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Step by step guide to planning your ideal holiday in NEPAL- Part VIII


If you are a tourist in Nepal and you have not visited any casino, it is unimaginable. Nepal is a place that can offer, from the holy temples to the magnificent mountains including the Majestic Everest. The gambling experience in the casinos of Kathmandu valley is rumbled with the growing interest of tourists to pamper to try their luck. We too in the evening went to Casino Venus for a casino hopping. For international travelers who want to explore the gambling experience in Nepal, there are numerous casinos in the capital, Kathmandu. Only International tourists can enjoy gambling in the Casinos as Nepal government has put a ban on gambling for Nepalese citizens.

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casinos of Kathmandu valley

It is within walking distance from our Hotel Moonlight, Thamel. After reaching there we have to submit our mobiles, cigarettes, lighters, and cameras in their lockers. Photography is strictly prohibited inside the casino. I remembered the casino scene of Ray’s thriller movie ‘Joto Kando Kathmandute” ( Eng-The Criminals of Kathmandu). The ambiance was the same as movie scenes. Casinos in Nepal have different kinds of gambling packages that lure their customers while making it easy for tourists. Display your techniques in the casinos and try your luck, it’s not so disappointing there.

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casinos of Kathmandu

The wonderful meal selections and drinks make it more exciting and lucrative. The chicks are moving with drinks, cigarettes, and snacks. Try your luck with these wonderful Casinos in Nepal. The ideal choice to unwind oneself in the capital comes with luxury with high-end satisfaction and the most happening ambiance. The most popular gambling fun I observed baccarat, poker, pontoon, flush, roulette, blackjack, etc. and other slot machine games and cards. The gamblings in Casinos are played with chips, which you can buy using US dollars or Indian rupees. The nightlife in Kathmandu with the most vivacious gambling experience in the casinos of Nepal is equally exciting. If you want to explore the nightlife in Kathmandu, Casinos could be a choice in the nearby Luxury hotels in Kathmandu valley, told our guide cum driver.

Casino Venus Address

The Hotel Malla
Lekhnath Marg

Contact Information

Website – themallahotel.com
General Information – +977 1 441 0320

Casino Venus is one of the famous Casino of Nepal situated in the Hotel Malla. This casino is one of the most fascinating and happening casinos in Nepal. It has around 10 table games and 20 gaming machines. Some of the most popular gambling games offered by Casino Venus are Roulette, Baccarat, Blackjack, pontoon, and Flush (Kitty). The dance performances and live concerts with celebrities are held on the premises making it more beautiful. The bars and restaurants are amazing here and situated in the beautiful ambiance in Nepal’s popular Durbarmarg.

casinos of Kathmandu

Kathmandu is quite the gambling center in this part of the world. A lot of people travel to Nepal for its natural beauty and spiritual searches. But an equal number also arrive in the Himalayan country for a shot at quick money at one of the casinos in the capital. Most casinos also arrange for free pick-up services from the airport or from the hotel where you are staying. You don’t have to worry if you’re a novice or not quite sure how to play a particular game; the courteous dealers at the casinos will guide you and provide some basic training.

The sun never sets on the casinos in Kathmandu. Zeal and gaming go on 24 hours a day, seven days a week at the casinos of Nepal with international games like Blackjack, Pontoon, Roulette, Flush, and Slot machines, providing the best nightlife in the region. Interested visitors are always welcome and casinos are family-friendly venues offering great meal deals, sporting facilities, poker machines, internet access and a quiet place to have a drink with old friends or new.

So, any time is Casino Time. But I have not tried my luck. My funda is simple-


Do not waste your hard-earned money in casinos and go after beauties.

Day 10

Today we will drive from Kathmandu to Birganj via Manakamana as tomorrow we are leaving Nepal.  We will first Drive from Kathmandu to Kurintar which will take 3.5 hrs and then a Cable Car ride to Manakamana, reaching to Birganj. After breakfast, we can conveniently drive to Kurintar which is about 90 km west of Kathmandu. After crossing Thankot, Kathmandu, the countryside, we saw terraced farmlands and village houses which are spectacular. We continued through Prithivi Highway passing, Mahadevbenshi, Belkhu, Gajuri, and reach to Kurintar. On our stoppage, there is a beautiful gate on the right-hand side. A little further down we go, there is a cable car station which was built in collaboration with Austrian technology. We purchased a ticket in the counter and went to the top of the hill viewing pine forest, river, and finally to the top in the Manakamana temple. After exploring Manakamana, we went to Birgunj, Nepal side border of Raxaul, India.

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Newly introduced, the spiritual adventure from the edge of hills, linked up the highway, the river on its base from Kurintar to the famous Hindu temple, dedicated to wish-fulfilling Goddess. The hilltop is also the viewpoint for the Manaslu and Annapurna ridges to the north.

The distance between Manakamana and the starting point is 3 km. It takes 8 minutes to cover the distance. There are 34 compartments, among them, 31 are for the passengers and 3 for the cargo. Each car has 6 person capacity to carry at a time. The system has the capacity of handling 600 persons per hour. This was made under Austrian technology and it has benefitted people a lot. For more details and updated ticket prices visit this LINK.

In earlier times, the only way to reach the Manakamana temple was by a long strenuous trek for about 4 to 5 hours. Now after the cable car, mostly peoples are traveling by cable car both ways. Hiking route to Manakamana temple is still delightful with beautiful hills and steps. It is about 4 hours hiking from Abukhaireni. Orange orchard, forest, local villages, and view of Trishuli river valley makes the hiking route so interesting. Route also meet dusty road from time to time.

Then we started for Birganj. Mnakamana to Birgunj will take approximately 6 hours to cover about 200 km distance. Around 8 pm we reached our hotel at Birgunj.

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casinos of Kathmandu



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