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Anadi Cabin Kolkata


Anadi Cabin Kolkata

9A, Jawaharlal Nehru Road, Dharmatala ,

Kolkata, West Bengal – 700013.

Mobile – 097337 27740

A very old place, in the City of Joy, popular for Mughlai Parathas. I had always wanted to be here listening so much of nostalgic stories about this restaurant from my elderly in my house. It is located on the S.N.Banerjee road near Esplanade. Apart from the paratha, one can easily order the fish fry, Kabiraji, Chicken kasha, Mutton Kasha etc.

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Anadi Cabin Kolkata
Anadi Cabin Kolkata

Talking about Mughlai Paratha, in Kolkata, every foodie has his own favorite food joint. Some make the paratha thin, while others fill it up with generous stuffing and of course, the accompanying potato curry differs in taste. But if there is one place which is known to everyone, at least by name, it is Anadi Cabin Kolkata in Esplanade, Kolkata.

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From Chowringhee / Dharmatala / Esplanade crossing enter S N Banerjee road and on the right-hand side, just opposite to The Metropolitan Building (which houses Big Bazaar) you will find this small restaurant.

Anadi Cabin Kolkata
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I heard the name from my father, who used to visit frequently this place during his college days. This place is really small (25 – 30 seats approximately) and as soon as you enter the eatery, you will know it to be one of those joints that have faith in their menu and remained the same for years. The room is small and cramped. Very limited tables, thus often you will have to share tables with strangers.

Anadi Cabin Kolkata is a legendary more than 60 years old Kolkata restaurant that still has a lot of brand recall but has compromised to some extent with quality to keep prices low. They have quite a few numbers of waiters & hence service is very fast & efficient. My father told me at their time the waiters used to wear Dhoti & Ganjee. This time I found all of them in shirts & trousers.

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Food of Anadi Cabin Kolkata

There is no menu card. A menu list is written on the whiteboard & put up outside the restaurant. The waiter usually adds or deletes the list of items as per the availability. We ordered Moglai Parota. This is egg & meat keema inside a thin maida parota. The moglai parota was fried using a lot of oil in very high heat. So the whole surface was almost deep-fried & some of the parts were over fried/browned. This was accompanied by an un-peeled aloo subzi similar to the ones served with kochuri. This was nice to taste. Not spicy, not hot but balanced.

Coming to the food, it was very very plain. I did not find it extraordinary or worth the hype. What’s more painful was the excess use of dalda or vanaspati in my Mughlai Paratha. There is no place to wash hands. Anadi Cabin Kolkata a cost-friendly place to have snacks and some lovely Mutton kasha with Mughlai Parantha.

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The disappointment came as soon as I took the first bite. No keema or masala in the stuffing only egg and lots of chopped onions. I might be wrong, but as far as I know, Mughlai Paratha stuffing is made of Egg, Keema/Masala, chopped onions, and chili. Also, the egg was without salt. I quietly finished the Paratha and came out heart-broken.

Maybe this is Anadi’s specialty, maybe I was unlucky to have eaten the rare Mughlai Partha they have messed up with. Whatever might be the reason well-known places like this need a second visit, a second judgment. I will be visiting this place at least once more and during the afternoon pick hours and will post my experience here again. Till then, as far as Mughlai Paratha is concerned, stick to your local favorites.

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