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How to reach Ranchi from Kolkata


Ranchi lies near to the Tropic of Cancer. Its average altitude is 651 m above sea level. Ranchi is surrounded by lavish agriculturally fertile land. Ranchi has a mountainous topography and its dense tropical forests a combination that produces a relatively moderate climate compared to the rest of the state. However, due to the uncontrolled deforestation, and development of the city, the average temperature has increased. The bulk of the tourists comes to Ranchi from Kolkata because of location closeness. Other than many short flights, even trains from Kolkata is quite convenient and take about 6-10 hours from Kolkata to Ranchi. Some trains like Kriya Yoga Express offers a convenient overnight journey. There are also regular flights and buses from Kolkata to Ranchi.

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Kolkata to Ranchi

There are an airport and a regular broad gauge railway station in Ranchi town itself. 

1.      By air– I visited Ranchi by air. I got a cheap air ticket to Ranchi only at Rs.990 p.p. I purchased this ticket online in the first week of October and visited Ranchi in the last week of December. Our departure time was 9 am. But after checking in we have been told that our flight was 5 hours late i.e. at 2 pm due to some technical reason. We have also given 3 coupons costing around Rs.290 each for veg buffet lunch in the airport restaurant. We departed from Kolkata airport at 2 pm and reached Ranchi Birsa Munda Airport at 3 .05 pm. By air, it was an approximately 1-hour journey. Birsa Munda Airport or Ranchi Airport is the major airport of Ranchi, the capital of Jharkhand. It is named after Indian tribal freedom activist Birsa Munda. The airport is located in Hinoo, approximately 5 km from the center of the city. There are approximately 10 direct flights from Kolkata reaching Ranchi.

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Kolkata to Ranchi

2. By train– There are 4 direct trains reaching Ranchi from Howrah (Kolkata).

*12019 Howrah Ranchi Shatabdi Express (from Monday to Saturday) departure- 6.05 am and arrival 1.15 pm.

*22829 Howrah Ranchi Intercity Superfast (on Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday) departure- 12.50 pm and arrival 9.10 pm.

*08627 Howrah Ranchi Intercity Special (on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday) departure- 12.50 pm and arrival 9.10 pm

*18615 Kriya Yoga Express (all days) departure- 9.10 am and arrival 7 am.

Kolkata to Ranchi train fare is Rs.1645 in First AC, Rs.695 in Third AC, Rs.985 in Second AC and Rs.260 in Sleeper for this train.

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Ranchi Junction railway station is the railway station serving the Ranchi in Jharkhand. Moreover, Ranchi Station is the headquarters of the Ranchi division of the South Eastern Railway Zone of the Indian Railway. The Ranchi Junction railway station is linked to most of the major cities in India by the railway network.

Kolkata to Ranchi

For train consult IRCTC

3. By Bus-There are regular buses including A/C Sleeper and Volvo services between Kolkata and Ranchi. Distance between Ranchi and Kolkata is approximately 400 kms. Fare starts from Rs.300 to Rs.850. 

4. By Cab– You can avail trains, flights or buses to get to Ranchi. Some prefer to take their own private vehicles all the way from Kolkata to Ranchi. To reach Ranchi from Kolkata it takes 10-12 hours. Total distance covering approximately 400 km. Generally, cab takes NH16 covering Kharagpur and Jamshedpur and then reaching Ranchi.

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5. Reaching Ranchi from other states of India: Many tourists particularly from other states of India coming to Ranchi regularly. Often persons of these states also visit Ranchi for admitting or meeting their children who study in boarding schools here. Reaching Ranchi from such places may be cumbersome unless you are familiar with the routes and transports.

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