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9 points you must visit at Kalimpong


kalimpong sightseeing or kalimpong attractions include visits to famous monasteries, lovely viewpoints offering spectacular views of Kanchenjunga snow peaks, temples, visits to museums, parks, flower nurseries, historical missionary schools and so on. All taxi drivers and tour operators in Kalimpong offer standard package tours for local kalimpong sightseeing. It could be half day or full day package covering places to visit at kalimpong.

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kalimpong sightseeing


9 points to cover in kalimpong sightseeing tour

However, such local package tours can take you to places and attractions within 10-12 km of the city center. They will tell you regarding the price of the package and time. You have to fix one after a little negotiation. The easiest way to avail a kalimpong sightseeing tour in Kalimpong is to contact the hotel manager and talk to him regarding various kalimpong sightseeing choices and rates. They have a fantastic contact list of drivers. I found this can be the most effective way to fix cab relating to kalimpong sightseeing. Otherwise walk right down to the taxi stand on the market area (Rishi road) and select a taxi of your choice. Taxis here are largely non-public cars(white number plates) that are used commercially.

1) Chitrabhanu

Rabindranath Tagore home is called ‘Chitrabhanu’ OR “Gauripur House”. Tagore’s relative-in-law Protima Tagore designed this house in the year of 1930 to coach art and craft to ladies of the hill. It became Tagore’s summer destination whenever he stayed at Kalimpong.
Rabindranath Tagore celebrated his 78th  birthday at Chitrabhanu. He wrote many poems here like ‘Janmadin’, ‘Jaksha’, ‘Maya’etc. In the year of 1938 he stayed here nearly for fifty-two days and in the year of 1940, he recited his poem ‘Janmadin’ from Chitrabhanu over the telephone which has been broadcasted live by All India Radio, Kolkata. That was the primary telephone line between Kalimpong and Kolkata. Chitrabhanu is no longer a property of Tagore family and guests entry were restricted as a result of it had been acquired by the state education department in 1965.

2) Pine View Nursery

It is stone throw distance away from Chitrabhanu. Pine View Nursery is a well-known nursery in Kalimpong hill station known for its interesting collection of cactus. Over 1500 species of cactus are often found here that was collected meticulously from around the globe for four decades.Mr. Mohan S Pradhan the individual behind this project and nursery left his orchid business and followed his passion for cactus. He got an opportunity to gather varied species of cactus throughout his business visits to totally different elements of the globe. Soon he began to raise them in his greenhouse that he designed at his home.

Cactus being a decorative and perennial plant is known to flourish in extreme conditions. Spread out over a locality of two acres, this nursery encompasses a tremendous show of rare and interesting cactus imported from North and South America. Another notable side regarding this place is that the reality it’s the biggest assortment of cactus in entire Asia. Over the years the nursery has been awarded many national and international awards for breeding varied sorts of cacti all at one place. People from everywhere the globe come to this distinctive nursery to witness the spectacular show of this cactus which could be a treat to the attention.

3) Durpin Dara

Durpin Dara virtually means that “Binocular Hill” in the Nepali language. Besides that the name suggests, the place, settled at an altitude of 1402 meters, offers breathless views. The Kalimpong town is spread over a ridge that connects the two hills of Durpin and Deolo.

The Durpin high is the south point of the city and additional south may be a deep gorge resulting in watercourse Teesta. This is an observatory point about three km from the city from wherever a breathtaking view of the Himalayan ranges will be seen. Durpin Dara is that the highest point in Kalimpong accessible by automobile it offers the best view of the plains and also the mighty Teesta.

4) Zang Dhok Palri Monastery

The monastery is found right at the Durpin Dara viewpoint. You may think about the 2 mutually and also the same purpose of looking at for all sensible purpose. Zang Dhok Palri Phodang is a Tibetan Buddhist monastery in Kalimpong in West Bengal, India. The monastery is found atop Durpin Hill, one of the two hills of the town. It was sanctified in 1976 by the visiting Dalai Lama. The monastery homes several rare scriptures that were brought into India when the invasion of Tibet in 1959.

5) Morgan House

This is a British colonial mansion engineered by an English tea and jute baron man. George Morgan within the Nineteen Thirties on the Hill station of Kalimpong, West Bengal. Today, the mansion is a hotel managed by West Bengal Tourism Development Corporation (WBTDC). Morgan house is engineered on a sixteen-acre estate atop the mountain of Durpindara. The mansion and also the estate is enclosed by the Kalimpong cantonment area.

The property was used as a summer retreat and elaborate parties were hosted. It passed into the hand of trustees after Mr. and Mrs. Morgan died without an heir. It handed over to the government of India post-Indian independence. In 1975 it was finally handed over to West Bengal Tourism Development Corporation. Since then it is being managed as a boutique hotel and is open to tourists.

Indian actors and celebrities like Uttam Kumar, Supriya, Kishore Kumar, Amit Kumar, Leena Chandavarkar, Nargis, Sunil Dutt, and Om Prakash have stayed in this lodge and their testimonials will be seen framed in the lounge. Actor Utpal Dutt was also a regular visitor. Rumors concerning the ghost of lady Morgan haunting the house makes the lodge one in all the haunted places in Kalimpong. Locals claim to possess detected voices of someone walking in high-heels within the wood corridors.

6) Army Golf Club

Situated at a scenic hill of Durpin Dara, the military golf course of Kalimpong may be a paradise for golfers and because of its rolling geographic setting, in all probability one of the toughest golf holes to score. Perched absolutely at an elevation of around 4000 foot, it’s a recreational hub designed to serve military individuals operating to safeguard territorial integration. The golf course has 9 holes and each of it is set at a different level of elevation some are tucked at the terrain and some are at a difficult level. The beauty of the golf links is it’s fully natural and regular manicured is practiced to sustain its varsity and impudence.

From the tourism purpose of view, it’s one in every of the foremost vital marks of spots wherever travelers like to stroll around to get pleasure from their vacation. Beside that maintains the clean space and natural atmosphere. The civilians appear to get pleasure from a lot and if you wish to do a hand with experience army officials than you’ll ask them to travel for trial to see however they share good hand during this gentleman’s game. The soul should understand among Darjeeling district it’s the sole unperceivable golf course wherever you’d have an instant of the lifetime. The surrounding areas are coated with trees like Oaks, Dhupi, and Cyprus that will increase the splendor of the place. Unfortunately, we can’t able to move in because on Monday it was closed and two army men in front of the closed gate gave us all this information.

7) Suicide Point

We also visited the noted suicide point on Kalimpong wherever individuals say some woman had committed suicide. From there I got a panoramic view of Kalimpong.

8) Deolo Top

This is the Northern cliff of the Kalimpong ridge. Deolo (also known and pronounced Delo) is not a single point of attraction; rather it is an amalgam of several attractions which together can keep you occupied for the better part of a day.

places to visit at kalimpong
places to visit at kalimpong

The Deolo Park at the top of the hill offers majestic views of the Kanchenjunga above and the Teesta River down below. There are a nice garden and a seating area. Just 100 meters away is the Kalimpong Science center which is an ideal spot for the children to spend a day.

places to visit at kalimpong

There are tourist accommodation and restaurant at the very best purpose of Deolo managed by the government. The food here is quite sumptuous. Walk through the drop-off for a km and you may stumble upon 1st a monastery, Buddha sculpture perked up on an oversized stone, then a little Shiva temple and eventually a large Hanuman temple with a large sculpture of the monkey god. As that day was Buddha Purnima within the monastery monks are providing the prayer that I actually have video recorded in my mobile.

9) Mangal Dham

Mangal Dham is a temple which was constructed in the memory of late guru Shree Mangaldasji. Built in the year 1993, it’s displayed over the vicinity of 2 acres. The temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna. In the year 1940 guru, Managaldasji had come to Kalimpong. He was therefore fascinated with this town that he determined to serve the deprived and poor individuals. He did this by constructing several schools, orphanage, and temples.

In the ground floor, lies the Samadhi of the Guruji, the founder of the temple. On the top floor, there is a large prayer hall. The walls have vivid pictures and statues which depicts several scenes from the Mahabharata and other goddesses. The area outside the temple has a beautiful garden which well-maintained with colorful fragrant flowers. Many devotees can be seen as one enters inside the premises.

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