Nizam Restaurant New Market

Nizam’s Restaurant Kolkata

First of all, Nizam Restaurant New Market is a speciality restaurant that carries a casual ambiance. The North Indian and also Mughlai cuisines promise to meet your appetizing desires and do not empty your pockets at the same time.

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Nizam Restaurant Kolkata


16 & 17 HOGG STREET,


The specialty restaurant is a one-stop destination place for a perfect family dinner or lunch on a weekday or on the weekends, especially when it comes to a stomachful meal. Similarly, the chefs here are efficient at adding a distinct aroma to different dishes that you will completely fall in love with. Nizam Restaurant is located in New Market, Central Kolkata and stands nearby Kolkata Municipal Corporation. 

Nizam Restaurant New Market
Nizam Restaurant New Market

Nizam Restaurant New Market

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Food at Nizam Restaurant New Market

One of the most iconic restaurants in the busiest place of Kolkata. Nizam Restaurant New Market was the inventor of Kathi kabab rolls. Nizam’s is one of those legendary outlets in Kolkata that needs no introduction. Famous for Kathi rolls and biryani, nizam’s has maintained their legacy down the line. Similarly, with the Kolkata Kathi Rolls, Nizam Restaurant New Market needs no introduction to the residents of the city. As a result, the rolls prepared by them have fed generations and generations of Calcuttans.

The excellent and delicious Seekh Kebab, wrapped in fresh, hot parathas with extra oil, with a generous sprinkling of raw onions and chilies, tastes exactly the same! The quality of ingredients, warm service, and delicious offering have taken them to such great heights.

Biryanis, kebabs, rezalas (mutton/chicken) and chaaps are also available. And, the pricing just won’t dent your wallet. Nizam Restaurant New Market also serves mouthwatering delicacies in pocket-friendly prices. Recently visited this restaurant with friends to have lunch. Service is a bit slow. The interiors are not well decorated.

Nizam Restaurant New Market

Nizam's Restaurant Kolkata

The foods ordered are:-

  • Egg chicken Kathi roll – The roll was huge in size and was full of chicken pieces. A must try.
  • Mutton Keema Mutter –  Meat and peas sautéed in a thick mixture of stimulating flavors.
  • Chicken Biriyani –  Contains one piece of aloo and 1 chicken piece. The rice was perfectly cooked and tasted delicious.
  • Tandoori Roti
  • Cold Drinks

Overall it was a good experience. The food was served hot and was good in taste. Can give it a try.

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Nizam's Restaurant Kolkata
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