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Nikon DSLR D3500 Camera Review


Photos are central attraction of any blog – making our posts more engaging and giving readers an insight into their day-to-day life. As a result, you’re likely to spend a lot of time with a camera in your hand, and the better the quality of the images the better your blog will look. However, professional camera equipment can be pricey. But as an enthusiastic beginner I must suggest a good brand to purchase. There are a wide range of cameras in the market that offer professional quality at a price you can afford. Recently I purchased Nikon DSLR D3500 Camera. Here is the Nikon DSLR D3500 Camera Review.

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Using the little Nikon D3500 is a world away from shooting with a bulky SLR like the D7200 or D500. It’s light and modest, but its image quality is terrific, and the variable angle screen makes it supremely versatile. The camera is 2 years old and prices have been dropped, there are some tempting deals on this DSLR online.

Nikon DSLR D3500 Camera Review

Nikon DSLR D3500 Camera is a recent member of the Nikon’s camera club.
You don’t have to be a photographer to understand an excellent photo once you see one. And you do not have to be a photographer to require an excellent photo you only need the D3500. It’s as easy to use as a point-and-shoot, but it takes beautiful DSLR photos and videos that get noticed. It feels outstanding in your hands, sturdy and balanced with controls where you want them. It’s compact, durable and versatile, ideal for travel. And it works seamlessly with compatible smart phones, making it easier than ever to share your great photos. Even if you’ve never picked up a DSLR camera, you’ll take beautiful pictures with D3500.

The key new feature in the D3500 is Nikon’s wireless Snap Bridge technology, where the camera maintains a low-power Bluetooth LE connection with your Smartphone or tablet. Download Nikon’s free Snap Bridge app and your D3500 photos will appear right a compatible Smartphone or tablet for posting to your favorite sites, sharing with friends and family or just as backups. You can even use the Smartphone or tablet to remotely trigger the D3500 to require pictures.

Build and handling

The D3500 is almost as small and light as an SLR-style mirror less camera, yet the grip is deep and well-sculpted, so that you still feel as if you’ve got a proper hold. Some of the buttons are oddly small, though. This doesn’t affect their operation, but the icons are a little harder to read.
The new AF-P 18-55mm lens transforms the camera’s Live View performance. It’s still not as fast as a mirror less camera, but the speed and responsiveness of the Live View autofocus is certainly unexpected – and it works really well with the screen’s touch control. You can just tap an object in the scene, and the camera will focus on that object and take a picture in a single action.

Nikon DSLR D3500 Camera Review


The Snap Bridge system is impressive. It worked fine, if slowly, with an Android smartphone, but the iPhone operating system insists you select a Wi-Fi connection manually.
The D3500’s autofocus, white balance and exposure systems worked well. Most of the time you can leave the camera to work out the correct settings and it’ll do it reliably.
The camera’s fine detail rendition is especially good and, unlike a lot of kit lenses, the new AF-P 18-55mm holds its sharpness right to the edges of the frame – and at longer zoom settings, too.

Nikon D3500 specifications

Sensor: APS-C CMOS Sensor with 24.2 MP (high resolution for giant prints and image cropping)
Lenses: Nikon F (DX format)
Viewfinder: Eye-level pentamirror viewfinder, 95% coverage Max video resolution: Full HD (1,920 x 1,080)

ISO range: 100-25,600
LCD screen: 3-inch LCD
Shutter speeds: 1/4,000 sec to 30 sec, Bulb
Weight: 390g (with battery and memory card)
Dimensions: 124 x 97 x 70mm
Power supply: Lithium-ion EN-EL14a battery, 820 shots


The Nikon D3500 is a great entry-level DSLR for still photography and adequate for shooting video. Image quality from the Nikon D3500 is surprisingly good for a camera of this price point. Under less than optimum lighting conditions, the D3500’s JPEG files can appear a tad over sharpened and a tiny bit underexposed. Outdoors under daylight conditions, exposures were noticeably better and more consistent.
If you’re trying to find your first DSLR, the Nikon D3500 is tough to beat. The image quality is excellent and the cameras build quality if pretty good. I believe that the Nikon D3500 represents an impressive bargain for a photographer’s first DSLR.




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