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Maa Kali Hotel Tawang


Majority of tourists at Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh are Bengalis who mostly come from Kolkata and its outskirts. One of the major concerns of most Bengalis is that the food. They can’t simply live without ‘Maach-Bhaat’ (i.e. fish curry & rice). Often they come through tour operators who need to ensure that the hotel where they are arranging stay serves Bengali dishes, otherwise the hotel won’t qualify for stay. Here also Bengali tourists searching authentic Bengali restaurant at Tawang.

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While there are many eateries and restaurants in Tawang that supply Bengali food so as to take advantage of this demand, unfortunately there aren’t many authentic places. Here is the one that should be your targets.

A good option is to walk down the road below 3 points (Old Market, near Power House) and you will shortly come across a Bengali restaurant on the left known as Maa Kali Hotel. It’s only a minute from our hotel Tawang Holiday. It’s a restaurant though name written hotel and the restaurant is the most popular Bengali restaurant out of all at Tawang.

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You will need to enter through its short entrance. A small board outside proudly displays ‘Good arrangements of Bengali Meals’ in Bengali font (English font is also there). The dining area is not big but clean and well decorated. There are two sections, one on the right of the reception  and another on the left with about 6 tables in total.

The food served is quite nice, hot and in large portions. You can get fish, chicken, mutton or even egg meals at very rationally priced. I tried the fish meal (in October 2019) which comprised of rice, alu chokha (mashed potato), daal, Katla fish curry, fried papad, two types of vegetables, lemon, pickle, and onions with green chilly. The cost was only Rs. 200(inclusive all) and I could not finish it. More over the way of presentation of food on brass plate and using separate bowls is awesome.

In chicken meals, they usually serve chicken curry along with other accompaniments. During breakfast you will get luchi, cholar dal or potato curry etc. They also serve Chinese in evening.

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But remember that fish in Tawang is likely to be frozen and sometimes can be an old stock (particularly during low season). There are not any fresh water lakes within the hill station wherever fish is cultivated. Frozen fish is brought in either from Tezpur or Guwahati and stocked by the restaurants. However, chicken, eggs and muttons are more likely to be fresh. Separate places for hand wash and toilet are also available.


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