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Deoriatal Trek-Complete Guide


Today our plan is to deoriatal trek that was close to Chopta at sari village. After the deoriatal trek, we would move to Rishikesh. We checked out the guest house around 9 am and moved to Sari village. The adventure starts from village Sari. There is a sign-board indicating the trek route to Deoriatal in the heart of the small market in Sari, next to Hira and Murali Singh Negi Tourist House.

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Complete Guide of the deoriatal trek

The signboard says Debriya Tal, which is an alternative name for the lake. It was called so because it was believed that devis (Goddesses) once came to the lake to take a dip. A well-defined rocky track was laid here. We finished our heavy breakfast with aloo paratha, pickle, double egg omelet and coffee in the entry point roadside dhaba, which was really yummy.

deoriatal trek

The deoriatal trek began with a gradual climb up the mountain. After close to 15 minutes, we came across village houses and an old local temple. We have taken some snaps of sari village from here. Ten minutes into the hike, the track began to become steeper. The forest has been cleared here, therefore we got a decent view all around. The track was well-defined all the way to Deoriatal. From here, we followed the path that finally ends up the mountain ridge. After a gentle uphill trek for about 20-30 minutes, we reached the first viewpoint. The Forest Department has constructed a shed for the travelers here to take rest. This spot is ideally placed to relax and feast our eyes with a grand view of the mountains and therefore the valley. Then after a steady hike of 10 minutes; we reached the second viewpoint. Now, at 7,434 feet, the sari is no longer visible. Deoriatal was just two minutes away from here. After a very short downhill trek, our surroundings opened to an imposing view of Deoriatal, with Mt. Chaukhambha approaching in the background.

deoriatal trek

Situated at a decent height of 7, 800 feet, the lake was bound up with forests all around. At a brief distance ahead, the Chaukhamba sparkles and therefore the reflection of it is caught within the crystal-like waters of the lake. The effect was striking. The site is immersed in myths. The silence was clear. The chill within the air felt additional welcome than anything else may. There is no electricity in Deoria Tal. There are no hotels. There is no fine dining and resto-bars. There are few people in Deoria Tal. There are camps to spend the night. There is food prepared by the locals. There are the stars at Deoria Tal. There are the mountains. There is a peaceful lake to take a seat beside and stare into the unconsciousness. The total deoriatal trek has taken 2.5 hours. We came down to sari around 2 p.m and finished our lunch. Then we started for Rishikesh.

For Tent

For the deoriatal trek, one can arrange tent accommodation with Mr. Hira Singh Negi, an elderly local well-regarded and refer by those having traveled here. He can be contacted at +91-9410241543. Other options are

Bharat Puspwan: 09719875326, 09456108780

Umaid (09411737835)

Mr. Hira Singh Negi (09410241543)

Mr. Surendra (09410367921, 08958329376)

Ashutosh Negi- CAMPING , HOTEL , HOME stay .Contact-+91 8937985464, +91 7302878276.

For your information Sari village has electricity.

How to reach

From Haridwar to Rudraprayag (160 km Cab. 5 hours), Rudraprayag to Ukhimath (45 km cab 2 hours), Ukhimath to Chopta (65 km by cab. 2½ hour), Chopta to Sari village (20 km 1 hour).

Best Time

Best time to for deoriatal trek is March to May and Oct to November. In winters i.e. December – January, once the snowfall starts the nights at Deoria Tal are extraordinarily chilly and is just well if you’re compatible with the temperatures well below temperature. Even June – July is hot once the sun is out however shades and night are a bit cooler although. Monsoon season is mostly not a suggested time period to go to the region.

deoriatal trek

Dos & Don’ts

1. A trekking stick is a must, never move in mountains while not a trekking stick.
2. Wear light and quick dry clothes. Avoid jeans and other skintight clothes.
3. If you don’t have an abundant plan of the place never wander around without a guide, mountains are unpredictable.
4. Carry decent water with you before commencing the trek and keep yourself hydrous.
5. Never move without a raincoat within the mountains.
6. A good trekking shoe is a must.
7. Walk across and flat-footed while descending. Mainly in rainy season always dig in your heel first while ascending.
8. Never take any medication without consulting a doctor.

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