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L K Restaurant Bomdila


L K Restaurant Bomdila is a small restaurant at Bomdila center point. They prepare and present authentic Bengali Cuisine having variety of fish, chicken & mutton dishes in service. They prepare egg items also.

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The various preparations of fresh water fish and a vast range of rice dishes is L K Restaurant Bomdila’s specialty. Bengalis are great food lovers. It is since the many years you will be surprised to find the time and money they spent on food. Whether it is marriage ceremony or any other occasion or traveling, it’s a party time for them. In a place like Bomdila I was surprised to see food restaurant with Bengali cuisine that is also with unique presentation.

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Address of L K Restaurant Bomdila

L K Restaurant Bomdila,

Centre Point,


Mobile: 9436895262

Meal for 4: Rs. 400 onwards

Cuisine type:  Vegetarian and Non vegetarian

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L K Restaurant Bomdila

When I was chatting with our driver Raju about Bengali cuisine at Bomdila, Arunachal Pradesh, he assured me that he could take in a restaurant where we would not be dissatisfied.

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As we started going we found in the centre point of Bomdila town there is a Y divider. Left main road goes to Dirang and right upward road goes to Bomdila town. Take the right one and 200 mts you will reach L K Restaurant Bomdila.

The interiors are basic, clean and good. We found no menu card there. 3 young girls working there and manager cum proprietor managing cash. Girls told us about their items and price.

L K Restaurant Bomdila

The girls serving food seemed to be not from Arunachal Pradesh – they were not good in either local language or English. They speak and understand Hindi and Assamese. Later Rabi told they are tribes of Assam. Service and presentation were really awesome.

We ordered two egg thalis and two chicken thalis. Thali contains rice, veg curry, dal, papad, egg/chicken/fish and chutney. Taste of food was really good. I strongly recommend this restaurant.

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