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Holiday Hills Homestay Bomdila


Holiday Hills Homestay Bomdila is situated in Bomdila in the Arunachal Pradesh. Holiday Hills Homestay Bomdila features accommodation with free private parking.

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Address of Holiday Hills Homestay Bomdila

Holiday Hills Homestay Bomdila,  

7 no tank near forest gate,

Bomdila, India 


mobile: 08974381439

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  1. Nice room, big enough and cleanly maintained. Best to stay in this homestay.
  2. Good food prepared served hot and fresh. Leike who manages the homestay is very welcoming, friendly and more cooperative. We were happy with the kind of service we got. Keep it up.
  3. The lodge offered a terrace. You would get an awesome view.
  4. Staffs were helpful. Carried our luggage from car to room and room to car next day.
  5. Location is good and the taste of food was also good.
  6. View from the balcony was too good. Unfortunately Balcony was not in room. But from glass window you can enjoy the valley beauty.
  7. It is on the main road and not much hassle to get in and out.
  8. Parking for one 4 wheeler available.
  9. Room charges are also cost effective compared to the facilities provided. I was charged around 1200 for 1 night stay.
  10. Care takers are good and tried their level best. Owner stays somewhere else and hired couple of locals to run the home stay.
  11. Bed linens are clean and good.
  12.  Basic Supplies like (Soap/Towels/etc) were there.

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  1. Washroom slope was not good, and water was stagnant on bathroom floor.
  2. We should have been informed that the toilets are Indian style. We suffered a lot for this.
  3. Food was very basic and choice was limited.
  4. Slightly difficult to find, even though on main road. But google navigation worked well.
  5. We were offered very limited food options for breakfast – for instance only bread / omlette.
  6. TV not working.( We have no issue with TV).

We loved and enjoyed the stay here.


Last updated on 17.01.21


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