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After seeing plot on video tour a European buys Private Island off the coast of Ireland for USD 6.3 billion


Without even visiting the location before purchasing it a European buys a private island off the coast of Ireland – for over USD 6.3 billion. No details have been made available of the buyer.

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1. In fact, the buyer negotiated the deal over WhatsApp.

2. A 157-acre spot of land to the southwest of the Irish mainland – before proceeding with the purchase- the European buyer went through pictures and videos of Horse Island.

3. The private island consists of three beaches, seven houses and natural wildlife, CNN Travel reports.

a European buys a private island

4. Horse Island boasts of green terrain, a main house and several guest cottages in the backdrop of the Atlantic Ocean.

5. A small copper industry was situated at Horse Island in the 19th century with a population of about 137 people in 1841. By the 1960s though, its residents left the spot, CNN Travel reports citing real estate agents Montague Real Estate.

6. Horse Island is a revamped property at present with a helipad, gym, games house as well as a ‘shipwreck play house’. Infrastructure is great as the island is stuffed with electricity, water and sewage systems as well as private roads.

a European buys a private island

7. Spanning across an area of 4,500 square feet, the main house in the island has six bedrooms.

8. It is a bold example of online shopping during lockdown: buy a private island off the coast of Ireland without setting foot on it.

9. The wealthy, unnamed European who made such a purchase relied on video footage to view Horse Island, a 64-hectare (157-acre) retreat in roaring water Bay, part of a bucolic Atlantic region in west Cork.

10. The island will be used as a tranquil retreat – a place to enjoy the natural beauty and calm the landscape affords.

a European buys a private island

11. The owner started investigating island options before the coronavirus pandemic and wanted to make a deal as “quickly as possible” once the crisis hit, said the realtor.

12. At the height of the Irish financial boom in 2007 it was bought and upgraded by Deborah and Adrian Fitzgibbon. They put it on the market in 2018 for 7.7 billion USD and reduced the price earlier this year.

13. Want to see the video. Here it is-



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