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Mendabari Jungle Camp , Dooars , Alipurduar


Mendabari jungle camp

Kodalbusty, Kalchini
Dist. Alipuduar
Ph no. 03582-227185,
Mobile – 9700014201

It’s a government property.

Mendabari jungle camp

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If you want to sit in a silent night just below a clear sky full of the star and also want to listen to the movements of forest animals around the compound, there is a perfect place where you can find an adventure of a lifetime that is Mendabari jungle camp.

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Mendabari jungle camp is a Forest Bungalow at the surrounding area of Chilapata Forest. For the folk who craves to learn more about tribal lifestyle then they can catch the glance of indigenous culture during their stay in camp. Mendabari jungle camp located 2 km inside Chilapata Forest in Kodalbsti.

From the architecture of Mendabari jungle camp and the food, they serve to let you capture and live like a resident of Kodalbasti. For the food lovers, Mendabari jungle camp serves cooking made from organic local products. Fresh air, healthy and tasty food with a great view of raw and beautiful Nature all this can found in Mendabari jungle camp.

Other Facilities at Mendabari jungle camp

From the architecture of Mendabari jungle camp and the food, they serve to let you capture and live like a native of Kodalbasti. For the food lovers, Mendabari jungle camp serves cuisine made from organic local products. Fresh air, healthy and tasty food with a great view of raw and beautiful Mother Nature all this can found in Mendabari jungle camp.

There are many sunrises and sunsets we have seen but during our stay at Mendabari jungle camp, we saw one of the most breathtaking ones. An orange mist diffused over the river Torsha reflecting off every wave half of a glowing, bright light loomed on the water’s horizon.

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A warm sensation splashing radiance on your face from the beaming rays of the sun, hearing the grasses rustling behind you this is feeling left after you witness the sunset over the river Torsha leaving you enthralled and craving for more. We booked through online and contacted at the Camp who would take care of all our needs.

Sanjoy Hazari – 9733330710

Mendabari jungle camp online booking

The online link mentioned below

Mendabari jungle camp


Mendabari forest camp has very small (only 2 AC rooms, one big with attached drawing-room another one small,1 dormitory is also there) but well-decorated adjacent to the jungle. First of all, the property is very simple. It situated in between agricultural land and village, just on the boundary of the forest. We checked in at 1 pm and the allotted rooms were ready. The dining facilities were very good and the food was good too. The main bad thing was, except a generator there is no other power back up in this hotel. ACs are also not working. The best part was that all the staff were courteous and always ready to help. I would want to go back to the Mendabari forest camp again and again.

In the evening we have our coffee on the lawn of Mendabari forest camp. My son enjoyed the park rides. We ordered Mutton meal in the night. Which includes Rice/ Roti, dal, fry, sabji, mutton. Per plate, they charged Rs. 270. Next morning we have Chilapata Jungle safari. Sanjay has taken our AADHAR cards as identity proof for jungle safari.
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