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6 Ballygunge Place & The Wall Restaurant


Location is a little bit problematic. 6 Ballygunge Place & The Wall Restaurant is at Eco Suite building located between City Centre 2 and Akansha. Once you find the building, just climb up to the first floor. It is supposed to open at 12:30, but arranging the food takes another half hour.

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Address of 6 Ballygunge Place & The Wall Restaurant


1st Floor, Plot No-II,

D/22, AA II, New, Town,

Kolkata, West Bengal

There is a bar, a buffet and an a la carte menu. I chose the lunch buffet. The menu is not too long, but each preparation is delicious. There are special dishes exclusively for the vegetarians. In non-veg, there is fish, chicken, mutton with deliciousness increasing in the same order.

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The staff was well mannered and service was top notch. And the decor is so beautiful that it seemed I was there for a photo-shoot! Great ambiance, great service, good food. What more can you expect?

Now sharing my review in detail-

I came to know about this place from another food blogger just the previous night. Directions were: go to city center 2 and walk 10 minutes. I thought I can do better. Google map showed the place had its own bus stop called Titumir, and a metro station with the same name was scheduled to come up there. I boarded a bus for CC2. But conductor never heard of any stop called Titumir! That was odd, because, according to the map, the bus follows the same route! Then I enquired and came to know that there were many unnamed crossings in New Town, and my stop was one of them. That’s why, though the buses go through it, nobody has heard of Titumir bus stop! Anyway, the bus dropped me off; I could see Eco Suite building and started walking towards it.

From the outside, I took a photo and proceeded to the entry gate. The area looked deserted, but there was a watchman there inside the gate. There is a car showroom and another restaurant on the ground floor, while two more restaurants on the first floor, as evident from the signboards (see the photo). And both upstairs and downstairs restaurants had bars while the downstairs one had a microbrewery as well. I chuckled inside and said to myself “to attract patrons in this deserted place, good food is not good enough, you need to have some brewed food as well if you know what I mean! Just as I entered the premises, the watchman beside the gate asked me about my destination.

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I was still unsure and planned to decide on it once I got upstairs. If I liked Bengali food that day I was going to 6, Ballygunge Place. But if I fancied Chow Mein & chili chicken more at the moment, my destination would change by a few feet, to the Wall, not the brick wall, the restaurant called Wall. It is located right next to 6 Ballygunge Place and it was offering a lunch buffet too, though of Chinese cuisine. But the watchman’s query meant that I didn’t have time to think anymore, I had to make up my mind before even entering the building. When under such pressure to perform, I always relax and let my heart speak. So I relaxed, and in no time heard myself replying “I plan to visit 6, Ballygunge Place “. Wow! And you thought a heart can only throb! He very politely directed me to the lift inside. But I thought, for just one floor it’s better to take the stairs. That way, I’ll save the trees and work up the appetite as well. So, I took the stairs.

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The courtesy starts from the entrance to the restaurant itself. It was slightly past 12:30, their opening time. The doorman was a little confused seeing the first customer of the day not take the lift. But very professionally he hid his bemusement and opened the door for me. As you can see from the photo, the entrance is not much to write home about. But inside the decor was simply splendid! I was happy instantly and started clicking pictures of the interior even while being escorted to my table! See the pictures, they speak for themselves. The manager and the floor manager both apologized because the food was still being arranged and it seemed the buffet was not going to start before 1 pm at least.

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I was so happy because this gave me the opportunity to wander around and shoot to my heart’s content. First, they gave me the bar menu, the bar was up and running. I rejected, not even beer. Then they offered the a la carte menu, I said I’ll have none of it, I am here for the buffet and I am willing to wait for it. In my mind I said it differently; I said “তোরা যে যা বলিস ভাই, আমি বুফেই খেতে চাই”!( Whatever you say, brother, I want to eat in the buffet). But that’s between you and me. So, they explained their system. Only *Luchi*(deep-fried flatbread) and *Beguni*(deep-fried besan coated brinjal) will be served at the table, everything else is self-service. First came the water, next to the hand sanitizer. I probably looked too naive, so the waiter explicitly informed me that it was _for my hands_ and *not* for my stomach.

I was not in the mood to inform him that I have seen a hand sanitizer before, I was too eager for him to go away so that I could go back to taking pictures. Ultimately, the buffet began, with 15 staff members, a roomful of food and only one customer, lucky me! Other than luchi and beguni, the buffet had ভাত(rice), শাকভাজা(fried vegetable leaves), আলুপটলের মাখা মাখা তরকারি(potato parvel curry), ঢেঁড়শ সর্ষে(lady’s finger with mustard curry), আলুর দম(steam potato), ডাল(Dal), মাছ(fish curry), মুরগী(chicken curry), খাসি(mutton), দই(curd), চাটনি(chutney), পাঁপড়(papad), পান্তুয়া(sweet)। Unlike other buffet, the menu was not very long, but each of the items were well made using good quality fresh ingredients.

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Some of these may not have suited my taste, but they were not exactly bad, so I never mentioned them. The Luchi was great and unlimited too! Of all the other items, the chicken and mutton preparations were certainly the best. This was unlike other buffets where these expensive items are made in such unpalatable ways that you can’t eat much. The service was silent yet efficient, the way it should be. Fortunately for me, once the buffet started, many more guests came in, sparing me the discomfort of being the sole object of attention of so many waiters. 



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