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Chilapata Jungle Safari


Here I would not only discuss Chilapata Jungle Safari, but I would also discuss the geography of Chilapata forest, Chilapata Jungle Safari timings, Chilapata Jungle Safari booking, Chilapata Jungle Safari cost, Chilapata Forest Stay etc. After reaching Chilapata, next morning we awaked at sharp five am. We got prepared and got ready for Chilapata Jungle safari around 5.45 am. Chilapata Forest was a dense forest placed close to Jaldapara park in Dooars. It was settled about twenty kilometers from Alipurduar, and just a few minutes away from Hasimara town. Chilapata Forest lied in the heart of Eastern Dooars at the foothills of Himalaya. Your stay at Chilapata Jungle would be great if you stay at the Mendabari Jungle camp. You could got an opportunity to spot different wild animals. Chilapata Forest served as a natural corridor between Jaldapara park and Buxa Tiger Reserve. You could do Jaldapara Jungle safari and Chilapata Jungle safari either same day(morning/evening) or next days.

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About Chilapata Forest

Chilapata forest was famous for the Asiatic one Horned Rhino and Indian Elephant. Since Chilapata Forest was the home to 23 species of herbivores and carnivores and around 22 species of reptiles and 180 species of birds. Some rare orchids and trees and plants were found in the forest as well. If you were lucky you can spot Sambar, barking deer, hog deer, leopard and from Shikari Watchtower during the Chilapata Jungle Safari.

Since the forest remains closed during monsoon, the best time to visit Chilapata and doing Chilapata Jungle Safari in October- November, and March-April because of the cool and moderate weather and it’s the best time to see the migratory birds. Mathura Tea Estate and Rava tribal community were the other tourist attractions near the forest apart from Jaldapara National Park and South Khairbari Leopard Rescue Center.

The ruin of Nalrajar Garh was another favored attraction for the tourist lodging in Mendabari Jungle Camp. There existed the ruins of an old fort in the dense forests at Chilapata on the east bank of the Torsa river a few miles south of the Indo-Bhutan border. It was popularly called “Nal Rajar Garh”. The Britishers called it “the Mendabari ruins”. After excavations at this place undertaken by the archaeological department have shown that these brick constructions belonged to the “Gupta Age”. It was one of the frontier fortifications of the region then known as “ Pundrabardhan Bhukti”.

There were three main safari locations in Chilapata forest. 1) Central Cord Line where there was a Shikari watchtower, 2) Ruins of the fort of Nal king(Nal Rajar Garh) that was built in the 5th century, 3) Mendabari forest area. And there were of course many forest routes through the dense jungles which were ideal for exploring wildlife, birds, and flora.
As we entered the jungle and drove along for a while, at one point the driver took a right turn towards the Shikari Watchtower. We went to Shikari watch tower and spent 15 minutes. The view from the watchtower was awesome. You could see a vast stretch of Torsha river and the grassy land of Jaldapara National Park on the other side, and dense jungle on this side at Chilapata. The guide said throughout the year many wild animals such as elephants, gaurs, rhinos cross over the river from both sides, but not in the monsoon when the river is full of water. We returned to the main forest route and continued, and took a right turn again after a while towards the ruins of the fort of Nal King.




But there was nothing much to spend your time as the fort was concerned. It was all in ruins now and not maintained. Other than some exposed walls of bricks there was hardly anything remaining of the fort.

How to reach Chilapata

The two nearest Stations to Chilapata were New Alipurduar Junction (26 km) and Hasimara Junction (16 km). There were are several trains from Kolkata to New Alipurduar Junction. Your best option could be Teesta -Torsa Express ( Reaches at 7:15 a.m.) from Sealdah or Kamrup Express (Reaches at 9:15 a.m.) from Howrah.  As for Hasimara, there were only two trains from Kolkata. Out of these two Kanchankanya Express (Reaches at 10:46 a.m.) from Sealdah is a better option. From the station, a car ride would take you to the jungle camp. Chilapata is open to tourists from October to May.

Staying at Chilapata Forest

There were several private lodges like Chilapata Green Resort and Bamboo Village Resort on the outskirts of the forest.  However, only Mendabari Jungle Camp at Kodalbasti (2 km inside The jungle), located in the core area of the jungle.

For detail review of Mendabari Jungle Camp please click the below mentioned link


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Dooars travel guide

Our  Chilapata Jungle Safari costs Rs. 1940 all-inclusive for 4 .

(Photo courtesy-WBFDC)

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