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How to enjoy a vacation with little kid in Himachal Pradesh-Part VII


That day from Mandi we went to Shimla railway station directly for our most awaited Shimla Kalka train ride. Our cab took approx. 5 hours to reach Shimla. We spent some time on the way to take lunch. Mandi to Shimla distance is near about 140 km. Shimla railway station is a small railway station. The station is the terminus of the Kalka–Shimla Railway. The 2 ft wide narrow gauge Kalka-Shimla Railway was opened for traffic in 1903.

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Have you seen the movie ‘Dost’ which was starring Dharmendra and the movie started with the famous song: Gaadi bula rahi hai, seeti baja rahi hai on the train from Shimla to Taradevi. Anand Bakshi wrote the lyrics of the song and Laxmikant Pyarelal composed the music. It was sung by Kishore Kumar. Enjoy: Shimla Kalka train ride with the song: Gaadi bula rahi hai, seeti baja rahi hai…

Kalka-Shimla train ride is an attractively scenic journey through the hills, up the slopes and across the gorges, rivers and streams of the lower Himalayas. The only railway line to connect Shimla with Kalka – Shimla Kalka railway is a reputed UNESCO World Heritage site.

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Few known or unknown facts related to Shimla Kalka toy train.

Kalka and Shimla are located north of Chandigarh. It runs for 96 kilometers through 20 railway stations, 103 tunnels, 800 bridges, and an incredible 900 curves. The longest tunnel, which stretches for more than 1 kilometer, is near the Barog railway station. The most outstanding scenery occurs from Shimla to Barog.  The train’s speed is greatly controlled by the steep rise, but this allows for plenty of fascinating sightseeing along the way.

Shimla Kalka train

In addition to two passenger trains, there are four regular tourist train services that run on the Kalka Shimla railway. These are:

  • Shivalik Deluxe Express — A premium express train with carpet, wide glass windows, cushioned seats, soothing music, and upgraded toilets. It fits 120 passengers. The train only has one stop at Barog.
  • Himalayan Queen — A standard train, with first and second class compartments. Some of the stops are for 5-10 minutes, so this train is the most suitable for those who like to get out and explore the railroad also. You’ll be able to take plenty of photographs.
  • Rail Motor Car — Exceptionally resembles a bus from the time of the Second World War. It has a transparent roof, and accommodates only 14 passengers. It’s also an express service, with food provided. There is one stop, at Barog. It can be difficult to get tickets though. But thanks to God I managed our tickets in this rail car online. Its look might be vintage, similar to a Second World War Era bogie, but in reality, the Deluxe Rail Motor Car is one of the more technologically advanced coaches of the Indian railways.
  • Shimla-Kalka Passenger– It is for hardcore travelers who don’t mind a long journey through the very early hours of the morning. The train departs Kalka at 3.30 a.m and arrives in Shimla at 8.55 a.m., with 16 stops along the way. It has very basic old-style carriages, with first class and unreserved seating.

Experienced an remarkable journey from Shimla to Kalka, passed lushly wooded rolling hills, looking out to the changing scenery from wide glass windows or the front… and looking up to the sky with its changing hues and weather conditions through the fiber glass transparent roof.

With a volume of just 14 passengers, features such as route indication board and altimeter, the Deluxe Rail Motor Car offers an exclusive Himalayan railway experience.

Shimla Kalka train

New Him Darshan Express — A special train comprising all-new Vistadome coaches which runs between Kalka railways station to Shimla. Started on December 25, 2019, Him Darshan Express has 7 coaches including 1 first-class sitting cum luggage room coach and 6 first class AC Vistadom coaches. As the Vistadom coaches have swanky glass roof and large windows on the side, travelers can relish beautiful picturesque view of the Himalayas. Each Vistadome coach has a seating capacity of 15 persons, including 5 window seats on both sides. The first-class coach can accommodate 14 passengers. The all new Him Darshan Express will complete the journey between Kalka railway station and Shimla in 5 hours 25 minutes. The fare for Him Darshan Express will be ₹630. Do note that none of the trains have air conditioning, except for the new Vistadome .

To have the most comfortable experience, select either the Shivalik Deluxe Express or Rail Motor Car. Unless you travel in first-class , common complains about the Himalayan Queen are overcrowding, hard bench seats, dirty toilets and nowhere to store luggage.

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For Shimla Kalka train ride timetable & online booking follow below link-


For your information the best views are on the right side of the train when going to Shimla, and the left side when returning. If you want to stay overnight at Kalka, there are very few accommodations to choose from. A better option is to stay at Shimla Railway retiring room.

The Kalka Shimla railway passes through a mostly-mountainous route from Kalka to Shimla. It is known for panoramic views of the hills and surrounding villages. The railway was built under the direction of Herbert Harington between 1898 and 1903 to attach Shimla, the summer capital of India during British Period. On 8 July 2008, UNESCO added the Kalka–Shimla railway to the mountain railways of India World Heritage Site.
Our journey started from Shimla. Few stations I remembered-
Summer Hill – Mahatma Gandhi stayed here at the mansion of Rajkumari Amrit Kaur during his Shimla visits. Summer Hill also known as the Potter’s Hill, have many quaint residences, like one of noted painter Amrita Shergil. Besides being a popular tourist destination, the Indian Institute of Advanced Study and Himachal Pradesh University also situated there. Most students walk to Capitol Hill Station of Shimla from the campus.
Shoghi ,Solan and Barog are 3 small railway station.

At last we reached Kalka station which is that the northern terminus of the Delhi-Kalka line. For an astounding and picturesque experience of traveling on the train, we would recommend that you do try this once in your life. The journey itself is enough to liven up the passengers, as it takes you through the rocky mountains and the narrow tracks. The train provides a direct connection to Kalka and Shimla. One of the best things about the train ride is that you will get to enjoy the best sights of nature along the way. As Shimla is one among the favourite honeymoon destinations in India and if you planning your honeymoon in there don’t miss out on this chance .

For those who are more interested


So, that is all I experienced in our Shimla Kalka train ride. For more details visit the web site of the railway and have an exquisite traveling experience.

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