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Kolkata, the capital city of West Bengal state, is known for its rich culture and historic variety. This metro, like most, has become home to so many peoples from so many parts of the country and abroad that the diversity is even obvious in the restaurants that have been serving locals and visitors for decades. Famous foods in Kolkata are delicious and the cuisines and cooking styles are diverse. From snacks to sweet dishes, the list of delicacies is never-ending and they have never failed to impress anyone.

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Famous foods in Kolkata

61. The biryani and tandoori items of the Kareem’s at Park Street.

62. Chinese at Teritty Bazar Chattawala gully: Tung Nam.

63. Bohemian Fusion Food – Gandharaj Julep, Chilli Pickle Cheese and Baked Crab.

Gandharaj Julep – A very simple recipe for a refreshing lemon mocktail; its specialty being the use of Gondhoraj lime.

64. Spice Kraft’s Fusion Food – Dajaj Chermoula, Beer Can Tempura Fish, Jack Daniels Mushroom.

Dajaj Chermoula– Chermoula or charmoula is a marinade and relish used in Algerian, Libyan, Moroccan and Tunisian cooking. It is traditionally accustomed flavor fish or food; however it may be used on different meats or vegetables.

65. Baked Crab and Mixed Grilled Platter at Mokambo Restaurant, Park Street.

Halim– Halim is a type of stew popular in the Middle East, Central Asia, and the Indian subcontinent. It optionally includes wheat or barley, meat and lentils.

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66. Faluda beside the New Market Tipu Sultan Mosque.

Faluda– Faluda or Falooda is a cold dessert with origins in the Indian subcontinent. It is a version of the Iranian faloodeh. Traditionally it’s made up of mixing rose syrup, vermicelli, sweet basil seeds with milk, typically served with frozen dessert.

67. Mango Lassi at Agrani Galli near Deckers Lane.

Lassi– Lassi could be a common traditional dahi-based drink that originated within the Indian subcontinent. Lassi is a mix of yogurt, water, spices and sometimes fruit.

68. Zakaria Street Sufia- Nihari, Halim.

Nihari– Nihari could be a stew from the India consisting of slow-cooked meat in the main meat of beef or lamb and, goat meat and chicken, along with bone marrow.

69. Zakaria Street’s Delhi 6 – Payare Kabab, Shirmal, Afghan Kabab.

Shirmal– Shirmal, is a saffron-flavored traditional flatbread from Greater Iran. The word shirmal is derived from the Persian words meaning milk, and meaning to rub. In a literal translation, shirmal means milk rubbed.

70. Zakaria Street Haji Liaquat – Muskat Halua.

Halua– Halua or Halva is any of various dense, sweet confections made in the Middle East, Central and South Asia. It is also served in the Balkans, the Caucasus, Eastern Europe, Malta, North Africa, the Horn of Africa, and in the Jewish diaspora.

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71. Zakaria Street Haji Alauddin – Halua and Gulab Jamun.

Gulab jamun– Gulab jamun is a milk-solid-based red coloured sweet from the India, popular in India, Nepal, Pakistan, the Maldives, and Bangladesh, as well as Myanmar.

72. Zakaria Street Dilshad – Beef Malai Kabab and others.

73. Zakaria Street Adams – Sutli Kabab.

74. Zakaria Street Bombay Hotel – Beef Chaap.

75. New Market’s Rallis Kulfi.

Kulfi– Kulfi is analogous to frozen dessert in look and style, but it is denser and creamier. It comes in various flavors. A lot of traditional ones are cream (malai), rose, mango, cardamom (elaichi), saffron (kesar or zafran), and pista.

76. Chinese Barbecue of Flavors of China at Park Street.

77. Chinese Barbecue Chinatown Kafulok.

78. Chinese Barbecue at Namanam, Saltlake.

79. Sea Food: Santa’s Fantasea(salt lake)

80 . Sea Food at Fusion Fantasea( Ballygung).

81. Shyambazar’s Rupa-Mutton Kasha.

82. Tripti’s Momo at Shyambazar.

83. Ahiritola – Bhutanath’s Litti Chokha.

Litti Chokha– Litti, along with chokha, is a complete meal originated from the India; mainly from Bihar, Jharkhand, parts of Eastern Uttar Pradesh.

84. Ahiritola’s Sadhu’s Tea.

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85. Chaurasia – Pav bhaji and Chaat near the city center I, Salt Lake.

Pav bhaji– Pav bhaji is a fast food dish from India, consisting of a thick vegetable curry served with a soft bread roll. It has been originated origins in the state of Maharashtra.

Chaat– Chaat is a spicy snack that originated in India, typically served as roadside stalls or food carts across India, Pakistan, Nepal and Bangladesh.

86. Hazra Café – Pudding.

87. Jatindas Park Metro- Pandit’s Sandwich.

88. Indramahal’s Kulfi at New Market.

89. Chicken Chaap and Lacha Parota of Asma Hotel at Baruipur.

90. Sealdaha Sisir Market- Lassi from Kalpataru.

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Famous foods in Kolkata

91. Dhakuria Station ‘Jewvar Jal’- Dhoka vaja, Soybean Chop.

92. Kachuri of Mangal Da’S shop at Rajpur.

93. Chicken Momo of Jiten Mahato at Garia More.

94. Chanachur of Ujjwala at Kalighat.

Chanachur– Mumbai combine or Chiwda is an Indian snack combine that consists of a variable mixture of spicy dried ingredients, like deep-fried lentils, peanuts, corn, oil, chickpeas, flaked rice, fried onion and curry leaves.

Famous foods in Kolkata

95. Golbari’s Kosha Mangsho (mutton curry) at Shyambazar.

To know more follow GOLBARI SHYAMBAZAR

96. Chicken Kabiraji of Mitra Café near Sovabazar Metro.

Chicken Kabiraji– Savor the sublime taste of this unique chicken preparation. Made with minced pieces of chicken, bread crumbs, ginger-garlic and egg, this snack will fill you up for a while.

Mitra Cafe

97. Mughlai Paratha of Basanta Cabin at Esplanade.

Mughlai Paratha– These deep fried parathas stuffed with egg and minced meat add the kind of twist that can keep you finger-licking throughout. Savor every bite of this one because the next round of parathas might take time.

98. Biryani from Arsalan, Aminia.

Famous foods in Kolkata

To know more click ARSALAN , PARK CIRCUS , KOLKATA

99. Flury’s tea and club sandwich located on Park Street.

100. Keemar Doi Bora at Burrabazar.

Keemar Doi Bora – Keemar Doi Bora is meat Dahi Bada dropped in sweet dahi sprinkled with panch phoron, that is – cinnamon, a pinch of red chilli powder, cumin, black mustard seeds and fenugreek.

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With so much choice all around and my list to help you on your food trip in the city, you can be sure to have a new experience the next 100 times you head out for a bite. What are your favorite placesand dish to eat in Kolkata? Do let us know in the comments section.

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