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Lamayuru Restaurant Leh


Lamayuru Restaurant Leh


Fort Road Opp Hotel Yak Tail


Jammu and Kashmir



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Lamayuru Restaurant Leh

We came back at Leh from Nubra in the late afternoon of the last week of October 2018. We were very much hungry and thought our late lunch we would have at Dogra Dhaba Leh. But we found it has been closed after Ramnavami. Gesmo was also closed. Then we thought to have our lunch at adjacent Lamayuru Restaurant Leh.

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Lamayuru Restaurant Leh is a multi-cuisine and a very judicious (later found) restaurant near to the market. We ordered tandoori roti, mixed veg, chicken butter masala, and onion salad. The food was tasty the service is quick and I will definitely recommend it to everyone visiting Leh.

Lamayuru Restaurant Leh

In night once again we reached Lamayuru Restaurant Leh for dinner. We reached the restaurant at about 8.15 pm. There was not much crowd and we were able to get a table immediately. The food we ordered consisted of Chicken Biryani, paneer butter masala, and salad. The service was quick and the food served was fresh and tasty. The staff was courteous and efficient. Moreover, the wi-fi connection provided by the proprietor cum manager was strong in connection and I updated all networks in my mobile.

Lamayuru Restaurant Leh is placed in the center of the city, at walkable distance from Market!  The charges are also minimum costs around 200/- per head. The service at the table is also good. Only I wanted one extra fork which became very difficult to make the waiter understand. Overall good food at affordable prices.

Lamayuru Restaurant Leh

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What makes food special here is Chef Gesmo who came from Nepal and prepares everything with enormous love. While the decor and ambiance of Lamayuru Restaurant Leh might leave much to be desired, but when it comes to mouthwatering food, Lamayuru restaurant scores high. Every dish out here is accurately prepared under expert guidance to satiate your hunger cramps.

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Lamayuru Restaurant Leh

Also, when at Lamayuru Restaurant Leh, you should not forget to taste the chicken biryani served here as it was an absolute delight to the senses. It smelled pure ecstasy, comes with raita on the side and absolutely fresh and juicy chicken. It was an interesting restaurant to dine at with friends and family, which would not send you home disappointed. Strongly recommended.

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