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Indian Coffee House Jadavpur


When I entered Indian Coffee House Jadavpur it gave me a nostalgic feeling. It’s close to the Jadavpur University as well, so students as well as other aged people came over to spend some off time here, with friends, family and sometimes alone. The place is sometimes crowded and people have to wait for getting a seat. Large groups of people are seen all here discussing various topics. I found our old Kolkata, the culture, the ADDA.

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An adda (Bengali term) is a form of intellectual argument of views among participants, who were original of the same socio-economic sections. It is most popular among the youths from the so-called “middle-class intelligentsia”. Although many Kolkatans claim of the city being the birthplace of adda culture.  Adda was added into the Oxford English Dictionary in 2004. Nowadays due to our hectic lifestyle and craving towards materialism ‘adda’ culture is diminishing rapidly. Kolkata is synonymous with the Coffee House culture.

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However, for many of the outsider’s as well as Kolkatans it is an unknown fact that there is a direct branch of the Indian Coffee House in Jadavpur. It is obvious that as the college Street coffee house was advantageous to the institutions located there, similarly the coffee house in Jadavpur as an advantage by the presence of The Jadavpur University at such a nearby location. The Coffee House follows a dress code for the staffs which is also seen in the Jadavpur branch.

Address of Indian Coffee House Jadavpur

A/2, C.I.T. Market, Jadavpur, Kolkata

Food and service

Entering in a coffee House and not having coffee is unimaginable. The coffee house is all about adda, friends, food, and coffee. I really liked this place especially for their ambiance, cold coffee and the Mughlai paratha they served. These are a must try definitely. The Chinese dishes and fries were unavailable at that time. The manager informed us that a few of the cooks went to their home town to cast their vote. Foods were really delicious and as a lot can happen over a cup of coffee. Everyone should definitely visit once in their lifetime. It was a great feeling indeed.

The Mughlai was light and tasted good. It was served with potato curry. The total pocket pinch was Rs 400/-. The service was slow as they were lacking staffs (already mentioned). Indian Coffee House Jadavpur is small in comparison to the coffee house of College Street. There is a big hall room with 20 number of medium-sized tables and chairs are there surrounding the tables. When all the seats are occupied, there is only narrow passage left for the waiters to walk from table to table. So, this place is not that spacious or luxurious.

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I have seen many types of persons in this coffee house too. Some of them are just gossiping with their group or some of them are engaged in writing and reading books. I personally liked this place. Another point to be noted smoking is nowadays not allowed inside the room, so smokers go just out to take a puff in the long balcony.

Overall, a smaller version of the College Street Coffee house, it is a popular cafeteria in South Kolkata. You may not feel the same charm, still a good place to hang out with friends. I like it and recommend it for sure.


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