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Village near Kolkata, Budbud


One April morning we boarded on a day trip to discover a part of Bengal not very far from Kolkata. First of all, it was not at all of a sudden though pre planned. We went there to attend one invitation. We moved west, along Belgharia expressway and National Highway 6 commonly known as Mumbai Road. At Dankuni, we went straight towards Burdwan, and hence straight towards Durgapur keeping Burdawan left. We wanted to visit Bengal Village. Budbud Village near Kolkata we found.

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budbud village near kolkata

Budbud Village near Kolkata

First of all, traffic was much less here also road was too good. Near Panagarh village Budbud, which was our destination for 1 night 2 days. We crossed Saktigarh and suddenly saw a new building with boundary walls on the left side of the road. The gate was closed and as we opened it and went in and finally we saw a board on the wall of the building Pathasathi, Budbud. Bud Bud was another small village of Purba Bardhaman district in West Bengal. It was nearly 30 kilometers from Durgapur Steel City and 36 kilometers from Burdwan town.

budbud village near kolkata

We stayed in Pathasathi at Budbud, village near Kolkata. It was an initiative by Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee’s to set up motels along the state and the national highway – named Pathasathi – hence now spread across the state. All the 23 districts of Bengal now have Pathasathi motels. Pathasathi motel, Bud bud has toilets and rooms where people could take rest and had their breakfast and dinner. The State Housing Department had set up the motel. Most noteworthy the motel run by women belonging to self-help groups (SHG). West Bengal govt helped the women to become financially self-reliant. As a result breakfast and dinner were prepared and served by women those who were also the caretaker of the property.

The rooms were spacious and have attached toilets. Most noteworthy there were both air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned rooms. Resorts had come up in remote areas and beside the highway. So people were visiting them by road. Because the number of people traveling along highways had gone up, as a result, the necessity of motels for brief stays, where food was available along with clean toilets had gone up too.

Next day we visited the Panagarh Khetrapal Temple. Panagarh is the easternmost suburb of Durgapur, of Paschim Bardhaman district of West Bengal. Panagarh Airport constructed in 1944, during the Second World War. Similarly, it serves as a base for the Indian Air Force. In 2016, the new name was given of this Air Force Station in the name of Arjan Singh.

One of the 62 cantonments in the country was located at Panagarh. Panagarh Khetrapal Temple was located in the cantonment area. Thorough checking was done in the entry gate. So you should prepare your all IDs like voter card/Pan card/Aadhar card etc. The name mentioned in the entry of the temple. The new shed constructed by the army for the benefit of other devotees.

First of all, from the entry point to the sculpture we saw various types of bells hung up. Devotees from various places come and hung up bells because the God fulfilled their dreams. On the right-hand side, there was a big pond. Just beside the pond, we saw a family organized langar(free meal for devotee ) as God fulfilled their wish. Furthermore, there was a permanent shed to organize langar periodically. For that, you had to enroll yourself. Above all, in the main temple, there was the deity of Lord Shiva.

Finally, after crossing the Khetrapal temple we have seen Dakshina Kali Mata Mandir and another one Hanseswar Shiva Mandir.

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