Hotel Choephel Norkyi Thimphu

Hotel Choephel Norkyi Thimphu

Hotel Choephel Norkyi Thimphu

Clock tower,

Norzin Lam 2,



Phone: +975 17 64 33 31

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Hotel Choephel Norkyi Thimphu

We had a 2 nights stay at Hotel Choephel Norkyi Thimphu & had worst hotel stay experience in my life. The owner of the hotel is very unprofessional. Rooms are the damp and foul smell coming when we entered the room. Also, the bathroom smells bad because of the open sewage flowing outside. The room is also located on the 2nd floor. They didn’t even provide freshly dried towels both the days we stayed. When I complained to the manager about all the problems we faced, he had shown his concern and empathy. To solve all problems already he passed 2 days. The complimentary breakfast is very basic and they don’t even provide a complimentary water bottle. Other better options are available, please avoid booking here. We booked 2 rooms here for 2 nights with the help of our travel agent-

Sujit Goswami

Maruti Tours and Travels

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Hotel Choephel Norkyi Thimphu

Please avoid booking this Hotel Choephel Norkyi Thimphu. They did not guarantee basic necessity like water in a toilet or drinking water. It is also difficult for us for every time going to ground floor complaining and tracking. The intercom was also not worked. Tell your travel agent or tour conductor not to book this hotel in Thimpu

Only plus point is that the Hotel Choephel Norkyi Thimphu is in Norzin Lam complex and right in the middle of the main market and near to the taxi stand. I reached here after my check in time in the evening. Another good thing I have seen the hotel boy took our luggage in the room on 2nd floor. While escorting me to the room, on the way he told me the hotel is fully occupied as it was Bengali festive month. The room was not only small but with dirty carpets and stinky also. The wall of the room was damp; the TV made noise, linen was dirty. Geyser was broken and never worked. They told us half bucket warm water should be provided on call. No wi-fi.
I was there for 2 nights and had no time to pick my stuff and go around and find a new hotel as it was the peak season to be in Bhutan. I contacted our travel agent Mr. Goswami over the phone after checking in. He told that he booked Hotel Choephel Norkyi Thimphu as no other hotels were available due to the festival. In center of the town and above an uninspiring set of shops and the entrance is also dirty.



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