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WBFDC Lava Cottage


West Bengal Forest Development Corporation (WBFDC) has built a Nature Resort in Lava. Surrounded by a dense forest of pine and conifer trees,
WBFDC Lava Cottage lets the visitors delight the pastoral Himalayan lifestyle. WBFDC Lava Cottage is famous for being the best place to stay while visiting this picturesque hamlet.

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Address of WBFDC Lava cottage

Lava Forest Compound

City/Town – Kalimpong

Pin code – 734319


Reception – 9933447880;

Canteen Manager – 9733082350



The place is breathtaking with pine forest all over and the view of Himalayas at the far distant horizon. We stayed for one night at this place and loved our stay. Power cut is common during night and the authority turns on the generator when there was load shedding. But that is okay because there is not much to do in night. You can book it online. Online booking is user friendly. To book Lava WBFDC Cottage onlineclick below mentioned link-

WBFDC Lava Cottage

We are lucky enough at the time of booking only 2 rooms were remained online due to Holi (festival of color) holiday. The official reception room is at hilltop on the roadside. Highly recommended for those who are looking for a very natural retreat among trees and flowers and with views of the mighty Himalaya. Lava is green, serene, foggy and virgin! The Lava bazar is nearby and the weekly market (the haat) which sits on certain days of the week, we found one on Wednesday, is a enjoyment and stocks everything from fish to umbrellas, Knick knacks to souvenirs. We arrived at Lava by hiring a car from New Jalpaiguri station. It took us a little more than three and a half hours to reach Lava.


The driver charged us Rs. 3200 for the one way trip.


Each and every room is a wooden cottage with attached toilet. Hot water is available in toilet. After using the geyser, we must be switch off as this remote places could not handle too much of electrical load. Room heaters may not be available during peak season. Beds are basic but wide enough for three persons. The canteen staffs maintaining the rooms are cooperative to help with extra pillows and blankets. The cottages and bathrooms were clean, but lacked maintenance.



The dining room is in a different but big cottage. Food is simple yet tasty but one should not expect varieties of dishes. Canteen has limited facilities and all foods must be ordered a few hours in advance but the staffs are very helpful and they try to serve the guests whatever they can. The portion of the main meal is good, especially the portions of fried rice. The food was homely and delicious – more because we were hungry after the day’s traveling. The cost seemed very reasonable too. We took lunch, dinner, and breakfast from here throughout the day.

Points to remember

  1. Property is best in Lava (personal opinion). It is the best place to stay in Lava as per my opinion if you are looking for peace.
  2. Awesome View.
  3. The resort area, the room and the bathroom are clean.
  4. Availability of Hot Water is okay.
  5. Very good Internet network connection
  6. Mineral water bottles are not available.
  7. A TV is available without connectivity in the room.
  8. Nothing much to do in free time.
  9. The condition of the road to Lava is horrible.
  10. You alone can enjoy. However, in bigger groups you can enjoy this place much more. They have separate place for arranging camp fire and buffet dinner.
  11. It is better to avoid if elderly folks are with you. There are around steps to climb up and down in the resort area. 
  12. The steps are quite slippery (except in winter), so please carry proper shoes and a stick if needed.
  13.  There may be power cut, so please carry power banks, torch and salt (for leeches) and your towels as well.
  14.  Please do not expect any cozy beds or great room service. Property is understaffed, moreover local people run the place (mainly the kitchen). 
  15. The cost of the food is very cheap and quality just okay. Please order food well in advance.

In the end if you ask me will I visit this place again? Oh yes, every single time.


Last updated on 17.01.21


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