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Banante Restaurant, Jayanti, Alipurduars, Dooars


I have not stayed there. But the food was really awesome. The behavior of staffs was good and the hotel was also in an excellent location. Open garden restaurant with small bamboo huts for seating. You can walk the riverbed anytime you want. I really loved my lunch in Banante Restaurant Jayanti Dooars.

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Banante Restaurant Jayanti Dooars

P.O. Jayanti, Alipurduar – 735227,
West Bengal, India.

Contact – +91 9609931857 / 9230543807

First of all, Jayanti was one of the last destinations in Dooars still untouched by mass tourism. Often termed as the “Queen of Dooars,” this heavily forested area was close to the famous Buxa Tiger Reserve.

Although the Jayanti River was mostly dry throughout the year, its shores of white pebbles add to the eternal beauty of the place. With the soothing sound of the Jayanti River blending with the chirping of birds, your trip to Jayanti was sure to rejuvenate your tired soul. The way to Buxa Tiger Reserve offers breathtaking views where the herd of elephants or spotted deer or peacocks were a common sight. Jayanti was located in Jalpaiguri district of West Bengal. It was a forest village forming a natural boundary with the Bhutan Hills, some 30 km from Alipurduar.

Banante Restaurant Jayanti Dooars

There were in fact, quite a number of places to see at Jayanti other than the Jayanti River. There was also a Pokhri (pond) located on the nearby Pokhri Hill, which was considered holy by the locals. It was some 4 km from Jayanti. This place had great religious importance for the Bhutanese and to reach both Pokhri and Buxa Fort, you need to trek through the forests.

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Food at Banante Restaurant Jayanti Dooars

I really love my lunch in Banante Restaurant Jayanti Dooars. They charged Rs.150 for a fish meal which includes fine rice, salad, ghee, kochur loti curry (taro curry ), mocha ghonto (banana flower curry ), dal, crispy potato, steam Katla and chatni.

The Food served was really good and in nice quantity and variations too. Staffs were helpful. Especially the persons who was the Manager there – is very helpful and guided you in your trips around Jayanti and Buxa. It was a safe place – but not to loiter around after dark as it was within Jungle Premises.

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Visited in the month of October 2017.

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