Kolkata famous foods


Kolkata, the capital city of West Bengal state, is known for its rich culture and historic variety. This metro, like most, has become home to so many peoples from so many parts of the country and abroad that the diversity is even obvious in the restaurants that have been serving locals and visitors for decades. Kolkata famous foods are delicious and the cuisines and cooking styles are diverse. From snacks to sweet dishes, the list of delicacies is never-ending and they have never failed to impress anyone.

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Kolkata famous foods

21. Putiram’s Karaishutir Kochuri near College Street and Surya Sen Street crossing.

Koraishutir Kochuri- It’s fried, puffy bread, filled with a filling of gently spiced, hing-infused peas.


22. Siraj’s Biryani.

23. Sabir’s Rezala.

Rezala- Meat in a skinny yoghurt and cardamom gravy.

24. Sangu valley restaurant Restaurant’s (near Bhawanipur Purna Cinema) Chop, Cutlet.

25. Sondesh of Simla’s Nukur.

26. Babu Sondesh of Sen Mahashay at Fariyapukur.

27.    Srihari’s luchi / kachuri and cholar dal at Bhawanipur.

Luchi- Luchi is a cooked flatbread, originating from the Indian subcontinent, possibly Bengal region, made of Maida flour.

Cholar dal- Cholar dal is a traditional Bengali dish prepared from Chana Dal, ghee, coconut and other spices and is best paired with luchi or steamed rice.

28. Naveen Das’s Rosogolla at Baghbazar.

29. Chittaranjan’s Rosogolla on Shyambazar Street.

30. Rosogolla of Bhavatarini Sweet at Shyamabazar Street.

31. Amrit’s misti doi (sweet curd) at Fariapukur.

Misti Doi- Mishti doi is a fermented sweet doi originating from Bengal. It is made with milk and sugar/jaggery. It differs from the plain food attributable to the technique of preparation.

32.    Kochuri and tele bhaja (Oil cake) of Potla’s shop at Baghbazar.

33. Biryani Bar at Newtown Bus Stand – Biryani, chaap, Rezala, Kathi Roll.

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34. Nahoum’s bakery at New Market.

35. Park Street Natural’s- tender coconut ice cream.

36. Coffee with a chat at College Street Coffee House.

37. Sondesh of Bhimnag at Boubazar Junction.

38. Scoop’s dry fruit ice cream.

39. K.C Das Rashogolla of Esplanade More.

To know more click mentioned link- K.C DAS

40. Zamzam’s biryani and malai at Ripon Street.

Malai- Malai is a cooking ingredient originating from the Indian subcontinent. It is made by heating non-homogenized whole milk to about 80 °C for about one hour and then allowing cooling. A thick yellow layer of fat and coagulated proteins forms on the surface, which is skimmed off.

41. Cadbury Sondesh of Gupta Sweets.

42. Kochu Pata bata Chingri (Colocasia leaves with Shrimps) of Kasturi at Free School Street.

Kochu Pata bata Chingri- Colocasia leaves are commonly called kochu pata in Bengali and can be part of some mouthwatering Bengali recipes. Kochu pata is delicious once cooked all by itself like Kochu Pata bhaja or kochu pata Bata however it also can be paired with vegetable and seafood. Shrimp or as Bengalis call it – Chingri is additionally tasty all by itself. As these two great ingredients come together they can only create magic. It is so flavorful that it can be served with simple plain steamed rice.

43. The daab chingri(tender coconut shrimp) at Charnock City,Saltlake.

Daab Chingri-Daab Chingri, also known as Chingri Daab is a Bengali prawn curry, cooked and served in green coconut.

44. Bhojhari Manna’s nolen gurer ice cream.

Nolen Gur- Nolen Gur translates to new jaggery and it is extracted from date palm trees using deft skills during the winter months in West Bengal. Each year, sweet outlets across the town place their favorite ingredient to sensible use. From classic Nolen Gur-infused sweets that have stood the test of time to new age desserts, you will be spoilt for choice almost till early March or till the Nolen Gur stocks run out.

45. Bengali food items of Siddheshwari Ashram Janbazar.

46. India Restaurant’s at Khidirpur- Kacchi biryani, Galouti Kabab, Chicken Chaap and Tandoori items.

Kacchi biryani- Raw marinated meat is stratified  with raw rice before being stewed together. It is also known as kacchi biryani. It is typically cooked with chicken or goat meat and occasionally with fish or prawns.

Galouti Kabab- The minced meat is marinated in a ground spice powder and then deep fried mixed in the batter of gram flour, egg and green chilies. Served with a tang of lime and coriander leaves!

47. Deshbandhu Mistanna’s Sitabhog and Singara at MG Road Barabazar.

Sitabhog- Sitabhog is a notable sweet of Bardhaman, West Bengal. Sitabhog is a flavorful dessert that looks like white rice or vermicelli mixed with small pieces of Gulab jamun. Made from cottage cheese, rice flour and sugar, Sitabhog often gives the appearance of pulao, which is although sweet in taste.

Singara- A singara or samosa is a fried or baked dish with a salty filling, such as spiced potatoes, onions, peas, meat, or lentils. It may take completely different forms, including triangular, cone, or half-moon shapes, depending on the region.

48. Haji’s mutton biryani at Dumdum.

49. Red misti doi (sweet curd) and sarbaja of Agamani Sweets, Dumdum.

Sarbhaja- Krishna Nagar (Nadia, West Bengal, India) is the birth place of Sarbhaja. It is purely manufactured from cream of the milk. Sometimes khoya and channa are also mixed with it. It follows one of the most difficult and tedious processes of making sweets. It needs extreme patience and expert skills.

50. Phucka and churmur made from red wheat flour and momo below the footbridge of Garia.

Kolkata famous foods

51. Chicken roll on the opposite side of Jaya Cinema Hall in Laketown.

52. Rosogollah of Bhorer Alo at Birati More.

53. Sikkim House- Momo, Pork Shaptra.

Shaptra- Shaptra is a Tibetan delicacies meal of stir-fried meat tossed with ginger herb and fresh red chili. Since it is delicious and so simple, every Tibetan household makes some variation of shaptra — stir-fried meat. These days, shaptra is most typically made from yak, beef, pork, or mutton. In spite of the favored misunderstanding that Tibetans are primarily vegetarian, actually they like to consume meat.

54. Fish chop, fish Worli and kima moglai of Apanjan at Kalighat.

55. Cheese onion dosa of F.R.I.E.N.D.S Café at Monoharpukur.

Dosa- A dosa is a cooked flat thin layered rice batter, originating from the Indian subcontinent, made from a fermented batter. Its main ingredients are rice and black gram ground together in a fine, smooth batter with a sprint of salt.

Kolkata famous foods

56. Dosa from Madras tiffin at Dharmatala.

57. Beef Stick at Oly Pub.

58. Chicken Cutlet at Gariahat Camp Fanri.

59. Moghlai Paratha of Gariahat Das Cabin.

60. Hazra More café’s pudding, chicken stew, cutlets, fish fry.

Kolkata famous foods





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