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17 valuable tips for your first jungle safari you may not know


We all want to see wild animals roaming in the jungle in our jungle safari. Whether you are going on your tenth safari or your first safari, preparing for a jungle safari cannot be taken lightly. To make our jungle safari more thrilling we must know what to pack and how to prepare you for the ride. It is also very important to know what to expect and not during your safari, so that you don’t get disappointed. Here is a list of 17 valuable tips for your first jungle safari you may not know.

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1. Pack appropriate jungle safari clothing

Do not wear your favorite outfit when you go for a jungle safari. As in many parts of Asia, Indian weather can change drastically from the humid heat of summer to the chilling cold of winter. Generally you have to start your jungle safari early morning or evening. So do your research on the weather and dress appropriately. Little things like a coat or wind cheater, a blanket, or a scarf would help you a lot. The best solution is to dress in layers when the temperature is very low.

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2. Have some cash in your pocket

If you are in awkward situation (As we have faced in Chitwan Forest, Nepal our jeep stuck in mud.) you may have to take help of local people or forest guard. This handy cash will help you to pay tip.

3. Bring some shade

Sunny weather may make your jungle safari more vibrant, but it can be harsh on your skin! Bring some shade along with you, preferably a hat and some sunscreen. You will most likely be sitting in an open jeep, so these can protect your skin to some extent.

4. Keep silence

Jungle has its own sounds. Keep yourself calm and cool. Do not show your excitement. Maintain silence as animals typically have distinct alarm calls, and when the guides hear this they can be used to locate the direction of the animals.

5. Carry an extra sim card

If you want to stay disconnected from the rest of the world, then just skip this point. Otherwise, you can consult your resort and find out about the network accessibility in that area. If your sim does not work there, go for a new sim as per their suggestion.

6. Be prepare to stay as a local tribe

If your plan is to be disconnected from the world by staying in a jungle, away from the hustle and bustle of our urban life, a safari trip takes you in the depth of nature’s heart and refreshes you. Do not expect much what we use to get in our daily life.

7. Be prepared for the temperature fluctuations

Before reaching to your resort/hotel always call your resort/hotel and ask about the day and night temperatures. Alternatively, you might also rely on Google for this information. Pack your luggage accordingly.

8. 4. Do not hesitate to handle dust or mud

If you are in open jeep you will be exposed to dust in summer and winter, and if the season is rainy then you have to handle some mud also. Even if you’re in a bus, you’re still exposed through the windows. It’s best to bring a hanky, some hand sanitizers or some wet wipes. If you’re bringing a good camera with you, bring something to protect it.

9. Follow the safari rules

A certain code of conduct needs to be maintained while you are on a jungle safari. Maintaining silence, not eating, not littering around, not screaming at animals, not getting off your vehicle are only to name a few.

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10. Do not wear bright colour cloths

It is recommended not to wear bright colour clothes. Dull colours that camouflage with the surroundings are recommended. Remember, you are entering their residence. So, following house rules becomes your responsibility.

11. Pre-book your safaris

If you’ve pre-planned your vacation, then it is always a good idea to book your safari in advance. This will keep away from last-minute disappointments.

12. Stay curious

Many safari tourists searching for tigers, elephants etc. and go home disappointed. This causes them to miss the real magic of the trip! Keep an open mind and observe your environment. Your guide will be heralding you with mesmerizing nature stories, and on the safari jeeps or canter buses, you can see these stories unfolding in a panorama right before your eyes.

13. Pack your bag well in advance

You’ll be required to leave very early in the morning for a ride. So getting everything packed well in advance will help you reach safari on time.

17 valuable tips for your first jungle safari

14. Bring water

This is very important, as even when you’re not on a safari tour you’re still in danger of being dehydrated, especially if you’re not accustomed to the heat that comes with the humidity.

15. Keep all documents with you

Photo ID proof and booking confirmation slips are the most important documents that can’t skip. If you fail to produce your ID, you’ll be forfeited from taking the safari.

17 valuable tips for your first jungle safari

16. Reach on time and leave on time

Safaris have a specific time when they are opened and closed. Please maintain proper time frame.

17. Organized tours vs. private tours

If you are first time, I should recommend you to join a safari tour. The logistics involved might baffle you. If you’re a pro, you might do it on your own as well. But then, both have their own pros and cons.

17 valuable tips for your first jungle safari

Out there, there are no fences. You are in the animals’ territory. That’s what gives everything such a raw and exhilarating feel! While jungle safaris are perfectly safe, it can’t hurt to watch your own back by following my mentioned advice.

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17 valuable tips for your first jungle safari



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