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Kedarnath tour by Helicopter


Most-of-all thinks that Kedarnath helicopter tour will be an expensive one. But if you plan and arrange accordingly Kedarnath helicopter tour can be more thrilling, time-saving and less laborious than Kedarnath trek. For many decades, Kedarnath has remained quite inaccessible to pilgrims Who could not risk the perils of the trek. Not everyone was blessed with good health and fit physique to trek the strenuous trail till the shrine from Gaurikund (16-19 km). Also, there isn’t Sufficient provision for accommodation near the premises of the temple. So the individual was expected to finish the round trip – uphill trek, darshan and downhill trek within a single day. No wonder, Kedarnath darshan remained an unbearable challenge.

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Pawan Hans Limited has been awarded contract for operating helicopter services for Shri Kedarnath Ji yatra 2019 from Phata. Ticket Fare from Phata sectors will be as follows:

Phata – Kedarnath – Phata = Rs.4798/- Per Passenger

Phata – Kedarnath = Rs.2399/- Per Passenger

Kedarnath – Phata = Rs.2399/- Per Passenger

“As per the directive given by UCADA, We hereby inform you that”:


Helicopter Booking for Shri Kedarnathji yatra during season September and October 2019, will be undertaken by the Garhwal Mandal Vikas Nigam (GMVN) for all helicopter operators.

Devotees trying to book Pawan Hans helicopter tickets for Shri Kedarnath ji Yatra September and October 2019 are requested to visit Garhwal Mandal Vikas Nigam (GMVN) website i.e. https://heliservices.uk.gov.in/

Pawan Hans Support Contact No. : 9868123667 / 9868123668

Shri Kedarnath Ji yatra 2019 Support Contact No.

Pawan Hans, NOIDA: 9811766878,9560896657,9873217581,8130693222,0120 2476700,0120 2476770 

Phata Base: 9868123667,9868123668

It is against this backdrop that helicopter services to Kedarnath began. Opting for helicopter made the seemingly impossible task of finishing Kedarnath Yatra within a day. In case the cost for Kedarnath yatra by helicopter from Deradoon seems too exorbitant to you, you need not to worry. There is another service which is much cheaper and yet very useful. This service is Kedarnath Helicopter Service from Phata / Guptkashi / Sersi.In fact, Kedarnath helicopter packages begin by early morning from Deradoon / Phata / Augustmuni and intend to fetch you by the afternoon at the same helipad at Deradoon / Phata / Augustmuni.

The following helicopter companies have been chosen by Uttarakhand Civil Aviation Development Authority to carry helicopter services for the year 2018:

1. Arian (from Guptkashi)
2. UT Air India Pvt Ltd (from Phata helipad)
3. Arrow Aviation(from Guptkashi)
4. Himalayan Heli Services (from Sersi helipad)
5. Aviation & Krystal (from Sersi helipad)
6. Pawan Hans (from Phata helipad)
7. Thumby Aviation (from Phata helipad)
8. Indocopters (from Phata helipad)

9.Heritage Aviation(from Sersi)

I traveied from Phata. Phata is a small village located en route Kedarnath, Uttarakhand. A strategically and commercially situated on the Gopeshwar- Gaurikund road, Phata is famous for having a helipad used by pilgrims visiting Kedarnath Dham.

Phata has situated 32 km from Kedarnath and has an open ground used as a helipad. Many pilgrims stop at Phata for night stay or refreshments while visiting Kedarnath. Pilgrims unable to trek to Kedarnath use Phata for Kedarnath Ji darshan by helicopter. From Phata, there will be 8 minutes journey to Kedarnath Dham in a chopper. Pilgrims can also book online tickets in advance. Helicopter facilities are also available from Augustmuni but from Phata, helicopter flying time is reduced by 20 minutes.

We have opted for Pawan Hans. Pawan Hans Helicopter Service incorporated in 1985 and gives most of the remote area service in India. Pawan Hans is the only company Who firstly starts their service in Char Dham yatra as well as in Kedarnath and Amarnath and Vaishno Devi temple. Pawan Hans started their service in 2003 summer to Kedarnath Dham.  However, you are planning to visit Kedarnath via air you may check out Pawan hans helicopter service in their official website


kedarnath helicopter tour

Few points to ponder over Kedarnath helicopter tour

1. Pawan Hans helicopter ticket Rs. 9,600/- per person for the trip (Phata -Kedarnath-Phata)

2. Passengers also can purchase tickets for-one way i.e. Phata – Kedarnath Kedarnath – Phata, subject to availability of seats.

3. For infants less than 2 years, no ticket is required and no seats would be provided to the infants.

4. There’s no half ticket for youngsters. youngsters would be given seats.

5. Same day Passengers reporting will be within the morning time from 06:00 A.M. to 10:00 A.M. and for night halt passengers reporting are going to be after 10.00 AM until 12.00 Noon. And their slots are going to be as informed at Phata workplace

6. The time given to the passengers would be the reporting time only and it shouldn’t be considered as flight timings.

7. The minimum waiting period of passengers would be 1-2 hrs however it should exceed to 2-3 hrs as per the ground situation like weather condition, time of refueling the helicopter or non-availability of passengers at either side.

8. No ticket would be carried forward to the next day.

9. No accommodation, meal or cost of transport would be paid or reimbursed or compensated

10. so same day passengers are to collect Priority Darshan receipts in peak seasons otherwise they’re going to not be able to come at intervals stipulated time for helicopter return flight.

11. The rider having additional weight than 90kg would be charged further and pax over 120kg will have to be compelled to take double price tag.

12. disabled and old (above eighty years) would be given preference.

13. passenger might carry only 1 little pack of no more than 2Kgs of weight in flight.15. If the flight is canceled/ rescheduled due to bad weather, technical reasons, lack of passenger load or the other reasons, the passenger is needed to travel on his own. Pawan Hans can refund money.
For booking online click


Kedarnath is one of the rare twelve jyotirlingas. A Shivlinga is said to be a focal point of the omniscient Shiva consciousness that spreads through the total of the cosmos. While Jyotirlinga is said to be a millionfold time more powerful than a typical shivlinga. In fact, as per Shiv Purana, Lord Shiva would dwell in 12 chosen points. It is said that the blessed of the spiritually advanced devotees can witness in these jyotirlingas, the sparkling rays of divine light that originate from the holy Shivlinga.

Kedarnath Jyotirlinga, settled at an altitude of 11,755 foot higher than the water level, is the highest of all the jyotirlingas, and maybe the foremost difficult to access. That is till helicopter services until the shrine began to emerge as a possibility for enthusiastic seekers. One cannot linger over the importance of Kedarnath shrine without mentioning its unchangeable link with Pandavas. As per Mahabharata, with the end of the war and subsequent triumph of Pandavas over Kauravas, the 5 brothers found themselves burdened with guilt over their having to flow the blood of their own kith and kin. They were advised to approach the all-forgiving Shiva to beg compensation for their sins. Lord Shiva was not to be easily satisfied. In fact, he failed to wish to administer them darshan and took the color of a bull to escape from their notice. Suspecting certain abnormality, they chased the bull. Bhima, known for his physical strength, managed to catch hold of the rear of the animal as it dived into the ground at Kedarnath. Only the hump of the animal was left above the ground whereas the remainder of its organs appeared at four completely different places within the Garhwal the Himalaya. Recognizing that he had unknowingly hurt the corporeal form taken by Lord himself, Bhima was struck with enormous remorse and began to massage the injured hump with ghee. Even today, ghee Abhishek remains one among the foremost important of all the pooja rituals practiced at the sacred shrine. Pandavas engineered temples at each of the places wherever the body components of the bull appeared- Tungnath (arms), Madhmaheswar (stomach), Rudranath (face), Kalpeshwar (hair & head) and Kedarnath (hump).

The booking for helicopter services to Kedarnath can begin after announcing the temple opening date. Make sure you create travel reservations early to avoid disappointments. From the opening date of Kedarnath Temple to about 10th June (as per the past year experience, the period after 10th June annually is marked by serious rains which lead to disruption of helicopter shuttle services between Phata and Guptkashi).From 15th September to closing date of Kedarnath Temple. (This is actually the best season to visit Shri Kedarnath by Helicopter. This is as a result of on the one-hand the weather is extremely good with almost no disruptions and on the other hand, there are very few pilgrims and thus you can have very good darshan at the Temple). Please note that weather is the most unpredictable during this area and so no predictions can be created about the weather. The advisory higher than is on the basis of past year experiences only.

For more about Do Dham tour click below mentioned link


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