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Arsalan Chinar Park


If you ask a Kolkatan about his favorite biryani restaurants, Arsalan would most likely be among the top 3! Arsalan Restaurant & Caterer has reached Chinar Park as well, with their eighth outlet, opposite Spencer’s in Sukanta Pally, New Town. One of the busiest restaurants in the area, it also has a live-cooking stall. Today we 5 colleagues went Arsalan Chinar Park to have our lunch. It has a small seating arrangement in the 1st Floor & 2ndfloor.

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Arsalan Restaurant & Caterer

Chinar Park
opposite Spencers

Phone: +91 9163363652 / 53 / 54 / 57 / 58
Email: info@arsalanrestaurants.com

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Food of Arsalan Chinar Park

We ordered 2 Chicken Biryani, 2 Mutton Biryani, 2 Plain Nan, 1 Chicken Tikka Butter Masala, 1 Mutton Chap, 1 Chicken Chaap, 2 Onion Salad and 2 Bottles of Mineral Water. The Chicken and Mutton preparations taste were really good; also the pieces were soft yet crunchy. The Mutton Biriyani was good, Mutton piece was soft. Same with Chicken Biriyani. The Biriyani had a rich aroma and smell. One of the basic requirements in a restaurant is to have drinking water. This resturants force people to take package drinking water that too of price exceeding M.R.P( Rs. 70/1 lt including tax) and if asked for regular water the reply is it’s a tap water not filtered. Foods are truly delicious. One may try anything and everything from the menu they won’t be disappointed.


The staffs were very courteous and helpful. They had provided quick and prompt service.


Location wise it is good. Sitting arrangements are in 1st and 2nd floor. Room is very small. Not a good place for dining.

Few points to ponder

1. Home Delivery available

2. They serve Veg & Non-Veg food.

3. Bar Not Available

4. Fully Air Conditioned.

5. One can make their payment via Cash, debit card & credit card.

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You can check their official site at

Arsaian Chinar Park



Last updated 06.01.21


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