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Dada Boudir Biriyani Barrackpore


Whenever I went to Barrackpore I didn’t forget to visit Dada Boudi Hotel, famous as Dada Boudir Biriyani, the dish they prepare. Though I have not counted I have visited this place near about 40-45 times. You will always find this place full of people. Because of the small space inside this restaurant, people prefer to take parcel pack.

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Even for the parcel, you have to stand in a long queue. You will notice 2 huge queues whatever day it is it office time or weekend mainly in the evening. One queue for taking away counters another one for sitting inside. Generally, if you go there after 7.30p.m there is the maximum possibility of not getting biryani. This place is located at a walking distance from the Barrackpore railway station. There’s always a rush in this hotel.


Location of Dada Boudir Biriyani

The famous Dada Boudir Hotel is located at Barrackpore Ghosh Para Road that is leading towards Naihati, Kanchrapara. In recent years they have also inaugurated their restaurant in the same locality. But this one is very near to the station. When you will come out from Barrackpore 1 no. platform, take the right-hand side road. Then mouthwatering aroma of Biriyani will take you there. Address of the old Dada Boudi Hotel is

1, Ghosh Para Road


24 PGS (North)


This eatery selling Biriyani in their small outlet has nothing special to mention. Mostly they furnish their customers with parcel pack. There are also flying customers that prefer to sit inside to take palatable Biriyani’. They have another temporary sitting arrangement just backside of their hotel where they are also preparing Biriyani. Maximum of the time I have taken parcel pack but whenever I intended to take food I sat there. This place is not congested unlike inside. Their main hotel is also not well cleaned and outside is dirty. But everything can be compromised due to their taste of awesome Biriyani.

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Dada Boudir Biriyani has a super soft potato and chicken or mutton cooked well in the long-grained Basmati rice. The Biryani looked very oily though.  Both the mutton and the chicken pieces were perfectly cooked. They were tender, fleshy, moist, and yet, cooked to the core. You will love their biryani if you have no problem with the Biriyani being rich. The quantity is huge with a big piece of mutton, there is no egg and they will give you coriander chutney with it, served on banana leaf. Other items you can try are mutton liver fry, leg masala, chicken chap, etc. But, Biriyani is amazing, delicious, authentic Bengali styled. The smell of the biryani will definitely hypnotize a foodie. If you take special Biriyani then you will get 2 pieces of meat. If you go backside of eatery you can see they are preparing Biryani by slowly cooking meat with long Basmati rice in challah with wood (lakri) and charcoal. The Biryani of Bengal is different from those of Lucknow or Hyderabad.


The staffs are well skilled in their work that’s why their service is also very good at happy hour. Just one thing they should improve that is the behavior becomes rude sometimes during rush hour. 

Few tips
1. The problem of parking place should be kept in mind.

2. The ambiance is not so good with any AC facility.

3. They accept all cards.

Personally, I should definitely recommend, if you can pack the biryani from taking away counter and consume it soon.



Dada Boudi Hotel

Last updated on 17.01.21


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