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NRC Yak Guest House Dirang


ICAR-National Research Centre on Yak was a premier research organization exclusively engaged in research and development of yak in India. The institute was established in 1989 by the Indian Council of Agricultural Research at Dirang of Arunachal Pradesh. This institute had their own guest house mainly for their scientists also known as NRC Yak Guest House Dirang.

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Address of NRC Yak Guest House Dirang

Scientist Home & Guest House,

ICAR-National Research Center on Yak,

Dirang, West Kameng, Arunachal Pradesh,

Contact: Mr. Phunchu Namje,

Phone no. 9402258434

Email: yakdirector@gmail.com

03780242220,  03780242387 03780242273(F)   8257990016

NRC Yak was established in the year 1989 with its headquarter at Dirang of Arunachal Pradesh with a vision of Conservation and improvement of yak for higher productivity and profitability. The experimental yak farm of the institute is located at Nykmadung at a distance of 31 km away from Dirang. Dirang was a small beautiful hill station with tourist round the year. The places to visit were the Regional Apple Nursery, Orchid centre at Jyotinagar,Thupsung Dargyeling Monastery, Dirang Dzong (Fort) and numerous picturesque spots with Kiwi in Sangti valley and Apple gardens at Zimithung around the valley. The weather of Dirang was pleasant throughout the seasons.

Yak, the hairy bovine had long linkage with the mankind dwelling in the remote hilly regions of India, Bhutan, China, Mongolia and other parts of central Asia. It was a versatile animal, and provides milk, meat, fiber, skin and dung. The yak was also used for the transportation of household goods and also for riding. Although yaks were being used for long by the people living in very remote areas of the high altitudes of Himalaya, the information on various features of yak husbandry was very inadequate. Realizing the importance of this animal, Indian Council of Agricultural Research had established National Research Centre on Yak here.

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NRC Yak Guest House was located in Dirang and very near to main market. The Guest House was also known as ‘Scientist Home’. We were looking for cozy, quite place away from the city and we found this place.We stayed there for 1 night. Our room was pretty and gives us a picturesque view of Dirang valley and monastery. My room was attached with one big balcony. Room was big enough with more numbers of furniture’s. Bathroom was cleaned and spacious. My room had 2 sofas and 1 table (looks a bit crowded) and with king size bed.

Caretakers Amardip and Bapi were good and made us home like feel. The food was excellent and fresh. We enjoyed our stay as the host provided us with hot tea and hot water which was very much required in the morning. Food they provided Roti, rice, veg curry, chicken etc. You had to order well in advance as they had limited staffs. They took one to two hours to prepare dinner/lunch to be served from the time ordered. Curd was not available and Milk had been from milk powder.

Car parking space was available. The price for one night was just Rs. 1000 for a double room, with an extra charge for the staying of our driver that was Rs. 200 per night. The rooms had a TV, carpeted floors, with blankets and pillows, a bathroom with geyser, which sufficed our small stay.

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The guest house was very close to Thupsung Dhargye Ling Monastery. Hence, the biggest attraction of Dirang, i.e, the monastery was readily accessible. Amardip and Bapi carried our luggage’s at the time of check in and check out with a nominal tip. Would definitely visit again while traveling through Arunachal Pradesh.



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