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Guwahati Railway Station


Guwahati Railway Station is the biggest railway station in North-East India where the trains run 24 hours connecting the far flung areas of NE India. It is situated at Paltan Bazar area. It is a well maintained rail station with 7 platforms being cleaned at regular intervals. There are small snack counters along with IRCTC restaurant catering to the passengers. In my last visit to Guwahati I spent half day at Guwahati Rail Station. I roamed all the platforms and I have jotted down few points about Guwahati Railway Station which may be helpful to many passengers.

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Guwahati Railway Station

Address of Guwahati Railway Station

Station Road,

Gopinath Bordoloi Road,





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Points to ponder-

  1. First one is cleanliness. I have seen very few railway stations which are cleaned like Guwahati Railway Station. The cleaning staffs are working all the time. Guwahati railway station became the first Railway Station in Indian Railways to carry out direction of National Green Tribunal. Therefore, they obtained ISO 14001: 2015 Certification for “providing passenger Amenities in clean and green environment.

2. New Lift and escalator has been installed which has helped passengers to cross the over bridge to platform with ease. These amenities are really helpful to physically challenged and elderly passengers.

3. The parking space is big enough and in a good condition.

4. Station has free Wi-Fi. Google provides Rail Wire Free high speed Wi-Fi.

5. Guwahati Railway Station is well decorated inside and outside. The cultures of Assam were well described by paintings and sculptures in the outer part of platform no. 1. Miniature steam engine I saw just outside the station building is attractive one.

6. It is the first fully solar operated railway station in India.

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7. It is rated as A1 category station as per Indian Railway categorization.

8. Just behind the Guwahati Railway Station is the Assam State Transport Corporation Bus Terminus. Those who want their further traveling by bus have an easy access from there.

9. As it is in the Paltan Bazaar area of Guwahati from where most of the private bus companies operate connecting Guwahati with the rest of the state and the Northeast.

10. Modern drinking water system is newly installed.

11. To reduce the traffic on the Guwahati junction, there is another railway station in the city at Maligaon known as Kamakhya railway station.

12. The station is the divisional headquarters for the Northeast Frontier Railway.

13. In addition, there are retiring rooms with dormitory, single room and double room accommodation on 1st floor. If you have valid PNR you can book book retiring room online by following below link-

Online retiring room booking

14. To improve the passenger amenities, it has been installed a Reverse Osmosis (RO) plant of 2,000 liters per hour capacity for safe drinking water at platform nos 2, 3, 4 and 5.

15. Two hydraulic lifts has been installed for easier access to the Foot Over Bridges.

16. There are carts for old persons and persons with disabilities.

17. Toilets in waiting halls, retiring rooms, dormitory and platforms are well cleaned with all fittings in working conditions.

18. Flexible steel dustbins have been placed maintaining proper gaps.

19. The Guwahati Railway Station has a 100 feet high tricolor which they placed outside the station main building. The flag here was part of the Railway ministry’s decision to install 100 feet high Tricolor in 75 busiest railway stations across the country.

20. Guwahati Railway Station has 12 new clean well maintained retiring rooms. I stayed there personally with my family. For detail review you can follow below link-


21. The station circulating area provided with Granite flooring.

22. If you have time in your hand you can visit Near Guwahati Railway Station are-

Assam State Museum 1 kms

Sukreshwar temple 2.5 kms

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Assam State Zoo Cum Botanical Garden 5 kms

Kamakhya Temple 9 kms

23. Distance between Guwahati Railway Station and Airport is 23 kms. It takes 45 minutes to travel from Guwahati Railway Station to Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport.

24. Guwahati Railway Station has a High Class Reserve (VIP) Lounge.

25. It has AC/Non AC Waiting Rooms and one special waiting room for ladies only.

26. I have also observed plenty of refreshing area, food courts and sanitation.

27. RPF booth is on first floor of main building.

28. In the main building outer part there are 2 big fans I have seen ever.

29. There are sufficient chairs for passengers.

30. Those who will visit Arunachal Pradesh there is an office with sufficient staffs that are ready to guide tourists. You can make your ILP (Inner Line Permit) from here also.

31. There are big electronic displays also sharing latest information about trains.

32. I have also seen train reservation chart on electronic display.

33. In platform no. 1 there is also a chemist shop.

34. In platform no. 1 there is a souvenir shop having unique handicraft materials of Assam with reasonable price.

35. You will get Jan Aahar restaurant in platform no. 1.

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36. Water vending machines are also available with nominal cost.

37. Cloak room is also available at platform no. 1 with minimum price.

38. If you have any other information, please share those in comment section mentioned below. I will update it along with your name.


Last updated 23.01.21


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