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Arunachal Pradesh Tourism office Kolkata


Arunachal Pradesh is one of the young states of India has too many tourists place to visit and many of us love to tour Arunachal Pradesh during their holidays. But, before planning to tour Arunachal Pradesh, we should first get details about the various tourists’ spots from various government recognized tourism offices so that we are not misguided during our tour to Arunachal Pradesh. In Kolkata, I have the opportunity to visit Arunachal Pradesh Tourism office Kolkata which is also known as Arunachal Bhawan.

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Address of Arunachal Pradesh Tourism office Kolkata

Arunachal Pradesh Tourism Development

109/110, Block – CE,

Arunachal Bhawan,

Sector – 1,

Salt Lake,


West Bengal 700064

Hours: 10 AM -5 PM (MON-SAT)

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Closed: SUN

Phone: 033 2334 1243

Before visiting Arunachal we require information about various tourist places of Arunachal Pradesh, where to stay during Arunachal Pradesh tour, the best time to tour Arunachal Pradesh, inner line permit, what to eat and how to travel, etc. I have also decided to visit the local tourism office of Arunachal Pradesh in Kolkata. Arunachal Pradesh Tourism Department has its separate website but only with information and beautiful photos. They have no online booking system present on their website. They have not done that to create unnecessary confusion among tourists. That also builds up an evil nexus with officials and travel agents. If you go through their website you will find no cost has been mentioned about tour packages and guest house rooms. These are my findings and let me discuss why.

Arunachal Pradesh Tourism office Kolkata

After finishing my office days’ work last month (June’19) I along with another colleague went to visit Arunachal Bhawan by bike. We reached Arunachal Bhawan without any hassle by following google route navigator. After completion of entry formalities by writing the name, mobile no, the purpose of visit, etc. in visitors entry book we entered the building.

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First, we went to the reception area. We saw one Bengali lady sitting there. She told us to go to the 1st floor and meet Mr. S Chakraborty (PRO). We went to the 1st floor and found 4-5 persons sitting and chatting in a room. All are Bengali people and one of them took us to Mr. S Chakraborty’s room. We knocked on the door before entering. We saw Mr. Chakraborty discussing something with another person and told us to wait for a while. After 5 minutes he called us. He wanted to know our purpose of visit. Let me summarize our brief discussion with Mr. Chakraborty-

S.C-So you want to visit AP?

Me- yah;

S.C- At what time?

Me- 1st week of October. During Durga Puja.

S.C-What is your itinerary?

Me- Itanagar-Nameri-Bomdila-Tawang-Dirang-Rangapara

S.C- No, we have our predefined circuit. You have to follow that route if you want to purchase the Arunachal package.

Me- OK. Can I book AP government guest house rooms separately?

S.C- Yes, You can. But 1 month before check-in and during peak season and Durga Puja time all the rooms in all guest houses are pre-blocked.

Me-Can I book vehicles separately from Arunachal Tourism.

S.C- No, You have to opt for the total package.

Me-How to opt that?

Then he gave me a visiting card (see photo) of the travel agent and started stating the features and benefits of that travel agent. He also mentioned that all detailed information should be provided by the travel agent mentioned in the card.

Arunachal Pradesh Tourism office Kolkata

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I also asked him-

Me- Can I call the guest house personally?

S.C- No, Phone numbers are not mentioned on our website.

Me- Yes all phone numbers are on the website.

Arunachal Pradesh Tourism office Kolkata

Then I opened the page where the phone numbers of all guest houses have been mentioned. Mr. S Chakraborty is now in an awkward situation. Then he suggested me to do ILP online. That experience I will share with you later. Here a few things came in my mind-

  1. Whether all the staffs I met in Arunachal Bhawan are AP govt. employee or they are the staffs of travel agents?
  2. Why they have no tourism infrastructure of their own?
  3. Why they are insisting to purchase tour package from a specific travel agent?
  4. Why they are not disclosing the cost of the package, guest houses, and vehicles separately in their website/brochures?
  5. Why they have no online booking facility?
  6. The official sitting on the chair has no proper knowledge of their website.

All these prove the evil nexus between government officials and travel agents to extract the maximum amount of money from tourists to make them fool. So, my dear friends those who are thinking to visit Arunachal be cautious and refrain from visiting Arunachal Bhawan as it is totally operated by a third party (travel agent). If you don’t believe you can check on your own.

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Official website of Arunachal tourism


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