff at this establishment is courteous and prompt at providing any assistance. They readily answer any queries or questions that you may have. Pay for the product or service with ease by using any of the available modes of payment, such as Cash, Debit Cards, Credit Card or online wallets.

Panna's Kitchen Behala


The restaurant has a sitting capacity of almost 50 people. The decoration is plain, but the ambiance is very mystifying. With the dim blue lights and dark colored curtains, one feels a bit unusual but in a good way. The restaurant is AC and having a small washroom.

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Food quality and quantity

We went there around 2.30 pm, it was mostly empty. We ordered Chicken Biriyani, chicken Resmi Kabab and Onion Salad. Chicken Resmi Kabab was really good. The pieces were quite ok in size. They were soft and juicy and tasted well. The Chicken Biriyani was really the best. It had a large piece of Chicken with one egg, and one piece of potato. The Biriyani was perfectly balanced, neither too oily nor too dry. The aroma was typical Biriyani like and the chicken piece was big and juicy. The potatoes were also well cooked and they almost melted inside the mouth. The quantity was also much more than I expected and it was very satisfying.

Panna's Kitchen Behala

Panna's Kitchen Behala

Drawbacks of  Panna’s Kitchen Behala Kolkata

  1. Parking facility is not available here.
  2. If a restaurant gets full, then you have to wait in a queue and that is also beside the road.
  3. They don’t provide home delivery and if you want to take away then they charge for the container also.
  4. They accept the card if and only if your bill amount is more than 500 and doesn’t receive any food coupon.
  5. Quality of food is good if and only if you choose from Mughlai cuisine. Chinese dishes are not up to the mark in Panna’s kitchen.
  6. Another major drawback of Panna’s Kitchen is that it cannot satisfy those who are vegetarian.
  7. Service is a little bit slower.

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