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22 Tips to get cheap flight tickets in India


If you are tremendously obsessional regarding discovering new destinations, traveling must not ever stop. But to get on the move in any respect times needs cash and one among the most important things that is to cut down on your flight expenditures. If you’re somebody who wishes to travel all the time, there is no tactic that you simply would stay up for that gala season or off-season once most of the most important airlines return up with special fares. The fact is, you can discount on your flight bookings at any time of the year. All you’d prefer to do is follow these straightforward tricks when you wish to book your low-cost flight tickets or cheap flight tickets in India.

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1. The early bird catches the worm

cheap flight tickets in india

That might sound unimaginative, however, there is no other exceptional way to get a less expensive flight price tag than to arrange your travel well in advance and book the tickets at that time. No matter whatever discounts or deals come by, booking early has continually proven to be the simplest way to get discounted airfares.

Why do airlines like advance bookings? This is part of their yield management. Only the first few seats (15-20) are offered at the lowest rates and so they carry on increasing the fares. They keep the last few seats for the spot customers and charge awfully high rates from them. Corporate customers who travel at the eleventh hour and pay the maximum value are subsidizing customers who book early.

Expedia did an awfully attention-grabbing study and located out that on a mean the bottom flight tickets oversubscribed was fifty-seven days prior to. They studied numerous domestic flights costs and saw the trend and located out that booking a flight very early isn’t always the best possibility. There is enough time left to fill the seats, therefore, airlines don’t seem to want to grab a lot of customers at low-cost costs.

As per their study, the prices were moderate in the start, and kept on declining and somewhere around 50-60 days before the departure date, the prices started rising and then escalated during the last 2-3 weeks.

2. Use incognito mode

Why does one assume you see a raised amount nearly whenever you visit a flight booking web site. Well, don’t take these portals for fools. Your cookies and server details are automatically recorded with these portals. So the moment the system reads that you just are visiting the web site for the second time and after a couple of days, it is bound to give you raised airfares. The best way to avoid this is use the private browsing mode or the popular Incognito mode in Chrome browsers. In case you’re using the browser within the normal created, confirm you clear the cookies or just open the web site from a distinct browser or laptop.

3. Use flight comparison websites

Always bear in mind to use some of flight comparison websites before you book your flight tickets, no matter how much of hurry you are in. Websites like Skyscanner, Kayak and Momondo are there to provide a close listing of flights to your required destination, along with the comparative fares offered by different airlines. Also, avoid choosing a particular date for your departure–instead select the complete month to understand that the most cost effective time to fly is.

4. Opt for different airlines at the time of booking cheap flight tickets in India

Agreed, the simplest to book flights for your trip is to book for a return journey. Besides, the final perception suggests that return flights are cheaper. But the truth is rather different. Make that additional effort to travel through the flights offered by different airlines and be an additional open concerning the time of your flight. Trust me; you will surely crack a cheaper deal.

5. Use calendar spreads

The rates offered by airlines keep varying. Monday morning flights to major cities are costly. This is because of the heavy rush of business travelers at the start of the work week. Similarly, there’s significant departing rush from cities on Friday evenings and this pushes up the rates. Leisure travelers can avoid this rush and save money. Book tickets on Tuesdays and Thursdays as they’re typically cheaper on these 2 days of the week.

Book tickets on Tuesdays and Thursdays as they are usually cheaper on these two days of the week.

One study was done in IIM Ahmedabad. The conclusions they drew are-

1. The pricing (airfare) movement depends on the degree of airfare competition (strategies) between
LCCs and FSCs and every competing airline apply revenue management and dynamic pricing
2. Price sensitive passengers prefer to travel on weekdays and would purchase air-tickets decision


6. Use the airline website to book

Given the increasing variety of travel booking websites, it is always easier to opt for a Makemytrip or a Goibibo for booking a flight. But these websites are sensible and despite what proportion of discount they show you at the instant they show you the search results, the moment you try to book, you may find yourself paying an enhanced amount. This is because they include their service/convenience charges at the time of preparing your final bill–very smart, aren’t they? Well, they also need to earn their revenues. So the next time, make that extra effort to visit the airline’s official website and book your desired flight from there. Trust me, you will surely save at least few hundred bucks, if not more.

7. Festival day booking

Book on the day of the festival, in case you have to travel the same day. This is because most travelers want to reach the home / tourist destinations before the festival and, therefore, the rates are a bit cheaper on the day of the festival.

8. Go for combo offers

The commonest combo offers are the return trips. However, if you wish to cancel your journey, some airlines may force you to cancel the return as well. Therefore, go for the combos only if the comeback fare is obtainable at a major discount. Next in line are hotel-plus offers.

9. Wait for offers

Travelers have to plan in advance and then wait for promotional offers. Though offers pour in almost on a weekly basis, travelers have to act fast to benefit. Since offers are available for a few hours, they (travelers) have to get the information fast (by signing up for mobile apps, email alerts, SMS alerts, etc.) and also to make up their mind and take action immediately.

10. Use the special debit and credit card offers

I personally never give a lot of thought to this tip earlier, but there are various special offers designed especially for the debit card and credit card holders only. For example, if you have HDFC bank card, you should search for “HDFC offers flight tickets” on Google and you will surely get some page on the HDFC website or flight booking websites which will give you some special codes for getting an additional discount.

11. Use the wallet cash to get further discount

I think goibibo started this and became hugely successful due to this factor. It’s one of the most trusted ways to get further discounts on flights/hotels and other bookings. All the websites like MakeMyTrip, goibibo, yatra have this concept of virtual wallets and you get some cash backs in this wallet which can be partially used while making the payments. Goibibo calls it as goCash, Yatra has eCash and MakeMyTrip simply calls it as Wallet money. I have been an extensive user of Goibibo and no matter how great other websites offers were, after applying goCash, I always got the best price at Goibibo.

12. Take flights at odd hours

If you are ok travelling very early in morning or late at night, then you can get low price on flights. But this won’t work when you are travel with family or when you got to reach your destination at specific time (like for a few meeting or a seminar etc.). However people travelling solo who do not have a fix time to reach can explore this option.

13. Use mobile apps for booking

If you still want to exploit the web browser for booking fights, you are missing some awesome offers provided by various websites. From time to time websites offers some discount codes (not money back) which can reduce your fights costs by around 5-10% at least.

14. Make payments by Wallets

Do you know that you just will get some more money back after you pay from wallets like Mobikwik, paytm, freecharge, payumoney? Almost all reasonably wallet companies have an infatuated page for these forms of offers and it’ll share numerous deals for hotel booking, bus booking, flights etc.

Like Mobikwik encompasses a dedicated offers page, and I can see that it shows a deal where you get Rs 200 cash back if you book a flight on makemytrip. This is above and over the other discounts and cash backs.

15. Use Student & Senior Citizen Discount if applicable

Some airlines allow students and senior citizens some basic discount on the base fare, it’s a small discount like 8-10%, but still saves you some money. If you are travelling with your children or parents, you might want to check if you can get some further discounts. However these discounts are applicable only on the airlines websites. For example, Spicejet has an 8% discount on base fare for students. Do scan the terms and conditions for these student and senior citizen discount offers as they could not be applicable on some dates or routes.

16. Use hand-baggage-only fare tickets

If you are traveling solo and don’t have much luggage, choose the hand-baggage only option while choosing the flight. Airlines expenses increase if the flight is heavy and hence they give incentive to you if you carry less stuff.

17. Check out for coupons and offers

Something that everybody will do is sought for offers whereas booking for the flights. Almost all the times there are various websites which offer different types of discount or cash back for booking flights. It never hurts to spend few minutes to look at the provide pages of internet sites like Makemytrip, goibibo, Yatra, Cleartrip and other websites. You can additionally attempt to seek for flights coupons on numerous coupon websites. Make coupons web site provide part of their own money back to you in addition as they get some commission from the websites.

18. Put the alerts for the price decline

Google Flights offer you a choice to track the costs of a selected flight and can email you from time to time once the costs modification. So if you have got plenty of your time left and might expect the booking, better wait and track the prices. Just make sure that you should be clear when you will book the flights, else it might happen that you just keep prices to fall down and never book it and then pay a lot towards the end.

19. Subscribe to the Airfare Newsletter

Various airlines and intermediary sites keep sending varied offers from time to time, you’ll be able to subscribe to their newsletters if you don’t mind constant emails on offers. It will surely help someone who travels a lot.

20. Take advantage of a long layover

Often, shopping for a flight with an awfully long layover/stopover is cheaper than every day come back. Many people avoid these as a result of they assume it’s to mean wasting time hanging a couple of boring airports somewhere however it does not need to be that way! You can use them to have an extra, bonus holiday. A stopover will merely be other thanks to grabbing an additional adventure and visit a lot of countries without the cost of another flight.

21. Be flexible with dates

One has the utmost probabilities of finding very cheap air tickets if the travel dates are flexible. It is, in fact, the most effective method for how to seek out low-cost flights to anyplace within the world. You can take help of internet sites like Skyscanner that helps you to realize the cheapest airfare month knowing crack that best flight deal.

22. Check alternate airport

This trick comes handy; when you’re searching for the flights online, check if there is more than one airport at the destination you are visiting. Indeed, there are fair probabilities that the flight tickets to two totally different airports could vary, one being cheaper than the other. However, it’s suggested to additionally check the distance of the airfield from the hotel/destination you would like to reach, otherwise, you may have to spend whatever you spent on the traveling on a cab or bus ride from the airport. You can also take into account multi-city flights since they’re largely cheap.

Few precautions

While I have talked about various things you can do to book the cheap flight tickets in India, there are a few points I want to make.

While I actually have talked regarding numerous way outs to book a budget flight tickets in India, there are few points I want to make.

•        If you feel you are getting the good deal already, just try a bit to improve it, and book it. Don’t get obsessed trying to bring the price down. While it’s great to get some discounts, you should check for yourself if it’s really worth your time.

•        If you are looking for cheap international flights, some of these points might not be applicable, but still you should try most of these as it would be great to save cash due to high costs for international flights to United States and European countries.

•        Also consider your time worthwhile finding low cost tickets. If your time is extremely valuable and you’ll be able to pay a pair of hours in something valuable like writing a book, or solving some important thing worth something, then don’t waste your energy and time awaiting the flight simply because you’re saving few hundred rupees.

Happy Flying, Folks……..

While I have talked about various things you can do to book the cheap flight tickets in India, there are a few points I want to make.

• If you feel you are getting a good deal already, just try a bit to improve it and book it. Don’t get obsessed trying to bring the price down. While it’s great to get some discounts, you should check for yourself if it’s really worth your time.

• If you’re searching for low-cost international flights, some of these points might not be applicable, but still, you should try most of these as it would be great to save cash due to high costs for international flights to the United States and European countries.

• Also, consider your time worthwhile to find low-cost tickets. If your time is very valuable and you’ll be able to pay two hours in one thing valuable like writing a book, or solving some important thing worth something, then don’t waste your energy and time waiting for the connecting flight simply because you’re saving few hundred rupees

Happy Flying, Folks…….

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