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Kedarnath Modi Cave (Kedarnath Ki Gufa)


It is a peak summer season. Scorching hot wave blowing in the plains of the country. Summer vacation in schools also already started. There is a deep connection between them all. In addition, if you are visiting Kedarnath Dham in Uttarakhand you want to spend their one night.  PM Narendra Modi also chose the path of Uttarakhand after the Parliament electoral procedure in our country. Here he spent nearly 17 hours in a cave alone. After that day the cave is known as ‘Kedarnath Modi Cave’, “Dhyan Kutia”  or ‘Kedarnath Ki Gufa’. The cave in Uttarakhand’s Kedarnath, where Prime Minister Narendra Modi meditated through the night last week of May 2019, is all set to become a spiritual tourist destination and people are lining up to book their spots. You can also spend a few days in that cave.

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Kedarnath Modi Cave (Kedarnath Ki Gufa)

Polling was held in India in seven phases between April 11 and May 19, 2019, in the country. Prior to the first phase, election rallies had started and PM Modi was the BJP’s biggest star campaigner. During this time, he made travels across the country and campaigned aggressively for his and NDA’s allies candidates. Roadshow also included in it. During this time, he continued to play his responsibilities as a Prime Minister. Then on May 17, as soon as campaigning stopped, he turned towards Kedarnath. Here PM Modi has yoga-meditation in a cave for nearly 17 hours. He visited Baba Kedarnath on May 18 and on 19th May 2019, he reached Badrinath and done Lord Badri darshan.

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About the cave

The name of this cave is Rudra Meditation Cave. It is made by cutting rocks on the mountain. In the construction of this cave, eight lakh rupees have been spent. Special CCTV was imposed here for the arrival of PM Modi. Before the arrival of the prime minister, arrangements were made for the safety guards by camping outside the cave. This cave is 5 m long and 3 m wide, at an elevation of 3583 meters, which is about 12,000 ft above sea level. This cave is specially made for tourists by GMVN (Garhwal Mandal Vikash Nigam). By the way, the cave was ready in the last year, but it was getting less booking. It is now expected that the number of tourists will increase after the yoga-practice of PM Modi.

Important tourist information

You can also go to the cave where PM Narendra Modi spent nearly 17 hours in solitary confinement. Garhwal Mandal Vikas Nigam (GMVN) has now opened the same cave for tourism. That is, you can also go and stay there. GMVN has started booking online for this cave. Not only this, but the corporation has also issued guidelines on its website.

Link for GMVN website Rudra Meditation Cave

In the last year, the government had prepared this ancient cave for meditation in front of Bhairavnath temple at the same time of reconstruction of Kedarnath. After taking yoga-meditation on the arrival of Prime Minister Modi, people from all over the country are looking forward to learning about GMVN Rudra Meditation Cave.

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When can you travel here?

To promote the effort, GMVN has planned to reach the cave to the people from all over the country. According to the corporation, this cave can be booked for meditation until the entire journey season. That is, till the Char Dham Yatra will run this year, you can also book this cave.

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How many bucks will cost?

PM Modi has made you feel like going to a yoga-path in the cave. Now it comes to how much it will cost. If you want to book this cave, then GMVN will charge you 990 rupees per day. Simultaneously, also want to inform you that no tourist can book the cave for more than 3 days. If you want you to stay in this cave for a longer time, you will have to complete the formalities of fresh approval for it. Keep in mind that only one person will be able to meditate at a time in the cave. Once the booking is done, the money will not be refunded, even if you cancel your stay.

Rules and Regulations

If you are planning to go here, then you have to be completely physically healthy for this stay. Only after medical examination, you will get permission to meditate yoga in this cave. GMVN has provided facilities for medical care and certification in Guptkashi, Gaurikund, and Phata for those who want to stay in the cave just two days before traveling after booking online.

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You can book the cave on the GMVN website.

After the due process, the pilgrim will be briefed about the precaution and process in GMVN Kedarnath. You need to undergo 2 medical tests, one at Guptkashi and another one at Kedarnath. You need to report at GMVN office at Guptkashi for a medical checkup before 2 days of booking and only after being declared physically fit you are allowed to stay.

Kedarnath Modi Cave

What you will get there

The basic feature like electricity and water in this meditation cave is available. Apart from this, morning tea, breakfasts, lunch, evening tea, and dinner will also be provided. Not only this, the GMVN staff would be ready to serve in the cave for 24 hours. Local phone systems are also provided for this.


One cave is started operating by GMVN. Another four caves are under construction in Kedarnath Dham. These caves will be made between Garuda Chatti and Gandhi Sarovar.

Kedarnath Modi Cave

How to reach the cave

To reach Rudra Meditation Cave, you have to choose the same route which is to reach Kedarnath. You can reach the Jollygrant Airport located in Dehradun by airplane to go here. Kedarnath can also be reached via helicopter and road route. Apart from this, after reaching Haridwar by train, you can reach Kedarnath via a road route here. This cave is 1.5 kilometers away from Kedarnath temple and you have to walk on foot. You can reach Kedarnath by helicopter also. For more details-


Experience of PM Modi

PM Modi had said that he was totally cut off from the world when he was inside the cave. “There was just was a small window through that I could see the Kedarnath temple. No communication with the world,” he had said. A bell system, which connects the cave with the GMVN office at the shrine. Through this bell, the visitor in the cave can reach the office for inquiries or help at any time. GMVN restored the bell system and opened for bookings now. The tariff of the cave has been lowered to Rs. 990, from the earlier rate of Rs. 3,000.


Do’s & Don’ts

•        Photo ID is compulsory at the time of check-in, & check-out time is 12 noon

•        Guest should switch off the light, fan, geyser, and heater and lock the door when they are out of the Room/Hotel.

•        The hotel will not be held responsible for any lost items.

•        Guest must use dustbin kept in the room

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•        Smoking & Alcohol is strictly prohibited in the premises & pets are not allowed in the cave.

•        Do not use poly bags and other environmental hazards items.

•        Please be considerate of other guests, avoid making noises that may disturb other guests. Maintain serenity.

For more about Kedarnath click belowmentioned link-



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