I am capturing my memory from my early childhood; it made me feel pleasant every time it passed through my mind. I know, one day my son will read and love this write up, as I had always loved hearing stories from my mother and father about their childhood time. Yes, Maynaguri village was the village where I groomed my youth.

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We had only two exams in a year! No unit tests or projects damaged our life! Education was at its best throughout that time, which allowed children to spend some devoted time on studies and rest all the time in playing and exploring the childhood. Not as today, where kids have no choice rather than spending all the time on studies and break time with mobile and online games.

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We never misused our time on video games, iPad, smart phones etc. They never existed in that period and honestly, we do not regret that because playing street games like Marbles, Danda-Gilli, Sath gutti, Kho Kho (dariabandha or gadhi) etc., was more awesome than sitting at one place and staring small piece of technology to play.

We never collected the Pokemon, Benten or other stickers or photos. We used to collect the photos of film stars of that period and played photo-games with friends. We collected stamps and old coins (even today also) which don’t exist today. Eating raw mangoes and getting daily dose of scolding by mom was the only target in holidays.

Climbing the trees to steal mangoes from gardens and running before the Maali (caretaker of the garden) was major adventure. We never had summer classes or summer camps! Holidays were strictly meant for enjoying and getting tan beneath the sun!!

My parents bought an old bicycle and never bought us brand new bicycles even after begging hundreds of times. I used waste tires of bicycles and ran along with it by hitting it with a stick. We played for hours in mud and ate food without washing our hands and we never fall ill. We never had option of bottled water! We drunk water from running tap or bore-well and wells and never felt sick. Immunity wasn’t supported any Chawanprash or health drinks or supplements!

It was an era once the TV and telephone were the only new technology for several individuals. If anybody had any of the above, that person and his family were treated like VIP in the locality. The whole locality had only 1 phone number and one TV. Phones rang more for the neighbors than the owner of the device. Later came the refrigerator in rich homes of the locality! Those refrigerators conserved all the varieties of food items from entire colony except its owner!

We had one tape recorder which was another best thing to listen music after radio. We accustomed transfer the songs by recording cassettes! At times, I wasted good cassettes of my father by recording our voice! Winding the cassette reel with pencil was a vital job!

Mainaguri village

‘Ramayana’ and ‘Mahabharata’ were the epic TV serials which created the record of highest TRP till today in the entire Asia. Many people bought televisions just for these 2 serials. Every Sunday tornado of individuals ran out of the homes that had televisions, those houses resembled as a mini theater during telecast of these epic serials, cricket match and Chitrahaar (music number show). Until late 90s, all we had was one channel, DD National and one more channel Metro for limited time.


I still remember the day of my mama’s (maternal uncle) marriage. I was 12 years old that time. Those time each marriage fest use to last at least for ten days. No elders around, any rok-tok. Fun use to last the whole day. I very well remember nagging for sweets and chutneys from the cooking area.

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In monsoon season the common fun was rain dance. The best festival was Durga Puja. The festival goes on for 4 days and filled with fun and frolic. I still remember one of the occasions. The winter was one my favorite month for the fun.


Now, at this age it is all locked up in the box. The worst part is I have lost the key to open it again. Sadly, I am observing the kids of this generation don’t have the fun which we had. They least play outdoors, and are totally on the video games, computer games or watching TV. This they call it the next-gen fun. Secondly, they are engrossed with studies, fierce competition for grades and lots of homework from school and tuition. During our time we used go to tuition classes only in high school, that also only for Science and Mathematics. But, now the kids go to tuition for all the courses. It is like double schooling. I wonder what the necessity of school is if a kid has to go to tuition classes. Something is awfully wrong.

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