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gmvn gaurikund TRH

gmvn gaurikund

After reaching Gaurikund we entered in the registration office. Before us, only three persons were there, who were registering themselves. In the month of October, we found the place very less crowded. Sun has already wished goodbye to us. Though we were well protected, it was shivering cold outside. One security person asked us to sit on a bench. He also offered one chair to my father.  He then asked me from where we were coming and whether we had done online registration or not.

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Then on the course of the discussion, he asked, where we were staying? I told him we booked GMVN TRH hotel in gaurikund. He shouted at us by saying that it was not possible to go Gaurikund after 6 pm. Because after 6 pm nobody is allowed to enter the Gaurikund check post. In the meantime, I saw our driver Harkesh was running to us to say something. He also told the same thing as the security personnel mentioned. I requested the police personnel to consider our case as an exception and arrange some alternative. After requesting several times he started contacting other seniors through a walkie-talkie.
He arranged our registration process as fast as possible. A doctor checked our blood pressure, our heartbeat and asked a few questions regarding our health. Then we went to another room where one machine captured photographs of our retina. Finally, we got the registration card which is valid for 4 -5 days for outsiders but for local people it’s for the whole season.

After our repeated requests the police officer arranged one police jeep along with the driver. The jeep took us up to the last parking lot of Gaurikund, after that point there was no motorable road.
It was around 7 pm. We couldn’t see us properly and moreover we could not hear us properly due to the roaring sound of river Mandakini. The driver left us in the lonely parking lot as he had to carry his boss to the police quarter. My son started crying and my old father started blaming me by saying, ‘I know this is going to happen …………..”.Moreover, all mobile phones lost their connectivity. I switched on the mobile torch and opened two old newspapers. I told my wife for the time being you all sit on this paper let me search if anyone was there. My wife told she would also accompany me. After crossing one curve of the road we saw few lights glittering from the hilltop and one torch light was approaching towards us. When it came near we observed that he was also from the police. He asked my name and confirmed in his walkie talkie that we have reached safely.

My special thanks to Uttarakhand police to make this type of special arrangement and taking care of a group of unknown tourists. Then the policeman asked us where we were going to stay. After telling him about our pre-booked hotel he went to the uphill and vanished within a few seconds. After 5 minutes he came back with two persons. He ordered them to take us in the bungalow. I asked him in whispering voice, ‘How many steps up the hill, Sir?” He mentioned casually only 136. Hearing this father given his verdict that he wouldn’t not going to move a single step further.

I started moving upward with my mobile holding my father’s hand and told my wife to follow us by switching on her mobile torch holding the hand of my son. After 15 minutes around 7.45 pm, we reached the GMVN TRH hotel in gaurikund. Completing all check-in formalities we ordered for dinner as per caretaker cum manager’s choice. We would get Deradoon rice, aloo vharta, one paneer item, dal, papad, and curd. He also mentioned we had to finish dinner within 9.15 pm.

Location of gmvn gaurikund

It was a government budget hotel located at the holy town of Gaurikund in Rudraprayag district of Uttarakhand. The guest house offered comfortable accommodation options, pure vegetarian food, hot water facility, parking space etc. The hotel was set in a very picturesque location surrounded by the snow-capped mountain peaks that provides a cool and refreshing atmosphere. The hotel was an ideal choice for pilgrims to Kedarnath with its beautiful location and all the basic facilities offered with warm hospitality and at very affordable prices.

GMVN TRH hotel in gaurikund provides a comfortable and gracious accommodation option with its spacious and well-furnished rooms, dormitories and huts. All the rooms were hygienic and well-equipped with all the basic facilities. The rooms offered a breathtaking view of the majestic mountain peaks covered by the snow.

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