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Guwahati Railway Retiring Room


When I was a kid that time I had the experience of staying one or two nights in a railway retiring room along with my family. Truly speaking from that time I was carrying a bitter experience regarding Railway Retiring Room. The rooms were dirty and untidy. Bedcovers were dirty. Walls were tampered and damp. Bathroom was most unhygienic. Moreover, taps and lights were not working. Due to these reasons I avoided Railway Retiring Rooms when I used to travel. But recently some where I read an article which tells that now Railway Retiring Rooms are not less than any star category hotel rooms. When I stayed at Guwahati Railway Retiring room recently I found it was true.

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The Indian Railways allows citizens to book retiring rooms at various rates for various classes, which are available in Single, Double and Dormitory type of occupancy with AC and Non AC combination. While the retiring rooms can be booked offline, IRCTC facilitates the online booking /cancellation of Railways Retiring Room.

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A passenger can book a Railway retiring room for a minimum duration of 3 Hrs, which can be extended till the maximum duration of 48 Hrs. Any person can book it online having a valid (Confirm or RAC) PNR.

How to book Indian Railways retiring room on line-

To book Indian Railways retiring room through online, one has to follow the given steps:

Step 1: Go to official website of IRCTC Tourism at irctctourism.com (https://www.irctctourism.com/)

Step 2: On the homepage, click on “Retiring Room” link

Step 3: Book a retiring room, as per your choice with a valid PNR.

Step 4: Once the room is book, the passenger will receive a confirmation.

How to book Indian Railways retiring room offline

Step 1: Visit your nearest major Railway Station having a Retiring Room with online booking facility

Step 2: Provide your PNR, along with a status of Confirmed or RAC.

Please note the Retiring Room Booking Facility at stations is usually located inside / adjacent to CTI Office, Current Booking or Enquiry Counter and operated by On-duty TE of the Station.

You can cancel it online also by paying a nominal charge.

Yes, I must rate Guwahati Railway Retiring Room parallel to hotels in Guwahati for one/two day’s trips.

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  1. It is really cheaper, one single and another double bedded family AC room cost around Rs. 800 for 24 hours. Same type room in a hotel in Guwahati costs you around Rs. 2000.
  2. My room is really big which is clearly visible from my uploaded photos.

3. Rooms are in first floor with sound proof window fittings.

4. Room have one wardrobe, one dressing table, one sofa, one center table and one big wet cloth hanger stand.

5. Safer, as the RPF office is in the same floor. So, you were 100% safe with your family.

6. Can be booked and canceled online.

8. They provided a fantastic well maintained wardrobe but lock should be yours.

9. They provided clean bed sheets, clean pillow (extra pillow also given after requesting) and cleaned towels.

10.You would get RO filtered cool water on platforms with a minimum price of Rs.5 per liter.

11. Supercool AC attached with our room.

12. Restaurant (Jan Aahar) is also on same floor with sufficient options.

13. Other restaurants as per your budget are also available.

14. Foods are cost effective, yummy and fresh.

15. Restaurants are cleaned and well furnished.

16. One LED TV is also available.

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17. My room is also attached with a long washroom with soap and well cleaned commode.

18. No Chance of power cut as railway stations are under essential service.

19. Availability of vehicle for 24 hours.


  1. Carry your own lock, preferably small so that you can use the locker as they don’t provide lock.
  2. Carry your own bed sheet. As they can take some time to change.
  3. Carry one mosquito repellent and use it if require.

So overall I would say it was a fantastic stay.

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Last updated on 23.01.21


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