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Bhutan tour- 40 Tips from my sensible expertise


The Land of Happiness, Kingdom of Bhutan might seem to be an easy destination for you, significantly if you are traveling from India. Considering Indians don’t even require passport to enter this country, you may take things granted and find yourself skipping the very important data that a traveler should know. This list of Bhutan travel tips isn’t general in any sense; the following tips can offer you very important traveler data that you need to recognize way before your visit. As you read, you’ll perceive the native laws and can additionally get to understand the way to build the foremost of your visit to the present beautiful country. The subsequent data acts as a guide once traveling to Kingdom of Bhutan. This applied recommendation isn’t a whole list however ought to give some helpful data for you as you intend your move.

Disclaimer: This article includes affiliate links. If you purchase through these links, it will incur no extra cost to you but I will get a referral bonus to fund our travels.

Bhutan travel tips

1. Tourist seasons in Kingdom of Bhutan are spring: March – May and autumn: Sept – October. Particularly, March, April, October and November are specifically busy.


2. If you’re considering visiting throughout these months, it is best to book your tour package and flight tickets a minimum of four months before to make sure your reservation. To induce low-cost flight tickets and rooms in resorts, follow below mentioned link-



3. Avoid drinking water in Kingdom of Bhutan that has not been boiled or ice cubes in drinks at all times as most water sources in Bhutan are untreated. One will simply get cheap treated drinking water.

4. For Indian Traveler-The NJP to New Alipurduar route is one in every of the enchanting train routes with a large sort of Flora and Fauna. It’s a journey of concerning four hours wherever the train crosses the Mahananda life Sanctuary, Chapramari Forest and BUXA Tiger Reserve. A herd of Elephants, Deer, Monkeys, a various type of birds and butterflies are seen simply from the window as you’ve got a sip of the special Lemon Tea. If you’re too lucky you will encounter a leopard or tiger too. The occasional train quickens and so screams to a halt with a lazy hiss into the attractive jungle. You may not wish to blink or switch off your camera when you’re on this journey.

Bhutan travel tips

5. If you’re an Indian then please check that you mostly carry your Indian voter ID card. You may get all other permits if you’ve got Indian voter ID card.


6. To expertise the fact of staying with a neighborhood family several tourists like a homestay. It’s cost-effective and natural additionally.

Bhutan travel tips

7. Most hotels have Wi-Fi, however if you would like additional property you’ll be able to get a local SIM card from Tashi Cell or B-Mobile and top up with prepaid cards.

8. The official language of the Kingdom of Bhutan is Dzongkha, however, most Bhutanese are fluent in English and Hindi.

9. The local currency is the ngultrum that is equivalent to the Indian rupee. Note: The Indian rupee in denominations of 500 and 2000 isn’t accepted in the Kingdom of Bhutan.

10. There are ATMs in the Kingdom of Bhutan, however only within the main cities. A word of caution, the ATMs don’t always work and if they do, one is usually only ready to withdraw small amounts. So carry sufficient cash.


11. Guests ought to be ready to pay via credit card at the most hotels and handicraft stores.

12. Smoking in public places is illegal in the Kingdom of Bhutan. However, consumption of cigarette isn’t completely prohibited in the Kingdom of Bhutan therefore if you would like to smoke, bring your own cigarettes and ask your guide/driver wherever you’ll be able to light up.

13. Alcohol isn’t prohibited and low-cost also in Kingdom of Bhutan. Tuesdays are thought of the national ‘dry day,’ with the sale of alcohol prohibited on that day.

14. You’ll be able to cut the price in most outlets however do not expect quite a 100% discount. Typically speaking, costs between outlets do are more or less same considerably. My suggestion to Indian tourists to not purchase anything from the Kingdom of Bhutan. See them, create your wish list and come back to Jaigaon. In Jaigaon you’ll get everything that you have seen in the Kingdom of Bhutan and grab it in 1/4th value.

15. The roads tend to be turbulent therefore if you’re vulnerable to motion sickness, bring medication (after consulting along with your doctors) to prevent nausea as you’ll be spending tons of it slow inside the automotive traveling around Kingdom of Bhutan.

16. Once taking photos/filming inside Dzongs, monasteries, temples, or any religious establishments, discuss with your guide/monks whether or not it’s permissible as some areas don’t allow it.

17. The Royal Insurance Corporation of Kingdom of Bhutan has introduced a travel and medical set up only for their guests. You will furthermore visit the Royal Insurance Corporation of Kingdom of Kingdom of Bhutan web site at www.ricb.com.bt for additional data.

18. Begin your day as early as possible as post sunset you will not have much to do in Kingdom of Bhutan.

19. If you would like to cut short your trip then you may exclude Thimphu from your itinerary.

20. Do not miss to go to Tiger nest.

21. Among Thimphu, Paro and Punakha, Punakha is that the best as per my experience.

22. The Kingdom of Bhutan is very neat and clean country do not litter there.

23. Individuals are very friendly and helpful in Kingdom of Bhutan.

24. Aside from Indians, Bangladeshis, and Maldivians, all other nationalities need a visa to enter Kingdom of Bhutan.

25. Keep multiple photocopies of your travel permits.

26. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to travel the Kingdom of Bhutan independently (except for Indian, Bangladeshis, and Maldivians). Westerners ought to rent a tour company to get their visas to the Kingdom of Bhutan approved. However once you’re in the Kingdom of Bhutan, you’re not allowed to roam freely between cities – only with your tour guide. There are checkpoints between zones (regions) wherever your visa is verified alongside the tour company’s documents.

27. Except for Indian, Bangladeshis, and Maldivian for all foreigners per day visa($250) sounds costly, and perhaps it’s for a budget traveler, but, the visa includes everything in your tour, thus primarily your visa is your tour. The reason for the high visa price is as a result of the Kingdom of Bhutan is specializing in “high worth, low volume” tourism, as my driver shared with me. The high price can “control” the number of tourists coming back into the country. Your visa fee includes a 3 star hotel, private transportation (a jeep, mostly), a guide, driver, all the entrance fees, tea, water, and meals. What are not included are drinks apart from tea and water, souvenirs, tips, insurance, and other expenses not specified by the tour company. Additionally, $65 of that $250 is the Royal Fee and goes to the government to fund the country’s health and education system. Of the daily visa fee, $50 goes to your 3 star hotel booking.

28. Try the hot stone water bath. Some hotels and homestays provide it. Well worth the experience.

29. Just because it is known as the happiest place in the world, don’t trust everyone blindly. Yes, the country is safe. And most people are nice. But don’t forget to check with a few cabs for rates before finalizing on one or even going through your bills.

30. Bhutanese eat chili for breakfast, snacks, lunch, and dinner. I was told that they believe any meal without chili powder is an unworthy meal. If spicy food is a major factor –like me– you’ll raise them to create non-spicy dishes after you have the choice of ordering food.

31. Whether you like astrology or not, you’ll learn a lot about it in Bhutan. This study of the movements and relative positions of celestial objects is thus distinguished within the country that it’s consulted even to make a house, have children, get cremated, and so on.

32. Hiking is possible up to 6,000m in elevation. Peaks under that altitude are considered trekking peaks. Anything on top of that’s considered mountain climbing, and it is forbidden as the mountains are sacred for the Bhutanese. Snow peaks are considered the domain of the Gods and Goddesses, and it is believed that if you go there, they’ll get disturbed – bringing hail storms, drought, floods, etc.

33.  Be mindful about controversial topics discussing with your driver/guide, as they may not take it easy, especially the Bhutanese refugee’s issue. Bhutan is a constitutional monarchy since 2007. Criticizing the King family is almost considered as blasphemy since they are seen as avatars of Gods.


34. On Saturday and Sunday, the market of the capital town of Thimphu is the place to be. Check out the exotic fruits and vegetables, special products like edible ferns, red and green pepper, cheese, incense, herbs, dried fish, areca nuts and various types of rice.

35. Bhutan might be expensive to visit for a budget traveler, but trust me; it is worth seeing as this is one of the few countries in the world where you’ll still feel like moving into a completely foreign, non-westernized, environment.

36. Read up on Tibetan Buddhism and iconography before arriving in Bhutan; it will give you an essential understanding of the people and sights when you are there.

Bhutan travel tips

37. What to take in your Bhutan trip follow below link-Things to take in Bhutan

38. There are a lot of stray dogs in Bhutan. Do not tease them as they aren’t friendly. Barking dogs also are a nuisance in the dark in many areas.

Bhutan travel tips

39. Bhutan no longer uses coins in its currency. So if you’re interested in numismatics, explore some of the handicraft shops or some betel leaf vendors (you will find plenty of them) for some old coins. And don’t forget to bargain.

40. Prepare some of your own entertainment for the flight as well as a road trip. Bring some books to read and save movies/songs to watch on your laptop or tablet. Apart from Thimphu and Paro, nightlife is non-existent and most hotels tend to be a distance far away from most city.

Bhutan travel tips

Summarizing the whole thing I can give you the guarantee you will love the little country of happiness. Hopefully my Bhutan travel tips will help you to plan your Bhutan trip. If you have further query feel free to write in the comment section mentioned below. So, for now, Log Jay Gay-in Bhutanese which means-See you again.

Last updated on 17.01.21


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