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Golbari Shyambazar


New Punjabi Restaurant popularly known as Golbari, is a 90+-year-old shop opened by Mr. Ratan Arora and now taken over by his son, Kishen Arora. The idea was to serve spicy, delicious meat to the locality. Though now they serve fish fry, chops, and little other stuff also, the joint prospers on their Roti (more like a lightly fried Paratha) and Kosha Mangsho combo, signature Tamarind chutney, and onion salad. And almost all Kolkattan has been entered in this restaurant, at least once in their lifetime. Golbari is located at Shyambazar crossing, Kolkata. In 2007, Golbari Shyambazar restaurant got the registered name Golbari’s (called so because of the semi-circular facade of the building).

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Address of Golbari Shyambazar

211, A.P.C. Road, 

Shyam Bazar,

Acharya Prafulla Chandra Road,


Phone number

033 25546096

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1PM to 11PM


Honestly speaking the interior of Golbari is not good as per my opinion. Around 15 people can sit in the cabin, the chairs are of plastics and the table is more like a desk and wall mounted. Every inch is oily inside. A big container full of meat is always kept on low flame with a man besides stirring it. A strong smell of meat with some special recipe can be found all over in here within 100 mt. Another thing which I did not like here that 2 unknown families or two, three unknown people have to share their table there and this is very uncomfortable. One has to bend or push to make another person pass on. The atmosphere inside is quite hot and humid as air cannot pass into the small restaurant. But you will forget all the negative aspects once the aroma will reach your nostrils.


The preparation is north-Indian. The meat is spicy and oily, so health-conscious people should be careful before falling in love with Golbari. Maximum people here visit to have just two items Paratha and Kasha Mangsho (spicy meat). They also serve cutlets, chops and chicken items but those are not those popular and not tasty either (as per my opinion). But frankly speaking for last few years the quality is lowered. The Meat has more bones and the preparation is too much oily now so the taste can’t satisfy new generation that much. Soft ghee-smeared parathas, rich, dark-brown kosha mangsho and a small serving of imli (tamarind) chutney served with onion salad. The price was quite cheaper but now a day the price of dishes has increased a lot.

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A few years back there was a workers’ agitation and workers of the eatery started selling food from a counter in front of the closed shop. Days passed and Golbari reopened. But I found they have lost their taste after Golbari reopened.

Whatever might be the reason I will try their Kosha Mangsho very soon again and then draw the final conclusion. Till then Golbari for me is great Paratha, awesome gravy and Kosa mangsho (meat).

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