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How I arranged my inner line permit for Ladakh tour


If you are really planning for Ladakh tour you must know how to arrange inner line permit for Ladakh tour. From April 2017, the then government of J&K had made it compulsory to obtain an Inner line permit for some of the protected areas of Ladakh. Now Domestic and International travelers those who are visiting Ladakh must acquire this ladakh permit. To get inner line permit for Ladakh tour may be a cumbersome task which comprises filling up of forms; hours of standing in a long queue, more problematic particularly if your trip coincides with any government holidays.

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ladakh permit
ladakh permit

My own process and experience are quite simple. Whether you will accept my advice or not I do not know but in Ladakh each and every moment is precious. Do not spoil your valuable time in filling forms, standing in the queue, or rushing to the bank to submit money. Now what I have done I will share here step by step.

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  1. Discussed ILP arrangement with Hotel proprietor/manager or cab driver well in advance.
  2. Before booking a cab/hotel I mentioned the point that they have to arrange ILP for me (clarified to them I would pay the billed amount).
  3. Asked for relevant documents required.
  4. Taken Xerox (at least 5 copies of each document)
  5. On the day of arrival handover all documents and money to the driver/hotel manager.
  6. Asked him what extra amount they require (Generally, they charge Rs. 75-100/head).
  7. My hotel is a little bit away from the Leh market (20 mins walking). After arriving Leh though I had no AMS still, I was also feeling a lack of oxygen. I do not make my day further painful (If you arrange to stay just beside the passport office then it will be easier).
  8. Minimum taxi fare to Leh market from the hotel they charged Rs. 150. I found it better to give Rs. 300 to the poor fellow as a tip.
  9. Next day when we started our local sightseeing tour he handed over me my ILP.
  10. I have taken all 3 sets(Nubra, Pangong, and Tso moriri) and done 5 copies of Xerox per set.

Few points to ponder over inner line Ladakh permit

1) Please be informed that the inner line permit isn’t always required for traveling all of the regions in Ladakh. In reality, it is only required for some areas like Nubra Valley, Khardung La, Pangong Tso, Tso Moriri, Dah, Hanu Villages, Man, Merak, Nyoma, Loma Bend, Turtuk, Tyakshi, Chusul, Hanle, Digger la, Tangyar (for hiking only).

2) Ladakh authorities launched an internet site via which anyone can apply for an inner line permit (ILP) on-line.
URL of the website is

3) Pick out a tour operator to pay the charge and get their copies of the Ladakh to permit online. This way you may procure permits in advance.

4) Inner Line Permits are available online for both domestic vacationers in addition to foreigners.

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5) The inner Line permit for Ladakh tour, or ILP, is valid for a length of three weeks for Indians, and 1 week for foreigners.

6) It ought to additionally be remembered that there is no restriction at the number of times you go to an area inside the valid duration so long as you have got the necessary permits with you.

7) You do now not want any permits for visiting on Manali Leh highway or Srinagar Leh highway or Zanskar Valley.

8) Permits are not required for citizens of Ladakh UT and children under the age of 12 years. they are able to go to the various place in Ladakh by displaying/carrying a legitimate photograph id proof.

8) You need to pay an environment rate of Rs 300(lump sum), a red cross Fund rate of Rs 100(lump sum), and an inner line permit fee of Rs 20 per day per person to get these permits.

9) You need to offer a legitimate photo identity proof to use for those inner Line permits in Ladakh.

10) It ought to be stated that there is no alternative for making the fee online at once. For making the payment and getting the documents signed or stamped, you’ll need to take the printout from the net with a duplicate of it and visit one of the offices’ Tourist Information Center (TIC) Office,

Opposite J&K bank, main market,



Leh DC office.

11) The TIC/DC offices are open on all operating days (Monday to Saturday) and closed on Sundays and different national holidays. For this reason, you ought to plan your Leh Ladakh journey such that your Leh nearby sightseeing day does not begin with Sunday or a holiday.

12) An offline permit application is required for Hanle or Chusul routes. rest for regular traveler destinations you can observe online.

13) You may get the permit for your entire group but you want to attach the photocopies of photograph-identity cards (nationality proof) for every member in the group and ensure to fill the desired info of all group members in the permit application form.

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14) Each person who has your or your group’s photocopies of legitimate photograph-IDs, he can get the inner line permits on your behalf as well. Typically, the accommodations/cab drivers in Leh town do provide this facility(as mentioned above) in case you are good enough with sharing the photocopies of your nationality evidence’s photo-IDs with them.

15) The permit approval procedure may also take from a half-hour to a few hours. Consequently, it’s usually excellent that you reach the early morning at the Leh DC office. Every now and then, while there may be a rush of vacationers, the permits are issued in two batches viz. morning and afternoon.


I hope this post will help you with sufficient details on getting Inner Line Permits for Ladakh tour online as well as offline. As Inner Line Permits for Ladakh tour are available online now, you will get more time to enjoy Ladakh beauty. You are also not required to worry about any holidays or odd timings of reaching Leh and then applying for the permits in person at Leh. In case you find this article useful, feel free to share it with your family & friends who are looking out for a trip to Ladakh this season. And if you have any further questions or doubts, in planning your trip to Leh Ladakh, please post them in the comments section of this article below.

Again at the end, follow my above-mentioned tips which will save more quality time and energy.

Happy Journey to Ladakh.

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