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Mountain passes of Ladakh Part 2


Ladakh, ‘Land of Mountain Passes’ narrates the entire experiences and adventure one can have during a road trip. Welcoming an increasing number of guests every year the roads in and out cutting the barren mountain ranges give an awe-inspiring view of the landscape.  The major passes in Ladakh have its own importance and on top of the passes, you will see prayer flags all around fluttering high in the air and a small shrine. The experience will be at its best while passing the high passes. Here I am trying to discuss Mountain passes of Ladakh Part 2.

10. Kongka Pass

Kongka Pass in the Himalayas in Ladakh and is that the place which believed to be inhabited by aliens. Doesn’t it mesmerize you? If yes, then read on to understand more about Kongka Pass, its surroundings and the way it’s connected to aliens.

The region around Kongka Pass experiences intense snowfall during the winter season, and thus it becomes hard to succeed in the situation as several roads get blocked by the snow. The best time to go to Kongka Pass is from June until the end of September. During this period, the weather and climate remain favourable.

Major passes in Ladakh

It is usually popular because the place where the famous Indo-Sino War of 1962 was fought between the forces of India and China. Though, within the recent times, Kongka Pass has gained popularity as a UFO base in the Himalayas. Many government officials working on the borders and locals inhabiting the region have reportedly seen UFOs and alien activities numerous times.

As the area is roofed with sky-high mountains and snow-clad ranges, it’s hard to get the whole region. Therefore, people are still unsuccessful find the important truth. Numerous pictures of UFOs flying in the air are captured here. People have also seen odd lights shining in the dark. However, strong evidence to prove the occurrence of such strange activities has still not been found.

11. Lungalacha La

Lungalacha La, also referred by the name of Lachung La is a pass located along the Leh-Manali highway at a height of 5,059 meters (16,600 feet. This pass is taken into account to be one among the better passes which will be travel easily. Lachulung La is on the boundary of Himachal Pradesh and Jammu and Kashmir. Also, it separates the valleys of Tsarap Chu and Tozay. An incontrovertible fact that to be remembered before you head to go to this pass is, it’s open just for four and a half months during summer.

Any traveler should be prepared to not fall sick during the travelling of Lachulung La because its geographic status, the height, the rugged pathways and therefore the remote villages it goes through may cause magical influence on your body.

Major passes in Ladakh

Being one among the foremost adventurous passes in Ladakh, Lachulung may be a favorite stop enthusiastic adventure lover. Also, the backdrops are quite fictional because the towering Himalayan passes and therefore the nature lying in correspondence to them are creating soothing visuals.

Trekkers should be very careful while climbing the altitude up as hypoxia is assured at the highest and keep hydrated to take care of your body conditions with reference to the climate. But the descent is smooth and straightforward in order that you’ll feel ecstatic till the top.

12. Marsimik La 

Marsimik La is a high mountain pass at an elevation of 5,582 m and is a high mountain pass in the Chang-Chemno Range in northern India of about 100 kms from Leh. Marsimik La Pass is located 20 kms of the northeast of the Pangong Lake. In Marsimik Pass there is road which appropriately improved vehicles have been driven, but it is not a motorable pass in the sense that the road is not in good condition to permit journey by normal vehicles.

Major passes in Ladakh

The roads are in very shocking conditions and vehicle are allowed but with experienced driver. The roads are very challenging with steep slopes, loose soil and sharp stones. There is a dirt track to the top of the Marsimik La Pass and many vehicles mostly army vehicles cross the pass each year. Marsimik La lies of just 4 km west of Indo-China actual line of control. The tourist those who are on a tour to Pangong Lake can visit this pass as Marsimik La is just 42 km away from the lake.

13. Namika Pass

Namika Pass is a high mountain pass situated at a height of 3,700 meters along the Srinagar-Leh Highway. It is renowned among the mountain passes of Ladakh because it is one of the highest passes between Leh and Kargil.

Major passes in Ladakh

The primary attraction here is the scenery which is typical of the region, with brown mountains which are cut by winding trails. It is a good place to stop & enjoy some photography. The travelers can see a Gompa as well as a rock carving of Maitreya Buddha.

12. Pensi La Pass

Pensi La Pass is about 25 kilometers from Rangdum Monastery. Pensi la is one of the highest mountain pass of Ladakh. Pensi La Pass roads are winded by a metaled road. Heavy snowfall, lands slides causes block and the road can be dangerous and risky. There will be traffic in the Pensi La Pass. While travelling to Pensila Pass correct preparations is essential for a safe and enjoying journey.

Major passes in Ladakh
Pensi La Stod

13. Sia La Pass

Sia La is a mountain pass on Saltoro Ridge, which is immediately west of the Siachen Glacier. Currently in custody of India, the pass is near the line of control separating Indian- and Pakistani-administered territory.

Major passes in Ladakh

Sia La, as well as nearby passes Bilafond La and Gyong La, saw military action starting in 1984 during Operation Meghdoot. All three passes are currently held by India; Pakistan controls areas just to the west.

14. Spanggur Gap

The Spanggur Gap is an international high mountain pass at an altitude of 4,305m (14,124ft) above the sea level. The road is gravel, rocky, tippy and bumpy at times. The road is impenetrable in winters. Stay away if you’re afraid of heights. The pass is situated on the Line of Actual Control between China and India. During the war of 1962 there were Indian posts in Spanggur Gap, but India later withdrew from here in order to strengthen defences of the nearby Indian village of Chushul. China had built a road from Rudok in Tibet right up to the Spanggur Gap competent of carrying tanks.

15. Zoji La

Zoji La is a high mountain pass situated in the Kargil district of Ladakh. The pass links Leh and Srinagar. Zojila pass remains closed during winters due to heavy snowfall. In 2018, the Zojila tunnel project was launched. The tunnel is Asia’s longest and strategic bi-directional tunnel, which will provide all-weather connectivity between Kargil and Leh.

Major passes in Ladakh

It is a high mountain pass which offers an adventurous route to travellers. It also offers some glorious views of the mighty Himalayas. It is a wonderful journey for travellers not just because of its scenic beauty but also for its history. The war between India and Pakistan has left its mark on the land. Zojila Pass has bone-chilling winters, and the pass often becomes out of condition for travelling due to heavy rainfall.

 With the onset of spring, the weather blooms and greenery embrace the topography of Zoji La. Zojila Pass connects Kashmir and Ladakh. It is a constant attraction among tourists who want to witness the beauty of Ladakh. It is located at a distance of 9 km from Sonamarg. The stunning views from Zojila Pass make it a popular tourist destination in India.

16. Saser Pass

Saser Pass (5,411 m or 17,753 ft) is a high mountain pass in Ladakh and India. It leads from the Nubra Valley and up to the upper Shyok valley, on the way to the even higher, but easier, Karakoram Pass.

The Saser Pass could not be avoided in summer and took a huge toll on caravan pack animals, such as ponies and mules.


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