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All about Indian Railway Retiring Room Online Booking


Indian Railways offers retiring room services on railway stations for all the travelers who wish to rest for a few times before or after their journey. However, passengers got to book their retiring room beforehand either offline or online at different prices for various category of rooms like Single, Double and Dormitory (AC or non-AC). In this post I will discuss how to book retiring room online step by step with screenshots.

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When I was a kid that time I had the experience of staying one or two nights in a railway retiring room along with my family. Truly speaking from that time I was carrying a bitter experience regarding Railway Retiring Room. The rooms were dirty and untidy. Bed covers were dirty. Walls were tampered and damp. Bathroom was most unhygienic. Moreover, taps and lights were not working. Due to these reasons I avoided Railway Retiring Rooms when I used to travel. But recently, some where I read an article which tells that now Railway Retiring Rooms are not less than any star category hotel rooms.

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It should be noted that one passenger can book Railway retiring room for a minimum period of three hours and maximum up to 48 hours.

For those that have booked their retiring room online and need to cancel it for a few reason, they will do so by logging on to the IRCTC website as railways allow online cancellation of Railways Retiring Room.

Here is that the process to book the rooms online:

I) Visit the official website of IRCTC Tourism at irctctourism.com.

railway retiring room list

II) On the home page, click on “Retiring Room” tab.

Another window will open for retiring room asking for log in once again.

railway retiring room list

III) The next page will ask you for PNR Number.

railway retiring room list

IV) Next page will ask you where you want to stay. You have to select source station or destination station.

railway retiring room list

V) Now you have to fill up check in date, check out date, bed type, AC status and quota (general) from the option of drop down window and click on check availability.

VI) Select and book the retiring room of your choice. The screen shot shown below.

how to book retiring room online

VII) After the booking is done, the passenger will get a confirmation message (SMS) as well as e-mail.

how to book retiring room online

VIII) Payment page will look like this-

how to book retiring room online

Pay and enjoy the benefits of retiring room.

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  1. Railway Retiring Rooms are really cheaper. Same type room in a hotel 6-7 times costlier.
  2. As per my experience retiring rooms are really big. 
  3. Safer, as the RPF office is nearby. So, you were 100% safe with your family.
  4. Can be booked and canceled online.
  5. Generally they provides wardrobe but lock should be yours.
  6. Railways provide clean bed sheets, cleaned pillow and cleaned towels.
  7. You would get RO filtered cool water on platforms with a minimum price of Rs.5 per liter.
  8. NON AC/AC rooms are available.
  9. Restaurant (Jan Ahaar) is also in station.
  10. Foods are cost effective, yummy and fresh.
  11. No Chance of power cut as railway stations are under essential service.
  12. Availability of vehicle for 24 hours.

General Rule:

1. Reservation Period

Minimum allowed reservation period is 3 hrs and maximum reservation period is 48 hrs for the available rooms and dormitories.

2. Non- Principal Block

The 12 hrs period from 09 hrs to 21 hrs named as Non-Principal Block. The Non-Principal block can be reserved hourly i.e. minimum 3 hrs and beyond.

3. Principal Block

The 12 hrs period from 21 hrs to 09 hrs called as Principal Block. The principal block cannot be booked partially i.e. hourly bookings would be Not permissible in Principal Block in general.

4. Tariff calculation.

Hourly tariff get calculated on the basis of the 24 hrs slot tariff for a particular room.

5. Other rules

1. Retiring Room booking is only allowed for valid and confirmed/RAC PNR Nos.

2. A room/bed can be booked for minimum 12 hrs and maximum 48 hrs.

3. Only one booking can be made on the source and destination for a PNR number.

4. Retiring Room booking is subject to availability on desired location.

5. Failure to check in to the Railways Retiring Room will attract the full cost of stay.

6. In case of upsurge in tariff, the customer is liable to pay the difference.

7. Guests are exclusively responsible for their own valuables & belonging.

8. Person making booking is fully responsible & liable to pay any damage incurred to the Retiring Room whatsoever during the time of use of Retiring Room’s property.

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9. Cancellation Policy

  1. Deduction of 20% of the booking amount if cancelled 2 days in advance excluding the day of occupation (First Day).
  2. Deduction of 50% of the booking amount if cancelled one day in advance excluding the day of occupation (First Day).
  3. No refund shall be admissible in case of cancellation of retiring room booking on the same day.
  4. If more than one room/dormitory is booked and cancellation is being done for few room/dormitory then cancellation rule a, b and c will be applicable for room/dormitory as per case.
  5. Passenger wise cancellation is not allowed, only Room/Bed wise cancellation is allowed.

10. Proof of Identity details entered during booking should be matched with the Identity shown at the time of check in, in case it will not match customer would not be allowed to avail the service.

11. Late check-in is allowed up to 1 hour after arrival of the train.

  1. The facility available in retiring room may differ from station to station.
  1. The complaint regarding air conditioning, room, or other facility need to be verified by station manager for the process of refund.
  1.  No name or journey date change is possible in retiring room booking.
  1.  You can use both debit and credit card at the time of online retiring room booking.
  1.  If you have any issue you can contact IRCTC via Email us at retiringroom@irctc.co.in or call
    them at 1800110139 between 10 AM to 6 PM(Mon-Sat)
  1. Customer must carry voucher of retiring room booking while check-in.
  1.  No concession for any one.
  •   12 years and above require booking.
  •  Partial cancellation not possible.

If I miss any point you can add it by mentioning in the comment section.



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